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House Republicans Cite Possible 'Impeachable Offense'

They want to know what Biden knew about son Hunter's decision to defy subpoenas

(Newser) - The Republican leaders of the House committees pursuing the impeachment inquiry against President Biden say he may have committed an "impeachable offense" linked to son Hunter Biden. Rep. James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee, and Rep. Jim Jordan, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, have expanded the...

House GOP to Hunter Biden: We'll Hold You in Contempt

They demand closed-door testimony in impeachment inquiry; Biden wants public hearing

(Newser) - House Republicans are threatening to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress if he doesn't sit for a closed-door deposition next week. For a second time Wednesday, Republicans rebuffed Biden's offer to publicly testify before the House Oversight Committee leading the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, per Axios...

Jim Jordan Loses Round 3, Amid Chaos and Threats
House GOP Abandons
Jordan for Speakership

House GOP Abandons Jordan for Speakership

He's no longer speaker nominee after losing three rounds of voting in the full House

(Newser) - Jim Jordan didn't just lose another round of voting for the House speakership on Friday—he also lost his status as "speaker nominee" within the GOP conference, reports the Hill . Republicans held a secret ballot Friday afternoon to strip Jordan of the title, which he earned last week...

McHenry Plan Stalls as Jordan Wants Another Vote

Four-hour meeting puts House Republicans at Square One

(Newser) - Rep. Jim Jordan's endorsement of having Rep. Patrick McHenry fill in as House speaker until January wasn't enough. Several Republican members, including Jordan, said that idea went nowhere in their four-hour, closed-door meeting, Politico reports. That put the GOP back where it was, and Jordan later said he...

Reports: Jim Jordan Won't Seek a 3rd Speaker Vote

He's expected to back a plan to give more power to interim Speaker Patrick McHenry

(Newser) - After losing two votes for the House speakership, Jim Jordan will forgo a third, reports the Washington Post and CNN . The conservative Republican is instead expected to back a plan to allow interim Speaker Patrick McHenry to remain in the post longer, with increased powers, per Axios . The plan was...

Jordan's House Speaker Election Is Getting Ugly

Jordan opponents say they're being threatened

(Newser) - As the House lurches toward a third attempt to elect a speaker in three days, Jim Jordan has urged his supporters to stop trying to intimidate lawmakers opposed to his candidacy. Several Republicans say they have faced threats and harassment after choosing other candidates in the first two rounds of...

3rd Vote Could Be Even Worse for Jordan

Critics predict he'll lose a 'bigger chunk' of House Republicans in Thursday speaker vote

(Newser) - Predictions that the second House vote to elected a speaker would be worse for Jim Jordan than the first one turned out to be correct —and some House Republicans say his chances in the third round don't look great. After failing to win Wednesday's vote, Jordan said...

Jim Jordan Is About to Try Again
Things Got Worse
for Jim Jordan in Round 2

Things Got Worse for Jim Jordan in Round 2

He got 199 votes, needs 217

(Newser) - As Jim Jordan and some of his allies predicted, things got worse for the would-be House speaker in the second round of voting. He could only afford to lose four Republican votes but lost 22 on Wednesday, up from 20 in Tuesday's vote; that gave him a total of...

GOPer Explains His Choice for 'Terrible' House Speaker Job

Colorado Rep. Ken Buck voted for colleague Tom Emmer as a 'joke,' rather than vote for Jim Jordan

(Newser) - Republican Rep. Ken Buck's choice for House speaker on Tuesday was a person he doesn't want to be speaker, which, in the words of CNN's Dana Bash, "says a lot about where we are right now." Sitting down with Bash after Tuesday's speaker vote,...

Jordan Says Voting Will Continue Until House Gets a Speaker

Next round will be Wednesday morning

(Newser) - After Rep. Jim Jordan lost the first round of voting for House speaker Tuesday, he decided against taking another shot at it. Jordan said Tuesday evening that the next vote would be at 11am Eastern on Wednesday, the Washington Post reports. To become speaker, he will need the votes of...

Jim Jordan Loses First Round in Speaker's Vote

He received 20 nays from Republicans and needs to shave that number to 4

(Newser) - If Jim Jordan is to become the new House speaker, it will take multiple ballots. The conservative congressman from Ohio fell short in the first round of voting Tuesday in his bid to replace Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted two weeks ago. To get the necessary 217 votes, Jordan could...

Math Is Turning in Favor of Jim Jordan as Speaker

Trump ally is closer to magic number ahead of voting on Tuesday afternoon

(Newser) - The House has been without a speaker for two weeks, but that could end on Tuesday. The chamber is expected is expected to vote around noon on whether conservative Jim Jordan will get the gavel, reports the Hill . The man he hopes to replace—the ousted Kevin McCarthy— predicted Tuesday...

Jordan Converts a Few Holdouts
Jordan Converts
a Few Holdouts

Jordan Converts a Few Holdouts

Speaker candidate says he wants a House vote Tuesday

(Newser) - After a weekend of a lobbying and GOP pressure campaign, Rep. Jim Jordan picked up support for his speakership bid but remained short of the 217 Republicans he needs in his corner. Reps. Mike Rogers, Ken Calvert, Vern Buchanan, and Ann Wagner switched their votes to Jordan on Monday, CNN...

Jordan Tries to Stir GOP Rage Against Republicans in His Way

One supporter calls pressure campaign a bad idea

(Newser) - Rep. Jim Jordan is trying to win the House speakership by bullying Republican members who won't vote for him, a strategy denounced Sunday by one supporter. Jordan won his party's nomination for the post on Friday but received nowhere near the number of votes required to elect him...

A Look at the Little-Known New Candidate for Speaker

Georgia's Austin Scott is a conservative ally of Kevin McCarthy, no fan of the hard-right flank

(Newser) - When a surprise new challenger emerged Friday for the House speakership, everyone but the most diehard political junkies could be forgiven for asking, "Austin who?" That would be GOP Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia, for whom the descriptor "little-known" was being applied often in coverage. "We are...

Fani Willis: Jordan Is Trying to Obstruct Trump Case

Georgia prosecutor refuses 2nd request for investigation details

(Newser) - Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis has penned another letter in an attempt to shut down Jim Jordan's efforts to gain information about her investigation into former President Trump and his allies. After the Fulton County district attorney refused to turn over all records related to her investigation into 2020 election...

House GOP Remains Divided After Speaker Nomination

Jim Jordan retains support despite losing GOP vote to Steve Scalise

(Newser) - "The House GOP's hoped-for moment of unity never materialized" Wednesday as Republicans picked Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana for speaker only to find at least a dozen of their members opposed, per Politico . Scalise nabbed just 50.7% of the House GOP conference's support, illustrating a...

Accusers Revisit Jim Jordan's Alleged Role in Abuse Cover-Up

They claim the former OSU wrestling coach failed to act on allegations against Richard Strauss

(Newser) - Jim Jordan should not be speaker of the House, according to four former Ohio State University wrestlers who claim the House Judiciary Committee chairman failed to protect them from a sexual predator. Jordan served as assistant coach of the OSU wrestling team from 1986 to 1994, when Richard Strauss was...

After Meeting Ahead of Speaker Vote, No Idea 'How You Get to 218'

2 candidates spoke at closed-door conference meeting, but consensus seems hard to reach

(Newser) - By the end of Tuesday night's closed-door meeting, the AP was reporting that the Republican House majority appeared "stuck ... in a stalemate that threatens to keep Congress partly shuttered indefinitely." The two House speaker candidates who spoke at the meeting, Reps. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, appeared...

McCarthy on Leaving the House: That's a No

Ex-speaker addresses rumors; meanwhile, TV forum for his possible replacement falls through

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy has already indicated he won't run for the House speaker position again, after a historic vote that booted him from that seat. On Thursday, the rumor mill started churning anew after sources told Politico and NBC News that the California Republican was considering stepping down from the...

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