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They Correctly Answered Math Problems—in Midst of a Dream

Small-scale study suggests 2-way communication with lucid dreamers

(Newser) - If you've encountered a sleep walker, you probably understand that some communication with a dreamer is possible. But a new study , encompassing four independent experiments, reveals lucid dreamers can not only communicate with the outside world while snoozing but also answer yes-or-no questions and simple math problems. This is...

We Can Spark Lucid Dreaming: Researchers

By electrically stimulating subjects' scalps

(Newser) - Scientists may have found a way to cause lucid dreams—those experiences in which we know we're dreaming and can, in some cases, control the dream. The key, explains an expert, is electric scalp stimulation. "I never thought this would work," Harvard researcher Dr. John Allan Hobson...

Wear This Mask and Control Your Dreams?

Remee uses self-designed pattern of LED lights to signal you're dreaming

(Newser) - Ever wished you could to go bed and dream about exactly what you want? The two 30-year-old inventors behind the Remee sleep mask say you can. Here's how it supposedly works: The $95 mask contains six red LED lights that are apparently bright enough to grab your brain's...

Jared Loughner Has Skull, Creepy Shrine in Backyard

A pot, filled with shriveled oranges, houses a skull replica

(Newser) - As though Jared Lee Loughner didn’t already seem crazy enough, a strange shrine complete with a replica of a human skull has been found in his backyard. Inside a camouflage tent, Loughner has a small altar, atop which sits a pot filled with shriveled oranges, the skull replica, a...

4 Stories
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