Eiffel Tower

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Prosecutors Don't Take Kindly to Coffin Stunt at Eiffel

They say display mentioning Ukraine was an act of psychological violence

(Newser) - Three people were released from custody Monday pending further investigation after they allegedly placed five coffins at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. According to officials at the Paris prosecutor's office, the three—citizens of Bulgaria, Germany, and Ukraine—placed the coffins, covered with a French flag that included...

Athlete Makes Her Way Up Eiffel Tower via Rope

Anouk Garnier's record-setting attempt took her to the monument's second floor

(Newser) - A story to wow those of us who have struggled to climb a rope in gym class: A French athlete set out to break the record for greatest height climbed by rope on Wednesday by pulling herself up to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Anouk Garnier, described as...

The Eiffel Tower Is Open Once Again
The Eiffel Tower Is
Open Once Again

The Eiffel Tower Is Open Once Again

Operator of the Paris landmark reaches agreement with striking workers

(Newser) - The Eiffel Tower reopened to visitors on Sunday after a six-day closure because of striking employees demanding better maintenance of the historic landmark (which is showing traces of rust) and salary hikes, the AP reports. The operator of the 1,083-foot tower said in a statement it reached an agreement...

'Due to a Strike, the Eiffel Tower Is Closed. We Apologize'
Eiffel Tower Remains Closed

Eiffel Tower Remains Closed

That's four days and counting because of strike

(Newser) - Visitors who hoped to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Thursday were out of luck for the fourth consecutive day. The landmark remains closed amid a labor strike over allegations of financial mismanagement, reports the New York Times . Given that the stoppage comes just months ahead of the Summer...

8 Years, 700K Matchsticks, One Eiffel Tower, Zero World Records
Guinness Admits It Was
Too 'Heavy-Handed'

Guinness Admits It Was Too 'Heavy-Handed'

Organization agrees to accept Richard Plaud's Eiffel Tower replica as tallest matchstick structure

(Newser) - Richard Plaud will have his name in the record books after all. Guinness World Records initially ruled the Frenchman had used the wrong type of matchsticks in building his 23.6-foot-tall replica of the Eiffel Tower. However, it later said it was reviewing the decision and on Friday announced it...

Paris' Olympic Medals Feature a Little Something Special

Yep, that's an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower going home with victorious athletes

(Newser) - An Olympic medal with an inlaid piece of the Eiffel Tower. How's that for a monumental prize? A hexagonal, polished chunk of iron taken from the iconic landmark is being embedded in each gold, silver, and bronze medal that will be hung around athletes' necks at the July 26-Aug....

It's Going to Be a Quiet Day at the Eiffel Tower

Paris landmark shuttered amid staff strike

(Newser) - Wednesday marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Gustave Eiffel, the engineer behind the famous Paris landmark that bears his name. Anyone who wants to visit the Eiffel Tower on the centennial, however, is out of luck: Staff are currently on strike, to protest what their union says is...

Stuck Above Paris, Couple Decides to Take the Plunge

Tourists sit while police catch Eiffel Tower climber

(Newser) - Police arrested a man climbing Thursday on the Eiffel Tower, leading to visitors being temporarily stranded at the summit—including a reporter for the AP and a Washington, DC, couple who decided during the wait to get married. Amir Khan had been planning to propose to Kat Warren later Thursday...

Parachutist Arrested After Eiffel Tower Jump

Paris landmark has had intrusions, bomb threats in past week

(Newser) - Security personnel were unable to prevent a man from parachuting off the Eiffel Tower early Thursday, but he was arrested after landing safely on the roof of a Paris sports center. Police reported that the jumper was spotted less than a minute after arriving; he then climbed a column and...

Places to Not Fall Asleep While Drunk in Paris

2 American tourists spent the night in the Eiffel Tower, delaying its opening by an hour

(Newser) - When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Paris, don't do as these two Americans did. As AFP reports, Eiffel Tower security guards making their rounds early Monday before the Parisian icon's 9am opening found a rather unusual and unwelcome surprise in the form of two...

Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark Early
Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark Early

Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark Early

Move is part of 'energy sobriety' campaign

(Newser) - Paris is taking steps to reduce power consumption by at least 10% amid an energy crisis—and the city's most famous monument is not exempt. Mayor Anne Hidalgo said Tuesday that as of next week, the Eiffel Tower will be going dark earlier than usual, CBS reports. The tower...

Gustave Eiffel 'Would Have a Heart Attack' if He Saw Tower Today

Experts suggest $60M paint job is 'mostly useless' for rust-riddled structure

(Newser) - The 1,083-foot-tall Eiffel Tower is undergoing its "most expensive" and "most inefficient" paint job ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, according to Marianne , which reports the $60 million project will do nothing to treat a significant problem hiding under the Iron Lady's coats: lots...

Eiffel Tower's Olympic Revamp Angers Thousands

125K have signed petition against tree felling

(Newser) - The Eiffel Tower is undergoing a makeover, including a paint job, before the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, though not all Parisians are happy with the planned changes. AFP reports some are "up in arms" over a plan to fell 22 trees near the base of the famous landmark,...

Guy Crushes High Wire From Eiffel Tower Across the Seine

Nathan Paulin walked nearly 2,000 feet on slackline more than 225 feet above the ground

(Newser) - When Nathan Paulin was a kid, he had a fear of heights. He's apparently gotten over that, since he spent part of the weekend traversing a high wire from the Eiffel Tower across the Seine. Reuters reports that the 27-year-old acrobat practiced for four years to make the nearly...

Blowtorch Used on Eiffel Tower Due to Weather

Salt is a no-no

(Newser) - Workers at the Eiffel Tower used a blowtorch to melt the ice collecting on its surfaces amid a European cold snap that had areas in Normandy and Brittany unused to such icy conditions closing highways for lack of snow-clearing equipment. In parts of the Paris region, local authorities halted school...

Eiffel Tower Shut Down Because Somebody Is Climbing It

Firefighters are on the scene

(Newser) - The Eiffel Tower closed down on Monday after a man began trying to scale the Paris monument, the AP reports. A person could be seen dangling just below the third and highest level of the structure. A rescuer dressed in red was just above him. It wasn't immediately clear...

Paris Locked Down Amid Riot Fears
Paris Locked Down
Amid Riot Fears

Paris Locked Down Amid Riot Fears

Eiffel Tower, other sites will be closed

(Newser) - Saturday might not be the best time to take in the sights of Paris: Authorities, fearing a repeat of last week's violent protests, are closing major tourist sites including major museums and the Eiffel Tower, the BBC reports. Thousands of anti-government "gilets jaunes"—"yellow jacket"—...

French Cops Seize 20 Tons of Mini Eiffel Towers

Wholesalers raided in trinket crackdown

(Newser) - French authorities have seized more than 20 tons of mini Eiffel towers as part of a crackdown on the illegal sale of souvenirs. Nine people, including wholesalers, were arrested in connection with the sale of the trinkets, which are often sold near tourist attractions in the French capital by undocumented...

Eiffel Tower Gets a Security Upgrade and Then Some

See-through panels are being set up at the north and south ends of the site

(Newser) - Goodbye metal fencing, hello glass walls: Paris authorities are building a permanent security belt around the Eiffel Tower, replacing the current fencing around it with more visually appealing bulletproof glass walls, reports the AP . The company operating France's most-visited monument says see-through panels are being set up at the...

Paris Plans Glass Wall Around Eiffel Tower

It would replace anti-terror metal fencing

(Newser) - Paris authorities say they want to replace the metal security fencing around the Eiffel Tower with a more visually appealing glass wall. A statement from Paris City Hall issued Thursday said see-through panels could replace the existing fences at the north and south of the famed monument that were installed...

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