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Pakistan Bomb Near Miss for President, PM

Zardari was scheduled to be at reception when Marriott exploded

(Newser) - Pakistan's president and prime minister were supposed to be at a reception at the Islamabad hotel where a huge bomb killed at least 60 people and injured 270, reports the Times of London. Asif Ali Zardari and Yousaf Raza Gilani were expected to attend a large dinner at the Marriott,...

Pakistan Bomb Toll Climbs to 53, Al-Qaeda Accused

Nearly 300 wounded in Marriott blast

(Newser) - Pakistani intelligence authorities have blamed al-Qaeda for a massive bomb attack that has so far claimed 53 lives, Reuters reports. The truck bomb slammed into an Islamabad Marriott yesterday, turning the busy hotel into an inferno of flame. The Czech ambassador to Pakistan, and an American and German national were...

Hotel Porn Gets Spanking From Religious Right

Conservatives push Marriott to drop pay-per-view sex flicks

(Newser) - Conservatives are pressuring Marriott to remove adult films from its pay-per-view programming, saying porn doesn't jibe with the hotel chain's commitment to families, the St. Petersburg Times reports. "It's corporate greed,'' said the head of a Christian group. Marriott contends nixing the flicks isn't so easy: It owns...

Marriott Goes Green to Gain Green
Goes Green
to Gain Green

Marriott Goes Green to Gain Green

Helping rainforest also helps hotel chain's bottom line

(Newser) - Marriott is making a big environmental push, helping to protect Brazilian rainforests and implementing lower energy consumption and more recycling in many of its hotels worldwide, the Washington Post reports. And although consumer demand is one reason for the changes, the primary drive seems less altruistic. "We've got a...

Hotel Pays Staff to Sniff Out Smoking Guests

Chicago's Swissotel turns its housekeepers into detectives

(Newser) - That chocolate on your pillow may be a bit of a Judas kiss: Chicago's Swissotel isn't the first hotel to fine sneaky smokers who break its puff-free policy, but it is the nation's first to pay staff to sniff out offending guests, reports the Chicago Tribune. Spraying air freshener won't...

Top 10 DC Hotels for Hookers
Top 10 DC Hotels for Hookers

Top 10 DC Hotels for Hookers

Ananysis of DC Madam's phone records generates a mini-travel guide

(Newser) - Direct from the phone records of the so-called DC Madam, Deborah Palfrey, here are the most-dialed local lodgings—or what the Consumerist calls the "Top 10 Most 'Ho-Friendly' DC Hotels."
  1. Marriott: 489 (18 numbers)
  2. Hyatt: 168 (6 numbers)
  3. Hilton: 151 (5 numbers)
  4. Holiday Inn: 132 (5 numbers)
  5. Ritz-Carlton:

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