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Media Frenzy, Family Dramas Await Miners

So, about that mistress...

(Newser) - What's more uncomfortable than spending months trapped in a mine ? Being greeted at the surface by both your wife and your mistress. Such is the awkward predicament of Yonni Barrios, 50, one of the 33 miners trapped some 2300 feet below Chile's Atacama desert, finds the Telegraph . As he...

Drill Breaks Through to Chilean Mine

Rescue could come as soon as Tuesday

(Newser) - Sirens and cheers went up today as a drill finally broke through to the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 66 days, reports the AP. The milestone means that if the shaft is found to be solid, miners could start emerging one by one as soon as Tuesday. But that's...

Rescue Imminent for Trapped Miners

Chilean president says they could be out by Oct. 15

(Newser) - The 33 miners who have been trapped in a collapsed mine since early August could be back above ground within days, Chilean authorities say. The rescue date has been moved dramatically forward from the original Christmas estimate and a huge drill is now within 48 hours of reaching the men's...

TV, Video Chat for Chilean Miners—But No Headphones

Private music, videogames withheld from stranded men

(Newser) - The Chilean miners trapped a half-mile underground are now getting regular shipments of hot food, modern technology, and a little discipline, the AP reports. The miners have a videophone, which they can use to talk to their families for 8 minutes a person every Friday and Saturday, as well as...

'Baby Hope' Born to Trapped Miner

Miner's wife has couple's first daughter

(Newser) - One of the 33 trapped Chilean miners will have an extra family member waiting for him when he makes it to the surface. Ariel Ticona's wife has given birth to a baby girl, the couple's third child. The couple had planned to name their first daughter Carolina but will now...

Trapped Miners Finally Getting Cigarettes

And light, too

(Newser) - The trapped Chilean miners have been asking for cigarettes for more than a week—and they’re finally about to get them. Rescuers will send down two packs a day for the 33 men to share, CNN reports . Until now, the miners had only been receiving nicotine patches and gum;...

Trapped Chilean Miners Rebel
 Trapped Chilean Miners Rebel 

Trapped Chilean Miners Rebel

They return peaches, demand empanadas

(Newser) - One month into their ordeal, the 33 trapped Chilean miners are starting to act a wee bit like divas, in recent days refusing to accept a customized board game because it contained spelling errors, returning peaches, and repeatedly requesting wine, cigarettes, and empanadas. They're also acting a bit like rebels,...

Mistresses, Wives Clash Over Chilean Miners

Officials trying to sort out rival claims for compensation

(Newser) - If those 33 trapped Chilean miners make it to the surface safely, some of them may end up wishing they'd stayed underground. Officials at the camp where families have gathered say at least five miners' wives have encountered surprise mistresses. Ugly scenes have ensued as women clash over compensation packages,...

Trapped Miners Denied Booze, Smokes

Chileans given first hot meal in 26 days

(Newser) - The 33 trapped miners in Chile have been given MP3 players, bedding, and clean clothes through supply tubes, but a NASA doctor advising Chile says there's two things on their wish list they won't be getting. The men have been given nicotine gum instead of the cigarettes they've demanded, and...

Crying Miners Send Love to Families

New video a dark postcard for those waiting above

(Newser) - A new video released yesterday of 33 men trapped in a mine under Chile's Atacama Desert shows them sending emotional greetings to their families, talking about how they are doing better since receiving food, and breaking into tears as they turn to thoughts of loved ones. The miners, who have...

Chile Releases Video of Trapped Miners

33 trapped men appear healthy, optimistic

(Newser) - The 33 miners trapped underground in Chile seem slim but healthy and hopeful in a five-minute video released by the Chilean government. The men—who now know they could be underground until Christmas —sing the Chilean national anthem and shout "long live Chile, and long live the miners!...

Trapped Miners Get Bad News
 Trapped Miners 
 Get Bad News 

Trapped Miners Get Bad News

Chileans learn ordeal will last for months

(Newser) - The 33 Chilean miners trapped deep underground now know that it could be Christmas before they can be rescued . Chilean officials, who compare the men's situation to that of astronauts on a long mission, say they decided the miners had to be told the truth, ABC News reports. The 33...

Trapped Miners Survived on a Few Bites of Tuna

Plus a sip of milk, a biscuit, every 2 days

(Newser) - As more news from the trapped Chilean miners bubbles to the surface, the Telegraph reports new details on how they have managed to survive 18 days. Using an intercom lowered 2,300 feet, the miners explained that they carefully rationed the food that had been stored in the emergency shelter,...

Trapped Miners Could Be Underground Til Christmas

... in a sweltering shelter with limited food, water

(Newser) - Chile rejoiced over the discovery that 33 Chilean miners are alive after 17 days stuck underground, but their ordeal is far from over. The engineer leading the rescue mission says it will take "at least 120 days" to create a shaft wide enough to pull the miners up one...

33 Miners Found Alive After 17 Days

But rescue effort could still take months

(Newser) - After 17 days trapped underground, 33 Chilean miners were confirmed alive today. A probe reached the miners at 2,257 feet and returned with a handwritten note reading, “All 33 of us are fine in the shelter,” the AP reports . The gold and copper mine collapsed Aug. 5,...

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