Dharun Ravi

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Dharun Ravi Leaves Jail
 Dharun Ravi Leaves Jail 

Dharun Ravi Leaves Jail

Served 20 days of 30-day sentence

(Newser) - He faced 10 years, he got 30 days, and after just 20 Dharun Ravi has been released from the Middlesex County jail. He received the standard five days off for good behavior, and an additional five for working. While it was yesterday revealed that Ravi won't be deported to...

Student Won't Be Deported for Spying on Gay Roomie

Dharun Ravi's lack of criminal record makes the difference

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi won't be deported back to India for spying on his gay roommate with a webcam at Rutgers University two years ago, federal authorities say. The 20-year-old former student was convicted on 15 counts , including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, for watching Tyler Clementi kiss another man....

Clementi's Parents Reject Ravi's Apology

Joseph, Jane Clementi call it a 'public relations piece'

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi reported to jail to serve his 30-day sentence today, two days after finally issuing an apology for the "stupid" decision he made to spy on roommate Tyler Clementi. His words did little to satisfy Clementi's parents, however. ABC News reports on the statement the couple released...

Dharun Ravi Apologizes for 'Childish Choices'

Ex-Rutgers student will start short jail sentence Thursday

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi offered today what the judge in his high-profile invasion-of-privacy case chided him for withholding: an apology. Ravi called his decision to spy on Rutgers roommate Tyler Clementi "stupid" and said he would turn himself in to begin serving his 30-day jail sentence on Thursday, reports the New...

Dharun Ravi Gets 30-Day Sentence

He declines to speak in sentencing hearing

(Newser) - After declining to speak on his own behalf, Dharun Ravi was sentenced to 30 days in jail today for spying on and allegedly outing gay roommate Tyler Clementi. Ravi "stared wide-eyed at the judge" as the sentence was read, but had no other reaction, according to the New Jersey ...

Dharun Ravi: I Didn't Out Clementi

Ex-Rutgers student gives first TV interview

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi is on a media blitz. First there was yesterday's interview with the New Jersey Star Ledger, and today he sat down with ABC News for his first TV interview. In it, Ravi insists that he didn't out roommate Tyler Clementi. "I know I didn't,...

Dharun Ravi: 'I'm Very Sorry About Tyler'

Tyler Clementi's roommate gives his side of the story

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi says he did something a lot of college kids do: He unthinkingly pranked an awkward, less-cool roommate. But that prank was spying on a homosexual hookup via webcam, that roommate was Tyler Clementi, and Ravi has a hate-crime conviction to show for what he says was a moment...

Hate Crime Laws Are Overkill
 Hate Crime Laws Are Overkill 

Hate Crime Laws Are Overkill

Dharun Ravi doesn't deserve 10 years in prison, Emily Bazelon argues

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi definitely acted illegally by spying on roommate Tyler Clementi and broadcasting it over Twitter. But the punishment he faces—up to 10 years in prison—is "out of whack … for a 20-year-old who'd never been in legal trouble before," argues Emily Bazelon in the...

Ravi Found Guilty in Gay Spycam Case

Rutgers student may be deported to India in Tyler Clementi case

(Newser) - A jury convicted ex-Rutgers student Dharun Ravi of hate crimes and other offenses today for using a webcam to record and distribute video that outed his roommate, Tyler Clementi, as gay. After three days of deliberations, the jury found Ravi guilty of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy for making...

Clementi Trial Witness: What Roomie Texted After Suicide

Dharun Ravi's old classmate: He texted 'I guess it makes sense'

(Newser) - After Tyler Clementi killed himself, his roommate apparently sent a text saying that "he was quiet all the time and had no friends, so I guess it makes sense." A former classmate of roommate Dharun Ravi testified about the text in the Clementi trial today, and added that...

Mystery Man at Tyler Clementi Trial: I Saw the Webcam

'MB' says he, Clementi were having sex when Dharun Ravi allegedly spied

(Newser) - The man Tyler Clementi was having sex with when his roommate allegedly spied on him says he noticed that a webcam was trained on them during the act, USA Today reports. "While we were intimate on the bed, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed the webcam facing toward...

Tyler Clementi's Roommate Tried to Apologize

But the Rutgers freshman likely never saw texts before suicide

(Newser) - New texts involving the suicide of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi have been made public, including this one from roommate Dhuran Ravi: "I’ve known you were gay and I have no problem with it," he wrote. "I don’t want your freshman year to be ruined because...

Ex-Rutgers Student Accepts Deal in Suicide Case

Molly Wei gets community service over Tyler Clementi death

(Newser) - Molly Wei admitted her role in the cyberbullying case that led fellow Rutgers student Tyler Clementi to kill himself and agreed to cooperate with authorities. She will likely avoid jail as a result, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer . Wei must complete 300 hours of community service, attend counseling on cyberbullying, and...

Tyler Clementi's Roommate Charged
Tyler Clementi's Roommate Charged 

Tyler Clementi's Roommate Charged

Dharun Ravi allegedly sent fake tweets, tried to delete another

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi may have dropped out of Rutgers, but what happened there continues to follow him. Ravi was indicted today on a slew of charges stemming from his alleged use of a webcam to spy on a same-sex encounter involving roommate Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide shortly afterward. He faces...

Rutgers Students Didn't See Any Sexual Contact
Rutgers Students Didn't See Any Sexual Contact
say lawyers

Rutgers Students Didn't See Any Sexual Contact

And what they did see was never broadcast, attorneys claim

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei are finally breaking their silence, through their lawyers, about what happened the night they allegedly spied on Tyler Clementi’s sexual encounter in his Rutgers dorm room. Despite their new reputation as bullies who broadcast the encounter to the Internet at large, attorneys claim...

Pair Tied to Tyler Clementi's Suicide Leave Rutgers

Dharun Ravi, Molly Wei cite safety concerns

(Newser) - The two Rutgers students accused of covertly taping Tyler Clementi's encounter with another man have withdrawn from the school. Their lawyers announced the move last night, with Molly Wei’s lawyer telling the New Jersey Star-Ledger that she wrote to the school and asked to "withdraw without prejudice" over...

Authorities Want Rutgers' Emails to Tyler Clementi

Plus, friends speak up for 'good, caring' Dharun Ravi, Molly Wei

(Newser) - Before committing suicide , Tyler Clementi appears to have told his story on a gay message board, and the posts indicate that he emailed his RA and two superiors to report his roommate’s spying. Now, prosecutors want to see those emails—or at least Rutgers University’s responses to those...

Molly Wei Is Innocent, Being Maligned: Lawyer

'Wonderful, caring, talented young woman' should not be used to further agenda

(Newser) - Molly Wei faces charges— perhaps even hate crime charges —for her alleged role in the webcasting of Tyler Clementi’s sexual encounters with another male, but her lawyers insist she’s innocent, the AP reports. Wei, from whose room Clementi’s roommate Dharun Ravi is accused of broadcasting his...

Tyler Clementi's Parents: Let This Be a Lesson in 'Human Dignity'

Parents of Rutgers freshman say support is 'deeply moving'

(Newser) - Tyler Clementi's parents say they hope his death will make a difference: "Regardless of legal outcomes, our hope is that our family's personal tragedy will serve as a call for compassion, empathy and human dignity," said Jane and Joe Clementi in a statement. They also said the outpouring...

Dharun Ravi, Molly Wei: The Kids Behind the Suicide

Hate crime charges are a possibility in Tyler Clementi suicide

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei were old pals who came to Rutgers University together—and classmates can’t fathom how the friends went from the socially tolerant halls of their New Jersey high school to a controversy in which they are accused of recording and broadcasting Tyler Clementi ’...

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