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Kim's Sister: North Korea Is Ready to Act Against US

Kim Yo Jong speaks out after US-South Korea military drills

(Newser) - The influential sister of North Korea’s leader warned Tuesday that her country is ready to take “quick, overwhelming action” against the United States and South Korea, a day after the US flew a nuclear-capable B-52 bomber in a demonstration of strength against the North, the AP reports. Kim...

North Korean Military Ordered to Step It Up

Kim wants more combat exercises and greater war preparedness

(Newser) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his military to expand combat exercises and strengthen war preparedness as he looks to escalate an already provocative run in weapons demonstrations in the face of deepening tensions with the US and neighbors, especially South Korea. Kim presided over a meeting of...

Kim Vows North Korea Will Build 'Invincible Military'

He speaks surrounded by missiles at Pyongyang exhibition

(Newser) - A parade last month marking North Korea's 73rd anniversary was seen as unusually subdued , with a focus on civil defense units instead of military might. But Kim Jong Un more than made up for it at an event Monday, where he spoke after reviewing a variety of large missiles,...

N. Korea Military Parade Features Anti-COVID Units

Annual event was unusually toned-down, analysts say

(Newser) - Civil defense forces carrying rifles and personnel wearing gas masks and red hazmat suits paraded North Korea’s capital overnight in a celebration of the nation’s 73rd anniversary that was a marked departure from past militaristic displays. The parade—overseen by leader Kim Jong Un, wearing a cream suit...

Report: Kim Jong Un Has Purged Military Leadership

Top 3 military chiefs fired ahead of summit

(Newser) - In preparation for the Singapore summit, Kim Jong Un has reportedly shaken up North Korea's military leadership—though it's not clear whether it's the kind of reshuffle that involves executions or mere demotions. According to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, all three of North Korea's...

Report: Sanctions Taking Toll on N. Korea's Military

Fuel conservation may explain scaled-back military exercises: 'WSJ'

(Newser) - Amid calls for the reunification of "all Koreans," North Korea has scaled back its annual winter military exercises—but likely not out of the goodness of Kim Jong Un's heart. US officials say international sanctions, particularly those restricting fuel imports, have taken a toll on the country....

Defector: N. Korean Army Life So Tough Our Periods Stopped
Female Defector Describes
Harsh Life in N. Korean Army
in case you missed it

Female Defector Describes Harsh Life in N. Korean Army

Lee So Yeon says conditions were so tough women stopped having their periods

(Newser) - Lee So Yeon volunteered to join the North Korea army in 1992, lured in part, she says, by the promise of a daily meal. While cautioning that stories of defectors like Lee have to be taken with a grain of salt, the BBC presents an interview with the now 41-year-old...

North Korea Parades Missiles, Warns of War
North Korea Warns
of 'All-Out War'

North Korea Warns of 'All-Out War'

Missile paraded in huge military display

(Newser) - North Korea paraded its intercontinental ballistic missiles in a massive military display in central Pyongyang on Saturday, with ruler Kim Jong Un looking on with delight as his nation flaunted its increasingly sophisticated military hardware amid rising regional tensions . Kim did not speak during the annual parade, which celebrates the...

'Enraged' Kim Orders Execution of 5 Top Officials: S. Korea

Says the latest purges arose over security officials making false reports

(Newser) - North Korea executed five senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns because they made false reports that "enraged" leader Kim Jong Un, South Korea's spy agency said Monday. The comments by the National Intelligence Service in a private briefing to lawmakers come as Malaysia investigates the poisoning death of...

Report: North Korea Executes Army Chief

He was found guilty of pursuing personal gains, corruption: sources

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un has executed another top military official , sources say. Army Gen. Ri Yong Gil, chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army, was reportedly executed last week after being found guilty of pursuing personal gains and corruption. Appointed military chief in 2013, Ri was spotted...

North Korea Launches 'New' Ballistic Sub*

*Geriatric Soviet subs years away from being able to fire missiles

(Newser) - North Korea has reportedly launched a new class of submarine that's capable of firing ballistic missiles, and as Yonhap reports, that's "raising further concerns over the North's evolving missile and nuclear threats." But don't everybody run to the bunker just yet: Reading between the...

N. Korea Test-Fires 10 Missiles
 N. Korea Test-Fires 10 Missiles 

N. Korea Test-Fires 10 Missiles

South Korea reports Pyongyang's latest show of force

(Newser) - North Korea has fired off 10 short-range missiles toward the Sea of Japan, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports. The 10-minute show of force is the latest amid ongoing joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea, and al-Jazeera notes that South Korea is on alert. "...

China to Major N. Korean Bank: Account Closed

US says Foreign Trade Bank of NK helped fund country's nuke program

(Newser) - North Korea may be feeling a little more squeezed today, at the hands of China: The Bank of China has closed the account of a top North Korean bank, this after the US had in March effectively blocked the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea's access to the US...

North Korea Preps Rockets, Citing US 'Ultimatum'

Thousands rally against US in Pyongyang

(Newser) - The US B-2 bomber flights over the Korean peninsula amounted to an "ultimatum," the North says—so it has put its rockets on standby, aimed at US military bases. Leaders decided late last night that "the time has come to settle accounts with the US imperialists,"...

North Korea: Ready Artillery to Hit US Mainland

Supreme Command orders units to be 'combat ready'

(Newser) - Your daily dose of North Korean bluster takes the shape of a ratcheted up warning against the US: The country says it has ordered its long-range artillery and rocket units to be put into "the No. 1 combat ready" mode and target US military bases on the mainland, Hawaii,...

China: US Is Bungling North Korea Situation

And lawmaker says Pyongyang has missile that could reach US

(Newser) - If the US boosts its missile defenses in reaction to North Korea's threats, a plan revealed last week and confirmed by Chuck Hagel on Friday, it will just make the situation worse, China is warning today. The move, which would bring the total number of US interceptors to 44...

Pyongyang Threats Prompt US to Boost Missile Defense

Obama had halted program's expansion

(Newser) - North Korea's missile warnings have the US building up its defenses, insiders tell Fox News . The Pentagon is preparing 14 new ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California. The result—44 total interceptors—is in line with Bush administration plans. President Obama had halted deployment at 30 when he entered...

Now North Korea Threatens to Nuke US

Threat of pre-emptive strike comes ahead of UN vote on sanctions

(Newser) - North Korea is threatening to hit the US with a pre-emptive nuclear strike, reports the AP , accusing Washington of attempting to provoke war and vowing that it will "destroy the strongholds of the aggressors." If the North actually possesses the technology to carry through on its threat, that'...

North Korea Covers Up Nuke Activities—Literally

Cover over tunnel entrance hides it from spy satellites

(Newser) - With North Korea promising to conduct a third nuclear test soon, international intelligence communities have been looking for a telltale sign: Sealing the mouth of the newest of three underground tunnels at the country's Punggye-ri would indicate the country is ready to go. But it looks like the always-secretive...

North Korea to Military: 'Be Ready for a War'

Satellite images indicate nuclear test could come in days

(Newser) - North Korea is stepping up its saber rattling yet again, placing the country under martial law in the run-up to an imminent nuclear weapon test, reports the Korea JoongAng Daily . North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un reportedly gave six orders at an emergency meeting last Saturday, including that "...

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