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British Exit Poll Bodes Well for Cameron

His Conservatives expected to easily win most seats, though short of a majority

(Newser) - It looks like David Cameron, not Ed Miliband, will be celebrating the British election results. As expected, an exit poll shows that neither of their parties will win a clear majority in today's British elections . The surprise, however, is that Cameron's Conservatives are on track to do way...

What to Know About UK's Weirdest Election in Memory

It could take weeks for country to get a new government

(Newser) - After many decades of power going back and forth between the Labour and Conservative parties, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition that took power after the 2010 election was seen as a fluke—but up to a dozen parties have a shot at being in government after today's election, which analysts...

Ed Miliband Edges Brother to Take Over Labour Party

40-year-old replaces former Britain PM Gordon Brown

(Newser) - Britain's opposition Labour Party elected young lawmaker Ed Miliband as its new leader today after he narrowly defeated his older and better-known brother in a contest to replace former prime minister Gordon Brown. Miliband, the 40-year-old ex-climate change secretary, squeaked by David Miliband, the 45-year-old former foreign secretary, in the...

3 Stories
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