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Category 6 Hurricanes? Scientists Suggest It's Time

'Climate change is making the worst storms worse,' says study author

(Newser) - A handful of super powerful tropical storms in the last decade and the prospect of more to come has a couple of experts proposing a new category of whopper hurricanes: Category 6. Studies have shown that the strongest tropical storms are getting more intense. Thus, the five-category Saffir-Simpson scale, developed...

As Typhoon Haikui Rolls in, Taiwan Shuts Down

Dueling storms hit China, Taiwan

(Newser) - Taiwan suspended flights, rail transport, and ferry services along with classes and outdoor events and urged workers to stay home on Sunday as Typhoon Haikui churned across the southern part of the island. The AP reports that the typhoon made landfall in Taitung county on the Pacific-facing east coast around...

World Scout Jamboree Just Got More Disastrous

After hundreds were sickened by intense heat, 36K kids will be evacuated ahead of a tropical storm

(Newser) - South Korea will evacuate tens of thousands of scouts by bus from a coastal jamboree site as Tropical Storm Khanun looms, officials said Monday. As the AP reports, more than 1,000 vehicles will be used starting Tuesday morning to move 36,000 scouts—mostly teenagers—from the World Scout...

In Guam, a Jungle Now 'Looks Like Toothpicks'

Storm was strongest to hit US territory since 2002

(Newser) - Many residents of Guam remained without power and utilities Thursday after Typhoon Mawar tore through the remote US Pacific territory the night before and ripped roofs off homes, flipped vehicles, and shredded trees.The strongest typhoon to hit the territory of roughly 150,000 people since 2002, Mawar briefly made...

Emergency Declared in Guam as Super Typhoon Approaches

It could be fiercest storm to hit US territory in decades

(Newser) - President Biden approved an emergency declaration as an intensifying Super Typhoon Mawar approached Guam, where anyone not living in a concrete house was urged to seek safety elsewhere and emergency shelters began to fill ahead of what could be the most powerful storm to hit the US Pacific territory in...

'Strongest Storm in Over a Decade' Set to Slam Alaska

Remnants of Typhoon Merbok to wreak havoc on state's western coast this weekend

(Newser) - There may be only remnants of Typhoon Merbok moving toward Alaska's western coastline, but that doesn't mean the weather there won't pack a punch when it hits land. In fact, forecasters are calling the storm set to slam the Last Frontier on Friday "the strongest storm...

Crew Members Missing After Typhoon Breaks Up Ship

Rescuers search for 27 in South China Sea

(Newser) - Three crew members were saved in dramatic rescues, but 27 more are missing after a ship broke up in a typhoon in the South China Sea near Hong Kong. Rescuers from the Honk Kong Government Flying Service were dispatched Saturday morning to search for survivors, using helicopters and planes. The...

In 'Ring of Fire,' Deadly Typhoon Wreaks Havoc
'Complete Carnage':
Typhoon Death Toll Surges

'Complete Carnage': Typhoon Death Toll Surges

At least 208 dead after Typhoon Rai slams into Philippines

(Newser) - Updated: The death toll in a horrific Philippines typhoon currently stands at 208, the BBC reports. At least 52 others are missing, and 239 were hurt, but it's difficult to establish exact numbers as communications remain cut off to certain areas. Landslides and flooding may have killed even more....

It Killed Dozens in Philippines. Now It's Headed to Vietnam

Almost half a million people are preparing to evacuate as Typhoon Vamco barrels their way

(Newser) - Vietnamese authorities on Saturday ordered some 460,000 people in the country's central region to be ready for evacuation ahead of Typhoon Vamco, after the storm killed at least 42 people and left 20 others missing in the Philippines, state television reported. The typhoon, which is forecast to hit...

10 Die in Typhoon, Volcanic Mudflows

Victims in eastern Philippines include a boy swept into the next town

(Newser) - A super typhoon blew into the eastern Philippines with disastrous force Sunday, killing at least 10 people and triggering volcanic mudflows that engulfed houses before weakening as it blew away from the country, officials said. Typhoon Goni blasted into the eastern island province of Catanduanes at dawn from the Pacific...

After Cow-Laden Cargo Ship Capsizes, a 2nd Rescue

Crew member from Gulf Livestock I found alive in raft in East China Sea off Japan; 40 still missing

(Newser) - Dozens of crew members and thousands of cows are missing after a cargo ship in the East China Sea was hit by a wave and capsized Wednesday near Japan, but a bit of good news emerged Friday. One crew member of the 43 aboard the doomed Gulf Livestock I had...

Survivor: Wave Took Down Cargo Ship Packed With Cows

42 crew members are missing

(Newser) - Rescuers plucked a Filipino sailor from rough waters near Japan Wednesday, but 42 of his crewmates are still missing—along with almost 6,000 cows. The Japan Coast Guard says the Gulf Livestock 1 cargo ship sent out a distress call from the East China Sea west of Amami Oshima...

Authorities Face Virus Dilemma as Strong Typhoon Hits

Emergency shelters in Philippines could be overcrowded

(Newser) - A strong typhoon slammed into the eastern Philippines on Thursday after authorities evacuated tens of thousands of people while trying to avoid the virus risks of overcrowding emergency shelters. The first typhoon to hit the country this year rapidly gained force as it blew from the Pacific then barged ashore...

Christmas Typhoon Leaves 16 Dead in Philippines

Thousands flee as Phanfone batters country

(Newser) - A typhoon that barreled through the central Philippines over Christmas left at least 16 people dead and forced thousands to flee their homes, officials said. Typhoon Phanfone made landfall on Christmas Eve and hit several islands in the Visayas group on Christmas Day in the predominantly Catholic country, the AP...

Japan Typhoon Death Toll Hits 53
Japan Typhoon
Death Toll Hits 53

Japan Typhoon Death Toll Hits 53

Hagibis caused more than 200 rivers to overflow

(Newser) - The toll of death and destruction from a massive typhoon that tore through central and northern Japan continued to climb Tuesday, as the government said it was considering approving a special budget for the ongoing disaster response and eventual reconstruction. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a parliamentary session that the...

Officials Apologize for What Happened to Woman, 70

Typhoon has killed up to 33 in Japan

(Newser) - Helicopters, boats, and thousands of troops were deployed across Japan to rescue people stranded in flooded homes Sunday, as the death toll from a ferocious typhoon climbed to as high as 33. One woman fell to her death as she was being placed inside a rescue helicopter, the AP reports....

Typhoon Hits Japan
Typhoon Hits Japan

Typhoon Hits Japan

It's expected to be Japan's worst in 60 years

(Newser) - A heavy downpour and strong winds pounded Tokyo and surrounding areas on Saturday as a powerful typhoon forecast to be Japan's worst in six decades made landfall and passed over the capital, where streets, nearby beaches, and train stations were long deserted, the AP reports. Store shelves were bare...

Coming Typhoon Like One That Ravaged Japan in 1958

Hagibis could bring 2 feet of rain to Tokyo area

(Newser) - With a powerful typhoon expected to bring 2 feet of rain and damaging winds to the Tokyo area this weekend, Japan's government warned people Friday to stockpile supplies and evacuate before it's too dangerous. The Rugby World Cup and other events were canceled for Saturday, and flights and...

Typhoon Kills 1, Injures Dozens in Tokyo Area

Typhoon Faxai knocks out power to 900K

(Newser) - A typhoon blew across the Tokyo metropolitan area Monday morning, killing one person and causing dozens of injuries, while disrupting rush-hour travel and knocking out power. Several railway and subway operators suspended services and flights were canceled at Tokyo airports as Typhoon Faxai passed over Chiba, a northern suburb of...

Super Typhoon Is Strongest Storm to Hit US Territory This Year

Yutu wreaked havoc in Northern Mariana Islands

(Newser) - Residents of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are bracing for months without electricity or running water in the aftermath of the strongest storm to hit any part of the US this year. Super Typhoon Yutu crossed over the US territory about 3,800 miles west of Hawaii early...

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