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Drones to Patrol Olympics
 Drones to Patrol Olympics 

Drones to Patrol Olympics

RAF snipers may also be watching from helicopters

(Newser) - Next stop for drones: London. To help bolster security at next year's Olympics, Scotland Yard plans to use unmanned drones equipped with cameras for "eyes in the sky," reports the Independent . Only one local police force currently uses a drone—a radio-controlled mini-helicopter—for surveillance, but three...

Athletes, Think Twice About Getting That MRI

Doctors say they're overused and often misleading

(Newser) - Attention weekend warriors: If your doctor recommends an MRI—or worse, surgery based on its results—be very skeptical. That's the gist of a New York Times article explaining that a growing number of specialists in sports medicine think MRIs are way overused, often misleading, and sometimes just a...

London 2012 Olympics: Athletes Barred from 'Slumdog Millionaire' Director's Opening Ceremony
In Slumdog Director's Olympic Opener, No Athletes?
2012 games

In Slumdog Director's Olympic Opener, No Athletes?

Coaches fear participation will detract from Olympians' success

(Newser) - The director of Slumdog Millionaire wants to feature athletes in the 2012 Olympics' opening ceremony, which he happens to be directing—but their coaches aren’t so keen on the idea. British track and field coaches have barred their athletes from participating over fears that doing so could tire them...

Japan Soccer Champs: Take That, Tsunami

'Desire, hope' boosted team over US

(Newser) - Japan's World Cup soccer victory over the US women's team yesterday devastated the Yanks, but also gave a major kick in the pants to the bad fortunes haunting a nation struggling in the wake of a devastating tsunami. It was the first-ever World Cup win for the gutsy...

Full-Body Duds OK'd for Muslim Weightlifters

Happy Atlanta Muslim woman helps spark international rule change

(Newser) - An American Muslim woman may now cover up when she competes in national weightlifting competitions, a sports panel has decided. Female Muslim competitors can opt to wear a body-covering one-piece "unitard" that will cover their arms and legs—along with a veil to cover their hair—under news rules...

Most Common CEO Names ...
 Most Common CEO Names ...

Most Common CEO Names ...

Peter and Deborah, according to LinkedIn

(Newser) - LinkedIn pored over the names of members to come up with the most common in various categories, notes Mashable . The results:
  • Male CEOs (in order): Peter, Bob, Jack, Bruce, Fred
  • Female CEOs: Deborah, Sally, Debra, Cynthia, Carolyn
  • Athletes: Ryan, Matt, Jessica, Matthew, Jason
  • Sales: Chip, Todd, Trey
  • Engineering: Rajesh, Jeremy,

Stanford Drops Secret 'Jock Class' List

Officials deny list for athletes was special advantage

(Newser) - Stanford University has dropped a secret list of classes widely regarded as easy and aimed at helping star athletes get through school. Classes on the list, which has existed for 11 years, were "always chock-full of athletes and very easy A's," a soccer player tells the San Francisco ...

Mickey Rourke to Play Gay Rugby Star

'It takes a lot of courage' to be Gareth Thomas, says actor

(Newser) - Comeback kid Mickey Rourke is preparing to come back to the big screen again as another athlete, but this time with a different sexual orientation. "The Wrestler" will play Welsh gay rugby star Gareth Thomas, who's touted by the Independent as the only active male sports professional to declare...

Jury Still Out on Whether Energy Drinks Help Athletes

Either way, don't mistake them for sports drinks

(Newser) - Energy drinks have certainly been effective at marketing themselves to athletes, especially young ones—a recent survey showed that 32% of high-school athletes drink them—but do they actually improve performance? They jury’s out, but it doesn’t look good, experts tell the New York Times . “There’s...

True Story of Blind Side Is Uplifting, but Not Unique

There's a lot of Michael Ohers out there

(Newser) - The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock scored big at the box office with its true-life tale of a poor black teenager taken in by a white family who ends up in the NFL. "The remarkable thing about The Blind Side, though, isn't that it's based on a true story,...

The Science of 'Choking'
Why Athletes Choke
Under Pressure

Why Athletes Choke Under Pressure

It's 'paralysis by analysis,' says researcher

(Newser) - We've all seen it happen: a great sports star with a seemingly unassailable lead falls apart at the last minute, earning forever the least desirable moniker in sports: choker. The phenomenon is usually ascribed to "nerves," but a University of Chicago psychologist believes there's more to it. Researcher...

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