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Constantine, Last King of Greece, Dies
Constantine, Last
King of Greece, Dies

Constantine, Last King of Greece, Dies

Country abolished monarchy in 1973

(Newser) - Constantine, the former and last king of Greece, who won an Olympic gold medal before becoming entangled in his country's volatile politics in the 1960s as king and spent decades in exile, has died. He was 82. Doctors at the private Hygeia Hospital in Athens confirmed to the AP...

Greek Monastery Holds 25K Ancient Ottoman Manuscripts

They're now being studied for the first time

(Newser) - Deep inside the medieval fortified Pantokrator Monastery in the Mount Athos monastic Orthodox Christian community, researchers are for the first time tapping a virtually unknown treasure—thousands of Ottoman-era manuscripts that include the oldest of their kind in the world. The libraries of the self-governed community, established more than 1,...

1.8K-Year-Old Hercules Statue Unearthed From 'Small Rome'

Statue of the demigod unearthed in ancient Greek metropolis of Philippi

(Newser) - A larger-than-life statue of the mythical hero Hercules has been discovered hiding in the ancient Greek metropolis of Philippi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Researchers with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki uncovered the classical statue, dating back 1,800 years to the Roman period, during excavations on a main street...

Lightning Kills Runner 9 Hours Into Trail Race
The Race Started at 7pm.
At 4am, Tragedy Struck

The Race Started at 7pm. At 4am, Tragedy Struck

The 55-year-old was racing up a Greek mountain at night when lightning hit

(Newser) - Lightning struck Sunday during a nighttime trail race up a Greek mountain, killing one runner and seriously injuring another, Greek police and the fire service reported. The two men were running in the Six Peaks race, which passes through the six highest peaks of Mount Falakro in northern Greece, when...

3 Arrested After Tourist Hit by Helicopter Rotor

Jack Fenton died in 'gory' accident after disembarking in Athens

(Newser) - Police in Greece are investigating the horrific death of a young British tourist at a heliport near Athens. Authorities say 22-year-old Jack Fenton was killed instantly when he walked behind a Bell 407 helicopter and was hit by its tail rotor soon after he disembarked from a flight from the...

After Cargo Plane Crash in Greece, a Toxic Smell

Locals told to stay indoors after aircraft with Serbian military weaponry goes down

(Newser) - Experts were poised to investigate the site of a plane crash in northern Greece Sunday to determine whether any dangerous chemicals or explosive cargo remains. The An-12 military cargo plane smashed into fields between two villages late Saturday, per the AP . Local residents reported seeing a fireball and hearing explosions...

Man Survives 18 Hours in Sea Thanks to Lost Toy

Half-inflated ball kept North Macedonia man afloat in Aegean Sea

(Newser) - A North Macedonia man who was swept out to sea off the Greek island of Kassandra managed to survive for 18 hours by clinging to a small inflatable ball that happened to float toward him. The vacationer identified only as Ivan and a friend were declared missing at sea after...

Divers Find Long-Lost Head of Hercules
Divers Make
Herculean Find
at Antikythera
in case you missed it

Divers Make Herculean Find at Antikythera Wreck

Once giant boulders were removed, head of Hercules statue found in 1900 emerged

(Newser) - Marine archaeologists have better access to the world's richest ancient shipwreck after boulders were lifted from the Roman-era Antikythera wreck that yielded the famous Antikythera Mechanism calculator, revealing new treasures within. In addition to human teeth, the lead weight for an anchor, iron nails, and the base of a...

Path of 3K-Year-Old Ring Winds Back to Greece
Greece Has Ancient Ring Back

Greece Has Ancient Ring Back

Swedish museum turns over gold piece stolen during World War II

(Newser) - A gold signet ring more than 3,000 years old that was stolen from an Aegean island in World War II, crossed the Atlantic, was bought by a Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian scientist, and ended up in a Swedish museum has found its way back to Greece. It was the latest...

COVID Restrictions Ease in Time for Tourist Season

Greece relaxes flight rules, as Italy drops health pass

(Newser) - Italy and Greece relaxed certain COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday, in a sign that life was increasingly returning to normal before Europe's peak summer tourist season. Greece's civil aviation authority announced that it was lifting all COVID-19 rules for international and domestic flights, except for the wearing of face...

They Thought It Was a Drill. Then, 'People Were Running'

Rescue is on for 12 missing after ferry catches fire off coast of Greece

(Newser) - Rescue teams in Greece searched a burning ferry Saturday for 12 people believed to be missing after it caught fire in the Ionian Sea while en route to Italy, while passengers described a frightening evacuation from the ship. After working all night to try to extinguish the blaze that broke...

Protests Erupt After Being Calm for a Week
Police Clash
in Streets

Protesters, Police Clash in Streets

Greek university wants activists evicted after occupying a room for 34 years

(Newser) - A protest march by 1,500 far-left activists in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki turned violent Saturday toward its end, when some protesters threw firebombs and rocks at riot police, who responded with stun grenades and tear gas. Police prevented the marchers from reaching their destination, the campus of...

Cops: Vigilantes Abduct Principal Over COVID Measures

Greek principal was driven to police station, where his alleged attackers were then detained

(Newser) - Police in northern Greece have jailed several people who allegedly handcuffed a principal, forced him into a car, then drove him to a police station, demanding he be arrested for enforcing COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, members of the group known as Guardians of the Constitution, who argue the restrictions violate constitutional...

Thousands Evacuated as Fires in Greece Rage On

Greek government seeks emergency help from EU

(Newser) - Wildfires rampaged through some of Greece’s last remaining forests for yet another day Saturday, encroaching on more inhabited areas after burning scores of homes, businesses, and farms during the country's worst heat wave in three decades. One of the massive fires threatened the Greek capital’s most important...

Pictures From a Planet That's on Fire
Pictures From a
Planet That's on Fire
the rundown

Pictures From a Planet That's on Fire

Fires are raging from Greece to Siberia to California

(Newser) - Writing for Time , Ciara Nugent doesn't pull any punches: "The World Has Been On Fire For the Past Month," reads her headline. But it's an assertion she backs up with photos from locations scattered across the northern hemisphere, from Greece and Italy to Siberia and our...

Suspected Picasso Thief Isn't Who Police Expected

He's reportedly not a member of a sophisticated gang but just someone who loves art

(Newser) - On Tuesday Greece heralded the discovery of a precious Picasso painting that had been stolen from the National Gallery in Athens in 2012. The Guardian reports that the man suspected of taking "Head of a Woman," along with a work by Piet Mondrian, isn't who police expected....

Stolen Picasso Painting With Huge Sentimental Value Found

Artist intended for the Greek people to have it in recognition of their Nazi resistance

(Newser) - A Picasso painting that was stolen in January 2012 and has particular meaning to the Greek people has been recovered. The BBC reports the artist himself gave "Head of a Woman" to Greece in 1949 in honor of the country's resistance to the Nazis. Culture Minister Lina Mendoni...

He Hugged Dead Wife's Mother at Memorial, Then Was Arrested

Babis Anagnostopoulos charged with the murder of Caroline Crouch

(Newser) - A 33-year-old Greek helicopter pilot is charged with murdering his 20-year-old wife and trying to frame her death as the result of a robbery gone wrong. Caroline Crouch was asphyxiated as she slept on May 11, authorities say, and for the next month, her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos told police three...

Cops: Man Tried to Illegally Sell 'Exceptional Work of Art' for $120K

Greek police believe 5th-century BC statue was taken from temple on or near Acropolis

(Newser) - A man has been arrested on suspicion of antiquities smuggling for trying to sell an ancient marble statue of "exceptional artwork" that once likely adorned a temple on Athens' famed Acropolis or the slopes around it, Greek authorities said Friday. Police said the fifth-century BC statue was recovered following...

You Never Know What May Surface in Greece Construction

Like the head of an ancient Greek god, for example

(Newser) - A bust of the ancient god Hermes, in good condition, was discovered in central Athens during sewage work, per the AP . The Greek Culture Ministry said the head, one of many that served as street markers in ancient Athens, appears to be from around 300BC. It depicts Hermes at "...

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