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Ex-Michigan Governor Catches Big Break in Flint Case

Judge dismisses criminal charges against Rick Snyder, 8 years after water issues began

(Newser) - A judge dismissed criminal charges against former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in the Flint water crisis, months after the state Supreme Court said indictments returned by a one-person grand jury were invalid. Snyder, a Republican who left office in 2019, had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect...

Court Throws Out Flint Charges Against Rick Snyder

Former Michigan governor's lawyers slam 'vindictive' prosecution

(Newser) - Update: Charges against former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in connection with the Flint water scandal have been thrown out by the state's top court. The Michigan Supreme Court ruled in a 6-0 decision Monday that while state laws authorize a judge acting as a one-person grand jury "to...

Report: Ex-Gov Will Be Charged in Flint Water Probe

Sources say Snyder, other officials have been told they will face charges

(Newser) - Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, his health director, and other ex-officials have been told they’re being charged after a new investigation of the Flint water scandal, which devastated the majority Black city with lead-contaminated water and was blamed for a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in 2014-15, insiders say....

3 Former GOP Governors Throw Their Support to Biden

Rick Snyder, Christine Todd Whitman, and Bill Weld are part of new coalition

(Newser) - After four years of a Trump presidency, former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he just wants some civility. And in his opinion, that means Joe Biden must become president. Snyder, who traces his history in the Republican party back to the 1976 Republican National Convention, announces his endorsement of Biden...

Loophole on Cops, Sex With Prostitutes Closed in Final State

No more of that in Michigan

(Newser) - Michigan is no longer the only state in the country where undercover cops can legally have sex with prostitutes. Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Wednesday that removes a provision that prevented officers from being prosecuted for committing prostitution offenses on duty, MLive reports. The two bills involved "help ensure...

Michigan Doctor Wants to Be First US Muslim Governor

Democrat says it will send message to Trump

(Newser) - Michigan has one of the largest Arab populations outside the Middle East, but is it ready to elect a Muslim as chief executive? Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a liberal 32-year-old doctor in Detroit, says yes, and he is mounting a surprisingly robust bid to become the nation's first Muslim governor....

America's 10 Most Unpopular Governors
America's 10
Least Popular

America's 10 Least Popular Governors

Sorry, Christie

(Newser) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley just resigned after violating state campaign finance law, but he's still not as unpopular as Chris Christie, according to a Morning Consult poll. The poll out Tuesday lists the US governors with the highest disapproval rates from January to March, per the Hill . The losers...

America's 10 Least Popular Governors

Chris Christie makes the list but doesn't top it

(Newser) - Morning Consult has released its rankings of the country's most and least popular governors, and a certain one-time presidential hopeful from New Jersey is near the top of the disapproval column. Politico reports Chris Christie is the third most unpopular governor in the country with a 68% disapproval...

State Officials to Face Charges in Flint Crisis

 3 Charged in 
 Flint Water Crisis 

3 Charged in Flint Water Crisis

Prison time is possible

(Newser) - Michigan's attorney general announced criminal charges Wednesday against two state regulators and a Flint employee, alleging wrongdoing related to the city's lead-tainted-water crisis . The charges—the first levied in a probe that's expected to broaden—were filed against a pair of state Department of Environmental Quality officials...

Michigan Gov: I'll Drink Flint Water for a Month

Rick Snyder insists that filtered water is OK

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he will drink Flint water at home and at work for at least a month to show to residents it's safe with the use of a faucet filter, the AP reports. The Republican governor, who has apologized for his administration's role in the...

Snyder Blames His Own Staff, 'Bureaucrats' for Flint Crisis

He says his staff lied to him

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday blamed "career bureaucrats" for the Flint crisis and said his staff lied to him about the city's lead-tainted water, the Detroit News reports. Snyder says he got a briefing on Sept. 27 telling him "outside experts" were wrong and that Flint'...

Email Undercuts Mich. Governor's Excuse on Flint Delays

'As you know, the Governor can declare at any time for any reason'

(Newser) - In the Flint water mess , Gov. Rick Snyder's office has said it waited so long to declare an emergency because local officials needed to act first. But an email released over the weekend makes clear Snyder could have moved months before he actually did, reports the Detroit Free Press...

Emails Reveal Buck-Passing in Flint Water Crisis

'This issue will fade in the rearview,' aide predicted

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has, as promised , released hundreds of pages of emails relating to Flint and its water crisis —and while there may not be anything in them that will cost him his job, members of his administration will have questions to answer about what appears to be...

Governor to Flint: I Blew It, 'I'll Fix It'

Michigan's Rick Snyder wants $28M to fix water pipes, treat kids

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder admits he lost the public's trust in failing to respond quickly to concerns about Flint's drinking water. "I'm sorry I let you down," he said during his State of the State address on Tuesday. "Your families face a crisis—a...

Lead Levels in Michigan Kids' Blood Prompts State of Emergency

Flint mayor is worried about fallout from tainted water

(Newser) - Flint, Mich., drew its water from the Flint River for about 18 months after ditching Detroit's water service—but that was enough time to cause lead levels in local kids to spike, which has now led the mayor to declare a state of emergency, Michigan Live reports. Mayor Karen...

2 States Say They Won't Accept Syrian Refugees
 16 States Say No 
 to Syrian Refugees 

16 States Say No to Syrian Refugees

Alabama, Michigan governors were the first to cite Paris attacks

(Newser) - The attacks in Paris have prompted the governors of several US states to declare that Syrian refugees aren't welcome. The governors of Alabama and Michigan each issued statements Sunday to that effect, reports the Washington Post . And on Monday, the governors of Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi,...

Family Loses Welfare Because of Girl's Cancer

She couldn't go to school, so Michigan cut off benefits

(Newser) - When Martha describes how her 12-year-old daughter, Lisa, suffered while battling brain cancer—seizures, strokes, more than two years in and out of hospitals—it doesn't seem at all surprising that Lisa wouldn't have been up for attending school during this time. But as her mom (using pseudonyms)...

Michigan Tosses Detroit a $195M Life Raft

But pensioners still need to sign off on 'grand bargain'

(Newser) - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will today sign a bill giving Detroit $194.5 million as part of a "grand bargain" designed to lift the city out of bankruptcy, the Free Press reports. That money, combined with $370 million from charitable foundations and $100 million from the Detroit Institute of...

GOP-Led Michigan Hikes Minimum Wage to $9.25

Move heads off petition that would have pushed it to $10.10

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation yesterday to raise the state's minimum wage by 25% gradually over the next four years to $9.25 an hour, as Republicans controlling the state government moved to head off a November ballot measure that could have raised pay even more. The move...

'That's Me:' Dems Laud Obama on Trayvon
 'That's Me:' 
 Dems Laud 
 Obama on 


'That's Me:' Dems Laud Obama on Trayvon

John McCain would like to see 'Stand Your Ground' reviewed

(Newser) - President Obama's remarks on the Trayvon Martin verdict reverberated around the talk shows today, with Democrats saying Obama hit close to home when he spoke of "being followed in a department store," reports Politico . "That’s me on a daily basis, and especially when I’m...

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