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Comic 'Really' Didn't Want to Speak on Louis CK ... but She Did

Sarah Silverman on her longtime friend: 'Can you love someone who did bad things?'

(Newser) - One person who's been quiet till now about the sexual misconduct accusations against Louis CK is fellow comic Sarah Silverman, who's been close friends with CK for most of her adult life. But in what the Hollywood Reporter notes is an "incredibly poignant episode" of her I ...

Louis CK Allegations Are 'Best Thing' to Happen to Comedy

It's time for a 'full reckoning,' writes Lindy West

(Newser) - "This is the best thing that has happened to comedy in a long time," Lindy West writes in the New York Times regarding the allegations against Louis CK. And despite the headline "Why Men Aren't Funny," that's not coming from a longtime CK...

John Oliver Identifies 'Stupidest Possible Reason' We Could Die

A Trump tweet about Kim Jong Un, he said on season finale of 'Last Week Tonight'

(Newser) - John Oliver outlined "the stupidest possible reason for all of us to die" in the season finale of Last Week Tonight on Sunday, and it involves a specific tweet by President Trump. "I'm serious: If the entire country simultaneously tripped while putting on its underwear and fell...

Louis CK's Career Is Crumbling Amid Misconduct Claims

HBO is parting ways with him, and his latest movie has been canceled

(Newser) - The career that Louis CK spent decades building started to crumble within hours of a report detailing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct . HBO announced Thursday that it is parting ways with the comedian, who will no longer appear in its Nov. 18 Night of Too Many Stars autism special. "...

Louis CK Has Responded to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

'These stories are true'

(Newser) - Louis CK has responded to allegations from five women that he masturbated in front of them: "These stories are true." The comedian released a statement, which can be read here , on Friday—a day after the New York Times published a story about the allegations. Louis CK says...

Louis CK Accused of Sexual Misconduct Toward 5 Women

Comedian's appearances canceled ahead of 'New York Times' report

(Newser) - Louis CK appears to be the latest to fall in Hollywood's sexual misconduct scandal: In a bombshell New York Times report, five women accuse the comedian of masturbating in front of them or asking to do so. The women include:
  • Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov: A comedy duo

Tig Notaro Thinks SNL Sketch a Little Too Familiar

Comedian used same clown premise in a short film first

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live ran a funny sketch in its last show in which Louis CK plays a down-in-the-dumps guy who hires a clown to put on a show solely for him. One person not laughing is fellow comedian Tig Notaro—because she used the premise first in her short film...

Baldwin Does Double Duty as Trump and O'Reilly

In the same sketch, no less

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin was pulling double duty as President Trump and Bill O'Reilly in the same sketch as Saturday Night Live returned with Louis CK as guest host. Baldwin began by spoofing Trump in the cold open—in which he told coal country voters that "I love coal. In...

Louis CK Has a Warning for Would-Be Ticket Scalpers

The tickets will be invalidated, he says

(Newser) - Louis CK has a warning for would-be ticket scalpers: "We take great efforts and have many methods of finding out what inventory is being sold on broker sites like Stubhub and Vivid Seats and immediately invalidating those tickets," the comedian wrote on his website Tuesday, per the CBC...

Secret Life of Pets Leaves You &#39;Warm, Fuzzy&#39;
 Secret Life of Pets 
 Leaves You 'Warm, Fuzzy' 

Secret Life of Pets Leaves You 'Warm, Fuzzy'

It's 'cute, charming, and a little hyper—just like a new puppy'

(Newser) - It's as though Universal Pictures rounded up all the hilarious people in the world and packed them into one animated flick. Louis CK, Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper, Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress, Dana Carvey, and Jenny Slate star in The Secret Life of Pets , which, as you probably...

Louis CK's Jeopardy! Win Elevates Obscure Charity

Comedian donates $50K to Fistula Foundation

(Newser) - A little-known women's charity based in California had a welcome problem this week: The website of the Fistula Foundation crashed because of an influx of visitors, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . The reason? Louis CK played on behalf of the group in a celebrity Jeopardy! match that aired Wednesday...

Louis CK: Web Series Left Me Millions in Debt

Not as many people bought the show as he was expecting

(Newser) - Louis CK went to all the trouble of making his web show, Horace and Pete, and then not as many people purchased it as he'd expected ... leaving the comedian several million dollars in debt, Vulture reports. Louis CK explained to Howard Stern Monday that he spent $2 million to...

'Trump Is Hitler' Cry Only Grows Louder

Only a mustache away?

(Newser) - Two public figures from opposite ends of the political spectrum openly compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler this weekend—and Saturday Night Live sees him pretty much the same way. From around the Web:
  • "We all look at Adolf Hitler in 1940. We should look at Adolf Hitler in

Louis CK: I Apologized to Sarah Palin

First time he's done so because of something he's said, he tells Howard Stern

(Newser) - Louis CK went on Howard Stern's show today and revealed a professional first: He apologized to someone over a comic slam—and that someone was none other than Sarah Palin. As Mediaite recounts, the comedian drunk-tweeted some vile comments about Palin five years ago that took on a life...

'Dumb Actor' Brad Pitt Hits Between Two Ferns

Louis CK makes cameo, Galifianakis makes 'Friends' crack

(Newser) - Zach Galifianakis kicks off his latest round of Between Two Ferns by whining that he's gone from President Obama "back to interviewing dumb actors," and the star treatment for "Bradley Pitts" (or "Bart Pit," as he's identified on the screen) goes downhill from...

Galifianakis to Star in FX 'Clown Comedy'

New series co-created with Louis CK is scheduled to premiere in 2016

(Newser) - Anyone who's ever dreamed about being a professional clown (and who hasn't?) will be psyched to hear that a new comedy series created by Zach Galifianakis, Louis CK, and Portlandia director Jonathan Krisel has been ordered by FX, according to TVLine . Baskets will star Galifianakis in the title...

Ty Burrell Wins Night&#39;s First Emmy
 Breaking Bad
 Modern Family 
 Grab Top Emmys 
emmy awards 2014

Breaking Bad, Modern Family Grab Top Emmys

They win best drama, best comedy series

(Newser) - Seth Meyers opened tonight's Emmy Awards with quite a few jokes about the fact that the ceremony was held on a Monday night rather than a Sunday night before opening things up to the first presenter: none other than Amy Poehler, who handed out the night's first award,...

Louis CK Hated This Robert Redford Movie

'All Is Lost' really bugged him, as an avid boater

(Newser) - Celebrity catfight alert? Louis CK recently sat down with NPR —and, in an amusing tidbit of the interview picked up on by Vanity Fair , the comedian revealed that he was not a fan of Robert Redford's sailing drama, All Is Lost. You see, CK has a yacht, just...

Louis CK: &#39;I&#39;ve Wanted to Be&#39; Suicidal
 Louis CK: 
 'I've Wanted 
 to Be' Suicidal 
gq profile

Louis CK: 'I've Wanted to Be' Suicidal

Comedian gets profiled in 'GQ'

(Newser) - In a new GQ profile, Louis CK reveals, "No, I've never been suicidal. But I've wanted to be." He goes on to describe two of his lowest points: In the early 1990s in Manhattan, working 10 gigs a night and making $50 at each one, he...

Blanchett, Baldwin React to Dylan Farrow Accusations

As Woody Allen's camp shifts focus to Mia Farrow

(Newser) - In her letter detailing sexual abuse she says she suffered at the hands of adopted father Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow called out several celebrities for continuing to work with the director. One line: "What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin?" Two of those...

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