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Chimp Has Been Carrying Dead Infant for 3 Months

Possible mourning ritual observed at Spain's Bioparc Valencia

(Newser) - A chimpanzee born at a zoo in Valencia, Spain, survived only two weeks before dying in February. Three months later, the infant's decomposing body remains in its enclosure at Bioparc Valencia with no current plan to remove it, despite the alarm caused to visitors. That's because the infant'...

Rogue Raccoon Delights Fans at Major League Soccer Game

'SIGN HIM NOW!' was MLS' response in Philly

(Newser) - "We need to find him a ball because he's moving very well in the center of midfield." Those were a commentator's words during a Major League Soccer matchup this week between the Philadelphia Union and New York City FC, though the description wasn't about one...

Man Loses Emotional Support Gator: 'Bring My Baby Back'

Joie Henney was vacationing in Georgia when Wally vanished

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man who credits an alligator named Wally for helping relieve his depression for nearly a decade says he's searching for the reptile after it went missing during a vacation to the coast of Georgia. Joie Henney has thousands of social media users following his pages devoted to...

Scientists Find 'Super Cool' Way to Spy on Insects
'Super Cool' Mapping
Tracks Down Tiny Invaders

'Super Cool' Mapping Tracks Down Tiny Invaders

Airborne laser mapping could speed tracking of invasive insects, study finds

(Newser) - Scientists in search of insects can spend 1,000 hours checking roughly 10,000 trees across 40 acres. Or, with a more convenient approach, they can do the same in about an hour. More and more, researchers are turning to remote sensing technology to ease the burden of searching landscapes...

What Does a Dog See in Its Mind When You Say 'Ball'?

Scientists cite pups' 'referential understanding,' with mental images hinting at deeper grasp of language

(Newser) - Many dog owners believe their pets understand and respond not only to commands such as "sit" and "stay," but also to words referring to their favorite objects. "Bring me your ball" will often result in exactly that. But science has had trouble determining whether dogs and...

Tiny Bird Is First Non-Primate to Make Symbolic Gesture

Japanese tits seem to say 'after you' to partners

(Newser) - We humans think we know a lot. But when it comes to how animals communicate, we have a lot to learn, according to new research boasting the first known case of symbolic gesture in a non-primate. Many animals display body parts and some, including birds like magpies and ravens, make...

Why Are Medium-Sized Animals the Fastest? A Theory
Why Are Cheetahs the
Fastest? A Study Explains

Why Are Cheetahs the Fastest? A Study Explains

They fall in a 'sweet spot' while larger, smaller animals hit muscle limits

(Newser) - Lifespan, strength, and brain size tend to increase with an animal's size, yet speed does not. The largest land animal, the elephant, wouldn't come close to catching the fastest land animal, the cheetah. It's no anomaly. The fastest animals on land, in water, and in air are...

These Tiny Fish Are Louder Than Elephants
These Tiny Fish Are
Loud as a Gunshot

These Tiny Fish Are Loud as a Gunshot

And elephants, according to new research on Danionella cerebrum

(Newser) - Often in nature, the larger the animal, the louder the noise. The sperm whale, for instance, can make clicks as loud as 200 decibels , while the elephant can trumpet as loud as 117 decibels . But as we know, nature is full of surprises, and in one such surprise, researchers have...

How a Cushion of Fat Helps Whales Sing

Researchers may have figured out how baleen whales vocalize

(Newser) - Whales sing loud enough that their songs travel through the ocean, but knowing the mechanics behind that has been a mystery. Scientists now think they have an idea, and it's something not seen in other animals: a specialized voice box. Experts say the discovery, while based on a study...

Zoo's Alligator Had 70 Coins in His Stomach
Zoo's Alligator Had
$7 in His Belly

Zoo's Alligator Had $7 in His Belly

Thibodaux of Nebraska's Henry Doorly Zoo is now a bit lighter

(Newser) - A zoo alligator was carrying around quite a bit of extra weight until a stomach procedure to remove 70 US coins. The 36-year-old American alligator named Thibodaux, an "iconic" resident of Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, due to the leucism that causes his white coloration, was undergoing routine...

Blue Whales Carry Surprising Levels of Another Species' DNA

North Atlantic blue whales receiving fin whale DNA through mating with hybrid offspring

(Newser) - The blue whale population has started to recover from the devastation brought by commercial whaling in the early 20th century. But the world's largest ever animal isn't quite the same. In analyzing the genomes of Balaenoptera musculus musculus—the "most endangered" of four subspecies of blue whale,...

Footage Points to the 'Holy Grail of Shark Science'

Scientists describe what is believed to be the first sighting of a newborn great white

(Newser) - Scientists have spotted juvenile great white sharks, but never before had they caught a glimpse of a newborn. That reportedly changed this past July when a drone captured a 5-foot-long pup, apparently still covered with its embryonic layer. There's some doubt given the novelty of the situation, but the...

Female Animals Grow Bigger Brains, Males Bigger Antlers

Scientists aren't quite sure why, but they have some theories

(Newser) - While it's hard to overlook the giant antlers and horns that animals like moose and rams wave around, researchers recently made a fascinating discovery by checking out what's going on with their un-horned, female counterparts. National Geographic dives into the study, which examined over 400 specimens of ungulates...

Hundreds of Animal Species Hit by 'Catastrophic' Flu Strain

Elephant seals, seabirds, and now a polar bear—could humans be hit hard next with H5N1?

(Newser) - "It is catastrophic ... the largest die-off for the species, period." That's how Martin Mendez, a marine biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, describes to the Washington Post the fate of hundreds of elephant seals last fall in Argentina, found dead along the shore of the Valdes Peninsula....

'True Miracle' Arrives at Animal Shelter for the Holidays

Pennsylvania-based SPCA announces it has no more dogs at facility, for first time in 47 years

(Newser) - In what staff is calling a "true miracle," a Pennsylvania animal shelter has some good news for Christmas: Before the long holiday weekend, it had a grand total of zero dogs housed within its walls. CNN reports on the impressive accomplishment of the Adams County SPCA, which noted...

Honk for These New Prison Guards in Brazil

Vigilant geese replace dogs at the Penitentiary Complex near Florianopolis

(Newser) - Who needs guard dogs when you have guard geese? Perhaps not as intimidating as a dog with bared teeth, a gaggle of the vigilant, honking birds have replaced canines as guards at a prison in Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina, Reuters reports. "We have electronic surveillance, in-person...

Drought Kills at Least 100 Elephants
Drought Kills
at Least 100

Drought Kills at Least 100 Elephants

El Nino blamed for lack of water killing pachyderms in recent weeks in Zimbabwe's largest national park

(Newser) - At least 100 elephants have died in Zimbabwe's largest national park in recent weeks because of drought, their carcasses a grisly sign of what wildlife authorities and conservation groups say is the impact of climate change and the El Nino weather phenomenon. Authorities warn that more could die as...

Man Films Bat Sex in Church, Makes Surprise Discovery
Man Films Bat Sex in Church,
Makes Surprise Discovery
in case you missed it

Man Films Bat Sex in Church, Makes Surprise Discovery

Serotine bat thought to be only known mammal to have sex without penetration

(Newser) - There was a lot of sex happening in the church attic—but without humans and, weirdly, without penetration. Indeed, as scientists describe in a new study, it was the first time a mammal—specifically, the serotine bat native to Europe and Asia—was documented reproducing without penetrative sex. Scientists had...

Uber-Rare Lobster Becomes a TikTok Star
This Is One
Wildly Unique Lobster

This Is One Wildly Unique Lobster

Split-color, split-sex Maine lobster now dubbed 'Bowie'

(Newser) - As a fifth-generation lobsterman, Jacob Knowles has seen his fair share of crustaceans. However, one half-orange, half-blue lobster recently caught his eye—and those of his millions of social media followers, per Boston 25 . As Knowles explains in a TikTok video , "it's probably one of the rarest lobsters...

No One Knows Why Dogs Are Contracting Mystery Illness

Veterinary laboratories are looking into canine respiratory sickness popping up in multiple states

(Newser) - Veterinary laboratories in several states are investigating an unusual respiratory illness in dogs and encouraging people to take basic precautions to keep their pets healthy as veterinarians try to pin down what's making the animals sick. Oregon, Colorado, and New Hampshire are among the states that have seen cases...

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