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15 Killed as Rebels Attack Somali Parliament

UN: 20K more peacekeepers needed

(Newser) - Three government soldiers were killed and a lawmaker was injured when mortar rounds believed to have been fired by Islamic insurgents hit Somalia's parliament building yesterday. Government and African Union soldiers counter attacked and killed close to a dozen people in a mortar assault on a market, AP reports. Dozens...

Somali Caught in Nov. With Detroit-Type Bomb

US officials are now aware of incident and probing connections

(Newser) - A man tried to board a commercial airliner in Mogadishu last month carrying powdered chemicals, liquid, and a syringe that could have caused an explosion in a case bearing chilling similarities to the Christmas terrorist plot, officials say. The Somali man was arrested by African Union peacekeeping troops before the...

African Union Suspends Madagascar

Pressure mounts against coup government

(Newser) - International pressure is mounting against the new government of Madagascar, installed this week via coup, the BBC reports. The African Union has suspended the island nation’s membership, calling the takeover “unconstitutional,” and South Africa said it might impose sanctions. France likewise condemned the takeover, and the US...

Qaddafi Named Chairman of African Union

Libyan leader vows to pursue plan for 'United States of Africa'

(Newser) - Muammar Qaddafi vowed to pursue his dream of creating a united, pan-African government after being named chairman of the African Union today, Reuters reports. Elected by African heads of state for a 1-year term, the Libyan leader said the organization must consider his proposal for a “United States of...

Guinea Coup Chiefs Promise Elections

US, Europe condemn coup

(Newser) - Rebel army officers who led a revolt in the West African nation of Guinea will meet with foreign diplomats tomorrow to reassure the international community about their future plans, reports BBC. A military junta seized control hours after the death of despotic ruler Lansana Conte. The US, European Union and...

Sudan Swats Away Genocide Charge

Official says country will work to block international court's indictment of president

(Newser) - Sudan aims to obstruct an international tribunal's efforts to hold its leader responsible for genocide, the BBC reports. The International Criminal Court's charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against president Omar al-Bashir are designed to engender tension between tribal groups in Darfur, a senior official said today,...

African Union Pushes Unity Government in Zimbabwe

Move a rare shot at Mugabe by leaders

(Newser) - The African Union adopted a resolution today calling for President Robert Mugabe to begin negotiations with the Zimbabwean opposition on forming a unity government, Reuters reports. The action marks the first time the AU has censured Mugabe, who once enjoyed a strong reputation as Zimbabwe’s liberator, for his undemocratic...

Zimbabwe Tells Mugabe Critics to 'Go Hang'

Spokesman angrily dismisses any deal with opposition

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe's spokesman angrily dismissed the possibility of a national unity government today, reports the Guardian, telling the US and other nations supporting the opposition to "go hang." Speaking at the African Union summit, the spokesman told reporters that no other country could interfere in Zimbabwean affairs, and...

Kenyan PM: Intervene in Zimbabwe
Kenyan PM: Intervene in Zimbabwe

Kenyan PM: Intervene in Zimbabwe

Odinga is Mugabe's most vocal critic at African Union summit

(Newser) - Kenya’s prime minister blasted Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe today, saying it would set a dangerous precedent for the African Union to accept him as "a duly elected president," the BBC reports. "They should suspend him and send peace forces to Zimbabwe to ensure free and fair elections,...

Mugabe Faces Chilly Reception at African Summit

Zimbabwe prez faces pressure to negotiate

(Newser) - Newly reinaugurated  Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe arrived today at an African Union summit where he is expected to face pressure to negotiate with the country's opposition. Although Mugabe walked into the conference at an Egyptian resort alongside other leaders, he has faced unprecedented criticism from African governments to yield to...

Tsvangirai: Africa, UN Must Broker Deal

Seeks 'transitional period;' willing to negotiate before vote

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai is calling for a “negotiated political settlement” to begin a period of “healing” for Zimbabwe, the BBC reports. Speaking at his home after leaving the Dutch embassy, the opposition leader called Friday’s election a sham, and asked the African Union and Southern African Development Community...

Africa Crushes Comoros Coup
 Africa Crushes Comoros Coup 

Africa Crushes Comoros Coup

20th time unlucky for Indian Ocean rebels

(Newser) - The latest renegades to seize power in the Comoros Islands have been defeated, reports the Independent. Government and African Union troops regained control in an amphibious assault at sunrise yesterday. The island nation in the Indian Ocean has been rocked by more than 20 coups or coup attempts, many involving...

Darfur Sees New Cycle of Bloodshed, Refugees

Recent upset in Chad has Sudanese military, janjaweed militias on warpath

(Newser) - Darfur may be on a road back to the pitched fighting between rebels, militias and the Sudanese army that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions 5 years ago, prompting the US to call it genocide, the New York Times reports. The Sudanese government recently stepped up operations in the...

African Union Can't Resolve Kenya Crisis

Delegation led by Kofi Annan will take next crack

(Newser) - An attempt to broker an end to the Kenyan crisis failed today when an African Union mission couldn't get opposing sides to agree on how to end the violence, Reuters reports. AU head John Kufuor pressed opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki to settle; after talks disintegrated into...

Defiant African Leaders Reject EU Trade Deal

Relations between continents sour over human rights, Mugabe

(Newser) - European-African trade talks at a tense Lisbon summit collapsed in their final session yesterday. If a new agreement isn’t reached by year’s end, the European Union may levy higher tariffs on African exports, further exacerbating tensions between the continents. A new, controversial set of agreements would have dropped...

Sudan Declares Truce at Darfur Peace Talks

But two top factions aren't there, and a third has doubts

(Newser) - Sudan declared a ceasefire at Darfur peace talks today, but two top factions weren't there to hear it, and one other met the pledge with suspicion. “The government has said several times since 2004 that they observed a ceasefire,” said one rebel leader. “We have our doubts....

Sudan to Call Darfur Ceasefire Ahead of Talks

Government to meet rebels this weekend; peace prospects dim

(Newser) - Sudan will declare yet another ceasefire in Darfur this weekend, the Guardian reports, as the government sits down with the region’s rebel factions to try to hammer out a peace accord. Government officials called it a “confidence-building measure” designed to “give negotiators a chance to get out...

Darfur Town Laid to Waste
Darfur Town Laid to Waste

Darfur Town Laid to Waste

Village is razed in apparent payback for strike against AU base

(Newser) - Only a school and mosque were left standing in a Darfur town after attackers recently torched and looted it, leaving 7,000 villagers homeless, the BBC reports. Rebels blame the government for the strike, saying it was payback for last week's bloody raid on an African Union base. The UN...

Darfur Rebels Kill at Least 10 Peacekeepers in Raid

Rebels attack African Union base

(Newser) - An overnight rebel attack on the African Union's base in Darfur has left at least 10 soldiers dead and 50 others missing in the bloodiest incident the peacekeeping force has seen since its 2003 inception. Some 30 rebel vehicles stormed and pillaged the base, but rebel sources told the BBC...

Britain Boycotts African Summit
Britain Boycotts African Summit

Britain Boycotts African Summit

Brown takes stand against torture, intimidation in Mugabe's Zimbabwe

(Newser) - Britain will boycott a summit bringing together leaders of the European Union and  African states because of the expected presence of  Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the Independent  he wants to send a powerful message of concern to the leader responsible for widespread torture and the...

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