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China Court to Single Woman: You Can't Freeze Your Eggs

The case was the first of its kind and drew widespread media coverage in China

(Newser) - A Chinese court has overruled a rare legal challenge brought by an unmarried Beijing woman seeking the right to freeze her eggs. The Chaoyang Intermediate People's Court in Beijing ruled that the hospital did not violate the woman's rights in denying her access to freeze her eggs, per...

A 'Devastating' First for a US Egg-Freezing Facility

Temperature spike in liquid nitrogen storage tanks has left viability of 2K eggs, embryos uncertain

(Newser) - Hundreds of families received troubling news this week after an unprecedented "malfunction" at a Cleveland egg-freezing facility. Although the staff at University Hospitals Fertility Center hasn't yet figured out exactly how it happened, what's known is that the temperature in one section of a long-term storage tank...

9 'Cocktail'-Infused Eggs a 'Breakthrough' for Fertility

For the first time, human eggs were grown from earliest stages to maturity in the lab

(Newser) - What's being deemed a "breakthrough" for women's fertility has been achieved out of the University of Edinburgh. Researchers say that for the very first time, they've developed human eggs in the lab from their earliest points of growth to full maturity, offering insight into how science...

One-Time Face of Women Freezing Eggs Now Has Warning

Egg-freezing industry is only giving half the story, Brigitte Adams says

(Newser) - "There is a huge marketing hype of it, and overpromising," Brigitte Adams says of egg freezing. And she should know. The Washington Post reports Adams "became the de facto poster child for a generation of women considering the procedure" after appearing on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek...

UK Woman One Step Closer to Carrying Dead Daughter's Child

She won an appeal regarding her late daughter's frozen eggs

(Newser) - A 60-year-old woman from the UK who's been in a protracted legal battle to become pregnant using her dead daughter's frozen eggs has made some progress toward winning that fight, the BBC reports. After not being able to find a British clinic that would implant her with the...

Trans Teen Freezes Eggs So He Can Be a Father

Cole Carman, 18, says he knows he wants to be a dad some day

(Newser) - An 18-year-old San Francisco-area transgender teen may be the first to have had eggs harvested prior to transition. Having decided last year to go from Nicole to Cole Carman, the teen decided to harvest his eggs first so it would be easier to have his own biological children down the...

Woman Denied the Chance to Carry Her Grandchild

Court rules UK mother can't use dead daughter's eggs

(Newser) - When a UK woman was diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 23, her parents say there was one thing she wanted if she didn't survive: to have her mom carry her babies . But the High Court in London has dashed that dream after ruling that the fertilized eggs of...

Egg Freezing Is Fine, but Make Work Easier for Parenthood

New Silicon Valley benefit is only part of the picture: pundits

(Newser) - Facebook and Apple will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs , which is being hailed in some corners as a progressive step for women in the workplace. But is it really? wonders Jenni Avins at Quark . "Perhaps equally empowering, if not more so, would be the creation of...

Apple, Facebook Perk: Egg-Freezing Coverage

May be first major employers to provide this type of coverage

(Newser) - Silicon Valley already leads in tech innovation—why shouldn't it lead in procreation, too? Facebook has expanded employee coverage to include egg freezing, and Apple will start providing similar coverage in January, company reps tell NBC News . Both companies—thought to be the "first major employers to offer...

Doctors' Group to Women: Don't Freeze Your Eggs
Doctors' Group to Women: Don't Freeze Your Eggs

Doctors' Group to Women: Don't Freeze Your Eggs

The technology does not 'guarantee a successful pregnancy,' they warn

(Newser) - Egg freezing has apparently become such a trend that the New York Times last year covered a trend within the trend: parents who help foot the bill for freezing their aging daughters' eggs. But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have issued a blunt message to women in their...

Divorced Men Should Pay for Wife's Eggs
Divorced Men Should
Pay for Wife's Eggs

Divorced Men Should Pay for Wife's Eggs

If they split without kids, he should cover her fertility treatment: Op-ed

(Newser) - Welcome to the new wrinkle in divorce settlements: the wife's eggs. Sarah Elizabeth Richards lays out the increasingly common scenario in the New York Times today: Say a couple gets married with the intention of having kids but divorces years later without having done so, or without having as...

Egg Freezing: Mom, Dad's New Gift to Aging Daughters
Egg Freezing: Mom, Dad's New Gift to Aging Daughters
new trend

Egg Freezing: Mom, Dad's New Gift to Aging Daughters

More and more parents helping to foot the sizable bill

(Newser) - Some parents help pay for their kids' college tuition—others help foot the bill for freezing their daughters eggs? Apparently. The New York Times reports on what it paints as a growing trend: Would-be grandparents, worried about their daughter's advancing age and aware of the fact that the procedure...

Court: Parents Can Freeze Dead Daughter's Eggs

Israeli decision sparks backlash from religious conservatives

(Newser) - An Israeli court has set what is believed to be a worldwide precedent by giving a family permission to harvest and freeze the eggs of their dead daughter. The 17-year-old girl was declared brain dead a week after she was hit by a car, and the parents had already agreed...

Why I'll Never Freeze My Eggs
 Why I'll Never Freeze My Eggs 

Why I'll Never Freeze My Eggs

Jessi Klein is 35, but not desperate

(Newser) - Jessi Klein is 35 and childless, which meant it was time for that “horribly clichéd sad-woman moment” at her gynecologist’s office: The moment her doctor asked if she wanted some “literature” about freezing her eggs. At that moment, “I decided I didn’t want the...

Older Women Postponing Kids by Freezing Eggs

(Newser) - Women in their 30s are freezing their eggs to give themselves more time to start a family, according to a new study. The relatively new technology allows women to plan for IVF treatment in future—so they can take away the pressure of a ticking biological clock while they concentrate...

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