California earthquake

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Big Quakes Trigger Small Ones&mdash;Not Other Big Ones
Big Quakes Trigger Small Ones—Not Other Big Ones
study says

Big Quakes Trigger Small Ones—Not Other Big Ones

So rest easy, California, your risk is no higher than normal

(Newser) - Over the past 15 months, large earthquakes have struck China , Haiti , Chile , New Zealand , Japan , and Burma . But those quakes weren't connected, and they won't trigger any other big ones, seismologists say. A new study shows that, even when they seem linked, large and distant quakes likely aren't—and while...

California Nuclear Plants Are Safe: Officials

Chances of 9.0 earthquake, large tsunami are very low

(Newser) - As Californians worry that their state might be next , officials are reassuring them that the specific combination of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis that hit Japan is very unlikely there. Though one of the state’s two nuclear power plants was only built to withstand a 7.0 quake and...

Earthquake Experts: Looming 'Big One' Is Getting Bigger

Could release twice the energy of last major rupture

(Newser) - Forget “The Big One” and start calling it “The Even Bigger One”: Recent reports suggest that the long-overdue (and “big”) rupture predicted along California’s San Andreas fault could be much worse than previously thought, and significantly stronger than the last major earthquake. Specifically, it could...

Southern California Overdue for Big Quake

Landmark study expects one along San Andreas fault

(Newser) - Is the Big One imminent? A major new study lends weight to the "yes" camp, asserting that Southern California is overdue for a massive earthquake, reports the Los Angeles Times . Researchers studied the San Andreas fault and found that it's produced far more major quakes than previously thought—as...

Cal Quake Bumped Town 31 Inches South

April quake bounced Calexico closer to Mexico

(Newser) - The quake that rattled Calexico in April bumped the California border city almost a yard closer to Mexico, NASA says. NASA discovered the shift after sending a jet over the region to capture radar images of the deformation in the earth's crust caused by the 7.2 temblor, the Christian ...

5.7 Quake Rattles California
 5.7 Quake Rattles California 

5.7 Quake Rattles California

Earth moves during Padres game

(Newser) - A 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattled nerves in southern California yesterday but didn't cause any injuries or serious damage. The quake—part of a swarm of dozens of aftershocks from April's Baja California quake—could be felt throughout Los Angeles County and caused a brief interruption in a San Diego...

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