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NYT Columnist Ridiculed for $78 Burger Claim
David Brooks Posts a
Burger Picture, Chaos Ensues
in case you missed it

David Brooks Posts a Burger Picture, Chaos Ensues

Restaurant at Newark Airport pushes back at 'NYT' columnist's suspiciously high tab

(Newser) - David Brooks' op-eds for the New York Times have raised eyebrows before , but it was a tweet about his recent airport meal, and an insinuation about the US economy under President Biden , that put the newspaper columnist on the radar this week. That post has since gone viral, and the...

Warning to UAW: Don't Kill 'the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg'

In 'NYT' op-ed, Steven Rattner worries about strike's 'implications for our economy,' and for Biden

(Newser) - The United Auto Workers union is threatening to expand its targeted strike against Detroit's Big Three automakers if major advances aren't seen in contract negotiations by Friday. But at least one person thinks that the UAW is "overplaying its hand" in taking on Ford, General Motors, and...

Rock Hall Boots Jann Wenner After Newspaper Interview

'Rolling Stone' founder's comments about Black and female musicians are slammed

(Newser) - Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann Wenner has been swiftly kicked off the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for comments he made about Black and female musicians in a newspaper interview, reports Variety . Wenner, 77, is actually a co-founder of the rock hall of fame, a sign...

Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Be a Teacher?
Why on Earth Would Anyone
Want to Be a Teacher?

Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Be a Teacher?

Writing for 'NYT,' Jessica Grose cites 'culture war madness,' school shootings

(Newser) - Teaching has never been an easy profession, but the "culture war madness" of the past few years has helped create a climate that's causing teachers to flee from their jobs, and for "teacher" to drop further down the list of desirable careers for high school and college...

We Need to Go on a 'Poll-Free Political Diet'
We Need to Go on
a 'Poll-Free Political Diet'

We Need to Go on a 'Poll-Free Political Diet'

Writing for 'WaPo,' Jennifer Rubin lays out 5 reasons why we should ignore polls ahead of 2024

(Newser) - Jennifer Rubin has tried to stay away from "rickety" poll analyses as we inch closer to the 2024 election—a "poll-free political diet" she thinks we all should go on. Writing for the Washington Post , Rubin lays out a laundry list of reasons why, calling the polling field...

Anderson Cooper: I Don't Want My Kids to See My Sadness

CNN host dives deep into his personal losses and grief in interview with 'New York Times'

(Newser) - If anyone understands grief, it's Anderson Cooper. The 56-year-old CNN anchor lost his father, Wyatt, when he was 10 to a heart attack, then his older brother, Carter, to suicide when they were both in their 20s. His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, died in 2019 at the age of 95....

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty
Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'?
Don't Feel Guilty

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty

In the 'NYT,' Jessica Grose advocates for 'reasonable boundaries' for workers

(Newser) - Feel a twinge of guilt on the days you leave work right on time? Don't, says Jessica Grose, who takes a deep dive for the New York Times into what it means to be a "good" employee. Grose wants a more "positive spin" on two fairly new...

Shocking Find for 2 Seniors: 'My Whole Past Is Gone'

Canadian men discover they were switched at birth, now wish they'd never found out

(Newser) - Two Canadian seniors were born 67 years ago in the same small rural hospital in Arborg, Manitoba, and those babies left the maternity ward with different families, their paths seemingly destined to never cross again. Now, Richard Beauvais, a commercial fisherman in British Columbia, and Eddy Ambrose, a retired upholsterer...

Behind Effort to Smear Cuomo Accusers: His Sister
Behind Effort
to Smear Cuomo
His Sister

Behind Effort to Smear Cuomo Accusers: His Sister

'New York Times' describes Madeline Cuomo as 'secret hand' behind the effort

(Newser) - When then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was hit with allegations of sexual impropriety , brother Chris lost his anchor job at CNN because of his efforts to help Andrew survive the controversy. Now the New York Times is out with a lengthy account detailing how another sibling worked on behalf of...

Greta Gerwig's '113-Minute Love Letter to Barbie'

Greta Gerwig's
Love Letter
to Barbie'

Greta Gerwig's '113-Minute Love Letter to Barbie'

Willa Paskin takes a deep dive into the director's complicated tribute to the iconic Mattel doll

(Newser) - Greta Gerwig has wondered more than once why Mattel, Warner Bros., and the producers of her upcoming Barbie movie gave her free rein to put her unusual live-action spin on the iconic doll. In her piece on the 39-year-old director for the New York Times , Willa Paskin notes that "...

New York Times Scraps Its Sports Department

Instead, the newspaper will rely on the Athletic for its daily coverage

(Newser) - The New York Times is disbanding its sports department and will rely on coverage from the Athletic, a website it acquired last year for $550 million. The decision affects more than 35 people in the sports department, according to the Times . Journalists on the sports desk will move to other...

Don't Let Turner Classic Movies Slip Away
Don't Let Turner
Classic Movies Slip Away

Don't Let Turner Classic Movies Slip Away

Maureen Dowd puts in her plea to save the cable network and its films, a 'great expander of horizons'

(Newser) - The Turner Classic Movies channel is currently in "turmoil" and what will happen next remains unclear after a house cleaning under David Zaslav, the CEO of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery. Writing for the New York Times , Maureen Dowd makes a plea to "save Turner Classic Movies,"...

Want to Stop Wildfires? Dump Smokey Bear
We Need to Stop 'Fire
Foolishness' in America

We Need to Stop 'Fire Foolishness' in America

Ex-fire chief pens 'NYT' essay on getting more aggressive on fires caused by human carelessness

(Newser) - Canadian wildfires are wreaking havoc not only in Canada, but in cities across the northeastern United States , leading to hazardous levels of air pollution that the eastern part of the US isn't accustomed to seeing. There may be an opportunity at hand in this unusual event, however, at least...

'She Was the Female Bob Dylan'
'She Was the Female
Bob Dylan,' Then Vanished

'She Was the Female Bob Dylan,' Then Vanished

Connie Converse was a folk pioneer before she disappeared, as the 'New York Times' explains

(Newser) - If she had recorded her songs just a few years later, Connie Converse might very likely be a household name to this day, writes Howard Fishman in the New York Times . Instead, she's an enigmatic footnote in modern music history, though interest appears to be growing in her legacy....

Santos' Alleged Scheme 'As Dumb as It Gets'
Santos' Alleged Scheme
'As Dumb as It Gets'

Santos' Alleged Scheme 'As Dumb as It Gets'

He could've raised funds for personal use with existing loopholes but didn't: David Firestone

(Newser) - Irksome as they may be, there are existing loopholes allowing politicians to raise money for personal expenses, like fancy clothes. But George Santos didn't take advantage of them. Instead, he allegedly chose a route "so flagrant, so spectacularly dumb in both conception and execution" that federal law enforcement,...

Trump's NYT Lawsuit Tossed; He's Ordered to Pay All Costs

Former president's claim against his niece, however, has not yet been ruled on

(Newser) - Former President Trump's lawsuit against the New York Times was dismissed by a judge Wednesday, the Daily Beast reports. Trump sued the newspaper, three of its reporters, and his niece, Mary Trump, in 2021, alleging that his estranged niece violated a settlement agreement and turned over confidential documents to...

2 Views on the Case Against Trump
2 Views on the
Case Against Trump

2 Views on the Case Against Trump

For some, it's 'weaker' than expected. For others, it's 'more significant'

(Newser) - We finally have a look at the New York case against former President Trump and "there are few surprises, except perhaps astonishment that Mr. Bragg's case looks even weaker than we expected," writes the Wall Street Journal editorial board, which is left asking, "Where is the...

Wordle Is About a Third as Popular as It Once Was

But NYT is still 'pleased'

(Newser) - There's no arguing Wordle was a massive phenomenon when its creator, Josh Wardle, sold it to the New York Times for somewhere in the low seven figures last year. As a society, however, we no longer seem to be quite as obsessed with it as we were back when...

Twitter Strips a Prominent First of Its Blue Checkmark

Tweets Musk after 'NYT' refuses to pay for Twitter Blue: 'Oh ok, we’ll take it off then.'

(Newser) - Twitter said it was going to start removing the blue "verified" checkmarks on accounts that aren't paying for Twitter Blue—and on Sunday, it did so, at least for one account. The New York Times' Twitter account has been stripped of the blue badge that used to denote...

Did You Hate-Watch Girls? You Might Empathize Now

Taking a closer look at what's spurring people to revisit this show, and other old favorites

(Newser) - The Last of Us has dominated the TV discourse over the past couple of months, but there's another show that has also been creeping up in chats: Girls, Lena Dunham's HBO "dramedy" that saw its final season end about six years ago. An HBO spokesperson tells...

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