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Gulf Seafood Tested, Results 'Immaculate'

But industry still battered by low demand

(Newser) - In a rare spot of good news, an analysis of seafood from the Gulf of Mexico came black clean of oil or chemical dispersants—in one word, "immaculate." The Daily Beast commissioned a lab to test shrimp, lump crabmeat, and red grouper and found that all three, like...

Only 10% of Gulf Oil Cleaned Up
 Only 10% of Gulf Oil Cleaned Up 

Only 10% of Gulf Oil Cleaned Up

Scientist scolds administration for rosy estimates

(Newser) - Only 10% of the oil that spewed from the Deepwater Horizon well has been "actually removed from the ocean," a leading oceanographer will tell Congress today. Ian MacDonald's testimony throws cold water on a cheerful federal report earlier this month that declared 75% of the oil had either...

Gulf Still Choked With 79% of Oil: New Studies

Optimistic fed report missed plumes on sea floor

(Newser) - A recent federal report that only 26% of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill remains in the Gulf was far too optimistic, two new reports claim. University of Georgia researchers who've been assessing the Gulf said yesterday that in fact up to 79% of the oil and its toxic...

Rep: BP Doused Gulf With Dispersants
 Rep: BP Doused Gulf 
 With Dispersants 

Rep: BP Doused Gulf With Dispersants

And the Coast Guard gave them the go-ahead

(Newser) - Despite an EPA directive to use oil dispersants sparingly, BP routinely pumped thousands of gallons a day into the Gulf of Mexico—with the Coast Guard's blessing, reports the New York Times. Though little is known about the dispersants' long-term environmental effects, the Coast Guard approved 64 of 74 waivers...

Oil Dispersant Enters Gulf Food Chain

Corexit 'acting as delivery system for oil'

(Newser) - A chemical dispersant used in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be making its way into the food chain along with droplets of oil it has broken down, scientists say. Marine biologists have found signs of an oil-dispersant mix under the shells of blue crab larvae, which are food for...

EPA to BP: Switch to Less Toxic Dispersant—Now

Company given 72 hours to make the switch

(Newser) - In a move that suggests the dispersants being dumped on the Gulf oil spill may not be so Earth-friendly, the EPA last night gave BP 24 hours to select a less toxic chemical and 72 hours to make the switch. The company, which has used 600,000 gallons on the...

Oil Slick Blasted With Record Dose of Cleanup Chemical

Oil dispersant helps break up slick

(Newser) - The massive oil slick bobbing in the Gulf of Mexico still hasn't reached shore, thanks in part to the unprecedented doses of an oil-dispersing chemical that are being dropped on it. The spill is being blasted with as much as 60,000 gallons of the dispersant each day, by way...

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