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Out: Pol Who Said Women on Welfare Should Be Sterilized

Former Ariz. Sen. Russell Pearce resigns after controversial radio statements

(Newser) - The man described as "the John Wayne of the airwaves" on radio station KKNT will have a more limited platform for his tough talk about women on public assistance and their right to give birth. Russell Pearce, a former Arizona senator who has been outspoken on the subject of...

Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote
Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote
2011 Elections

Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Vote

Election centered on the immigration law he championed

(Newser) - An underfunded upstart challenger appears to have knocked out Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, in a historic recall election seen mainly as a referendum on the harsh immigration law Pearce championed. While the results aren’t yet official, with all districts reporting, challenger Jerry Lewis was up 52.4% to...

Ariz. Bills Would Bar Illegals From Driving, Marriage

Committee also peels back 'birthright' citizenship

(Newser) - An Arizona Senate committee passed a new immigration bill yesterday that would prevent illegal immigrants from driving or buying a car, getting married, or sending their children to school. They also passed a bill ending “birthright citizenship,” in defiance of the 14th Amendment. Under that bill, Arizona will...

Why Arizona Is 'Crazy Town' on Immigration

Senate President Russell Pearce now has big clout

(Newser) - Last year, Arizona made waves with its law requiring immigrants to carry documentation with them everywhere; now, a raft of new immigration measures in the state’s legislature may be even more controversial. What is it about Arizona that drives such “extreme legislation”? asks Eliza Gray in the...

Gutted Arizona Immigration Law Goes Into Effect

Ruling blocking key parts of bill actually a victory, its author says

(Newser) - Arizona's new immigration law goes into effect today, minus the key parts of it blocked by yesterday's federal ruling . Police won't be required to question suspects' immigration status and it's still not a crime to be found without immigration registration papers, but provisions making it a crime to pick up...

Arizona's Next Target: Kids Born in US to Illegals

GOP wants to deny citizenship to 'anchor babies'

(Newser) - Arizona Republicans intend to take their tough immigration legislation one step further, and have set their sights on what they call "anchor babies": the US-born children of illegal immigrants, viewed as the legal "anchors" holding their undocumented parents in the US. This fall, the Arizona GOP plans to...

Arizona Sheriff Won't Enforce 'Stupid' Immigration Law

'We're not stopping people for the Border Patrol'

(Newser) - The top cop in Arizona's Pima County has no intention of enforcing the state's new "stupid, racist and disgusting" immigration law. "We're going to keep doing what we've been doing all along," said Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. "We're not going to stop and detain these people for...

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