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Raquel Welch Is Dead at 82
Raquel Welch
Had Alzheimer's

Raquel Welch Had Alzheimer's

International sex symbol of the '60s, '70s died in February after cardiac arrest

(Newser) - The death certificate for Raquel Welch has revealed that the 82-year-old died in February after suffering a cardiac arrest, reports TMZ . It also revealed a surprise—that the actor had Alzheimer's disease, which is listed as one of the underlying causes of her death. Neither Welch nor her family...

Jennifer Aniston Named Hottest Woman of All Time by Men's Health
Sexiest Woman of All Time Is ...

Sexiest Woman of All Time Is ...

Jennifer Aniston, then Raquel Welch, says Men's Health

(Newser) - Men's Health has managed to rank the "100 hottest women of all time," with Jennifer Aniston leading the pack. Here's the top 5:
  1. Aniston: She is and always has been "funny, sexy, and unmistakably real." (Aniston herself picks Gloria Steinem as No. 1

The Pill Is Killing Marriage: Raquel Welch

Birth control is the reason people can't 'keep it in their pants'

(Newser) - Raquel Welch knows exactly why "nobody seems able to keep it in their pants" these days: birth control pills. In an article for CNN , the actress acknowledges the upsides to the Pill but blames it for eroding the institution of marriage—and fueling anarchy. "I'm ashamed to admit...

Where Are the '60s Sex Kittens Now?

(Newser) - The Chicago Tribune revisits hotties from the '60s, with then-and-now pictures of Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, Ann-Margret, Liz Taylor, and Eartha Kitt. Guess who's (still?) the hottest now. Hint: She's 70 and on a book tour. Check out the evidence here .

4 Stories
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