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Redskins Recruit GOP Spin Doc to Shop New Name

Frank Luntz asks focus group whether name is offensive

(Newser) - GOP strategist Frank Luntz—the guy who got the party to stop saying "estate tax" and "healthcare reform" and start using "death tax" and "government takeover of healthcare"—is tackling a different kind of linguistic problem at the moment. His strategy group is holding a...

Limbaugh 'Problematic,' Says GOP Consultant in Tape

Mother Jones gets another recording, this one of Frank Luntz

(Newser) - David Corn of Mother Jones is out with another anti-Republican secret recording, this one of prominent GOP consultant Frank Luntz dissing Rush Limbaugh and others on right-wing talk radio. In a talk at Penn, Luntz took a question on political polarization. After taking pains to try to make sure his...

Dick Morris: Best Seller List at Times Is Rigged

Conservative books shunted to 'Advice'

(Newser) - Is the New York Times intentionally sweeping conservative pundits' books under the rug? That's what Dick Morris and Bill O'Reilly alleged last night. “There’s a war going on” between the Times and Fox News, and the Times has "stepped it up," O’Reilly declared last night,...

Obama: 'At Some Point, You've Made Enough Money'
Obama: 'At Some Point, You've Made Enough Money'
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Obama: 'At Some Point, You've Made Enough Money'

Fox: President's 'outed himself' as a socialist

(Newser) - The right thinks it's found a new killer soundbite to drive home how socialist Barack Obama is. Stumping for financial reform in Quincy, Illinois, Obama said, “We're not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. I do think at a certain point you've made...

Democrats Defy Wall Street, GOP on Bank Reform

Banks trying mightily to kill restrictions on derivatives

(Newser) - Democrats defied Wall Street lobbyists’ push to kill new reforms on derivative trading yesterday, and got an earful from Republicans for their troubles. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley have been leaning heavily on Blanche Lincoln’s Agriculture Committee to scrap a plan to force derivatives—which, incidentally, played a...

5 Stories
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