Tax Day Rally

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Trump: 'Who Paid for' Tax Day Protests?

'The election is over,' president tweets

(Newser) - President Trump says "someone should look into who paid" for the rallies around the country Saturday that urged him to release his tax returns, reports the AP . "Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over," he tweeted Sunday. Furthermore...

Bachmann Tax Day Rally Flops

Tea Party favorite says she 'can't wait to go up against President Obama'

(Newser) - South Carolina didn't exactly roll out the red carpet for devout Tea Partier and possible GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Monday. Only around 300 people—including political operatives and members of the media—turned up at a Tax Day rally in Columbia, about a tenth of the number...

Tea Party Is a Farce
 Tea Party Is a Farce 
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Tea Party Is a Farce

Populists? These are rich white people, they write

(Newser) - Two columnists catching up with the Tax Day rallies skewer the Tea Party movement as a farce, for different reasons:
  • Dana Milbank, Washington Post : It's filled with "faux populists." They "march under slogans such as 'can you hear us now?' and 'we the people,' but their

Fox Yanks Hannity From Tea Party Rally

Murdoch backs off movement support

(Newser) - After promoting the Tea Party for months, Fox News yesterday yanked Sean Hannity from a major tax day rally and fundraiser sponsored by the maverick movement. The action comes a week after big cheese Rupert Murdoch ordered that Fox should not be supporting the Tea Party. Hannity was called back...

Obama: Tea Party Amuses Me
 Obama: Tea Party Amuses Me 

Obama: Tea Party Amuses Me

He touts tax cuts, says protesters should thank him

(Newser) - The only effect yesterday's tax day protests appear to have had on the president is to make him chuckle. President Obama told a Democratic fundraiser in Miami that the Tea Party anti-tax rallies "amused' him in light of his administration's numerous tax cuts, ABC News reports. "You would...

Birther Queen Booted From Tea Party Rally

Candidates refuse to appear with 'crazy' Orly Taitz

(Newser) - The "mother" of the birther movement challenging President Obama's citizenship has been disinvited from a major California Tea Party event. An invitation to Orly Taitz to attend a Tax Day rally tomorrow was rescinded after complaints from Republican candidates planning to appear. The action signaled a significant Tea Party—...

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