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'Times Have Changed': Homer Stops Strangling Bart

'Simpsons' acknowledges the shift in new episode

(Newser) - Scenes that show Homer Simpson strangling his son Bart, often preceded by a frustrated "Why, you little...," are such a staple of the long-running animated sitcom that compilation videos exist showing all the times it's happened. Going forward, however, it appears the Springfield patriarch "has had...

Psst, Simpsons Fans, It's Worth Watching Again
The Simpsons
Are Worth
Watching Again

Surprise, The Simpsons Are Worth Watching Again

Jesse David Fox writes in Vulture about a resurgence over the last two seasons

(Newser) - The Simpsons have now churned out 750 episodes in 34 seasons, and Jesse David Fox is out with a tribute in Vulture . The surprise is that it's not an homage to the early "classic" years or a lament about how the show became (gasp!) irrelevant after those...

Disney Pulls Simpsons Episode Criticizing China

Episode mentioning 'forced labor camps' not available in Hong Kong

(Newser) - Amid ongoing tensions between the US and China, an episode of The Simpsons that mentions forced labor camps has been removed from Disney's streaming service in Hong Kong. The episode, "One Angry Lisa," which premiered in October, includes a scene in which the Great Wall of China...

The Simpsons Recognizes Union for Production Staff

Employees want benefits provided actors, writers

(Newser) - Producers of three top animated TV shows have agreed to recognize production workers' membership in the Animation Guild, finally putting those employees on a par with actors, writers, and animators. "The production workers won with 90% support," the union said, from the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad! and...

China, or Disney, Did a Number on Homer
China, or
Did a Number
on Homer

in case you missed it

China, or Disney, Did a Number on Homer

'Simpsons' is now streaming in Hong Kong, but one episode is missing

(Newser) - When Disney+ debuted in Hong Kong earlier this month, viewers were able to stream 32 seasons of the Simpsons. Or nearly all 32 seasons. As it turns out, one particular episode is missing, and it just happens to ridicule China. Coverage:
  • The show: The missing episode, which originally aired in

Simpsons Fans, This Is the Job for You

Casino company will pay someone almost $7K to binge-watch the series

(Newser) - The Simpsons correctly predicted the election of President Donald Trump back in 2000 . You might say it was luck—except that the show has predicted other real-life events, including Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox holdings and Richard Branson's trip into space . That's to say nothing of...

Kristen Bell Will Be Marge's Voice in All-Musical Simpsons

First all-singing episode will kick off 33rd season

(Newser) - The Simpsons has featured dozens of original songs in its long history—including " The Monorail Song " and " See My Vest" —but it has never had an all-musical episode until now. The show's creators announced at a Comic-Con panel Saturday that they plan to kick off...

A Simpsons Legend Gives His First Interview

Former show writer John Swartzwelder talks to the New Yorker

(Newser) - If you like the Simpsons, the name John Swartzwelder might ring a bell from the credits in the show's first years. Swartzwelder wrote 59 episodes, more than anyone in show history, notes Mike Sacks for a Q&A with Swartzwelder in the New Yorker . He's responsible for classic...

Morrissey Manager Slams 'Hateful' Simpsons Parody

'Quilloughby' depicted as a racist meat-eater

(Newser) - The manager for Morrissey, former lead singer of the Smiths, isn't happy about a Simpsons episode featuring Quilloughby, the former lead singer of the Snuffs who initially appears as Lisa Simpson's imaginary friend. When Lisa goes to see the real Quilloughby, the very Morrissey-like British singer (who is...

Simpsons' Apu Actor Had His Own Reckoning

Hank Azaria apologizes for participating in 'structural racism'

(Newser) - More than a year after Hank Azaria, a white actor, announced he would stop voicing the Indian-American character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on The Simpsons, he's apologizing in full. "I apologize for my part in creating that and participating in that. Part of me feels like I need to go...'s New Words Offer Nod to The Simpsons

Totally cromulent

(Newser) - appears to have further ruined a 25-year-old joke from The Simpsons with its new batch of words for 2021. A 1996 episode poked fun at fictional Springfield's use of the nonexistent words "cromulent" and "embiggen"—two of 450 new words added to the online...

The Simpsons' Move to Diversify Makes Change for Harry Shearer

In show's push to diversify its voice cast, actor will no longer voice Black doctor Julius Hibbert

(Newser) - First Hank Azaria stepped back from voicing Indian and Black characters on The Simpsons. Now, Harry Shearer, 77, will do the same for another character on the animated Fox show: Dr. Julius Hibbert, a Black doctor who's been voiced by Shearer, a white actor, for more than 30 years....

This 1993 Simpsons Episode Was a Game Changer
How a Classic
Came to Be

How a Classic Simpsons Episode Came to Be

Monorail show had two coups by a young Conan O'Brien

(Newser) - It's one of the classics in the long history of The Simpsons: the monorail episode. More precisely, it's "Marge vs. the Monorail," the 12th episode of season 4. "With its grand scale, silly asides, and abundance of absurdist humor, [the episode] represented a stark departure...

'Ordinary Suburban Housewife' Has an Answer for Trump Adviser

Jenna Ellis had said Kamala Harris sounds like the Simpsons star

(Newser) - Among the slurs and insults lodged at Sen. Kamala Harris since Joe Biden chose her as his running mate was one about her voice. At least, Lisa Simpson took it as an insult. Jenna Ellis, an adviser and lawyer to President Trump, said Wednesday that Harris sounds like Marge Simpson,...

The Simpsons Makes a Big Announcement

Looks like characters of color will be played by new actors

(Newser) - Producers of The Simpsons relented Friday and said they will no longer let white actors play non-white characters, the BBC reports. The move follows years of criticism over white actor Hank Azaria playing the voice of Indian-American character Apu, a role Azaria dropped in January, saying he found it "...

Simpsons Wish 2020 Grads Well
Has Words
for 2020

Homer Has Words for 2020 Grads

'Simpsons' say congrats as only they can

(Newser) - The Simpsons have joined the ranks of celebrities bestowing virtual congratulations on the Class of 2020, notes Time . Watch it yourself here . On a Zoom call from their Springfield home, Marge looks a wee bit frazzled in the kitchen, a silent Bart moons grads, and Homer is defeated by a...

Big News About the Simpsons ' Apu
Big News 
About the

Big News About the Simpsons' Apu

Hank Azaria says he's done voicing the character

(Newser) - Controversy has long been swirling around Apu, the Simpsons' Indian character, being voiced by white actor Hank Azaria. Now, Azaria tells Slashfilm he won't be voicing the character anymore. "We all made the decision together. We all agreed on it. We all feel like it’s the right...

Disney Launches Netflix Competitor
Disney Launches
Netflix Competitor

Disney Launches Netflix Competitor

Disney Plus includes Marvel, Star Wars , Simpsons

(Newser) - Disney will sprinkle its pixie dust on the streaming arena Tuesday, as its Disney Plus service debuts with an arsenal of marquee franchises including Marvel and Star Wars, original series with a built-in fan base and a cheap price to boot. The $7-a-month commercial-free service is poised to set the...

Simpsons Composer Sues, Says He Was Fired Over Age

Alf Clausen, 78, is suing Fox

(Newser) - Alf Clausen was fired from his role as composer for The Simpsons in 2017 after 27 years on the job , and he says he was told the show was "taking the music in a different direction." But the real reason, the 78-year-old says in a lawsuit against Fox,...

After 1 Simpsons Episode, Angry Viewers in 2 Countries

Show skewers upstate New York, and then Canada

(Newser) - The Simpsons are not big favorites in Canada at the moment, judging from the online reaction to the cartoon family's visit in their most recent episode. For that matter, the show probably hasn't won the hearts of many in upstate New York either, thanks to the same episode....

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