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Want to Live Where the Cool Kids Are? Try Here

'Time Out' does a global neighborhood ranking

(Newser) - In every city, locals know where the hot spots are: the best eateries, the hippest watering holes, the most happening cultural events. Time Out has posted its sixth annual roundup of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, based on input from more than 12,000 city dwellers and input from...

In One Hip 'Hood, 'Serious Wes Anderson Vibes'

'Forbes' has a list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world

(Newser) - Where do all the cool kids hang out? Forbes thinks it's got that figured out with its list of some of the hippest, most happening neighborhoods around the globe, culled from travel experts. These are districts that aren't necessarily crammed with the most famous landmarks or where you'...

Odds of Getting CPR Lower in Poor Areas
 Odds of Getting 
 CPR Lower in 
 Poor Areas 
study says

Odds of Getting CPR Lower in Poor Areas

Blacks and Latinos less likely to get help anywhere: study

(Newser) - Sudden cardiac arrest is America's top killer—but in the few minutes after it occurs, CPR can save a life. But cardiac arrest victims in lower-income, largely black neighborhoods are just half as likely to receive CPR as those in wealthier, white neighborhoods, a study finds. Those who suffer...

US Lacks Good Local Pubs
 US Lacks Good Local Pubs  

US Lacks Good Local Pubs

If they exist, they're usually crowded and noisy

(Newser) - A trip to London has Ryan Avent lamenting the lack of good neighborhood pubs in the US. "That’s largely because it’s very difficult to open new bars," the Economist editor writes at his blog . "And the result is a pernicious feedback loop." Two few...

50 Best Places to Live in New York
 50 Best Places 
 to Live in New York 
Nate Silver

50 Best Places to Live in New York

Number cruncher devises elaborate system to rate neighborhoods on satisfaction

(Newser) - If you live in New York, the fact that Nate Silver has concluded that Park Slope is the most "satisfying" neighborhood in the city is hot stuff—especially if you own real estate in Park Slope. But if you don't, what's pretty hot is the methodology the numbers genius...

Beyoncé Will Sing for Obamas' Inaugural Dance

Sing will also join many other performers for inauguration's Neighborhood Ball

(Newser) - Beyoncé will sing for the Obamas' first dance on inauguration night, the AP reports. The inaugural committee is tight-lipped about the specifics—"It is our hope that we can keep the song secret until the moment,” a rep said—but it's a good bet the singer/actress will be...

McMansion Era May Be Over

 McMansion Era 
 May Be Over 

McMansion Era May Be Over

Strapped Americans now prefer cozier homes

(Newser) - As strapped Americans develop a conscience and, er, sense of taste about living, the practice of razing existing homes to make way for super-size replacements is slowing, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Languid McMansion sales have brought quiet back to historic neighborhoods, drowned out for years by bulldozers and upset...

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