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Vaccine Offers Hope for Bread-Loving Celiac Sufferers

Nexvax2 begins 2nd phase of testing in Australia

(Newser) - A vaccine in the works could vanquish the fear of bread among the 2 to 3 million Americans suffering from celiac disease. Entering its second phase of testing, immunotherapy Nexvax2 from ImmusanT Inc. promises to help build resistance to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and hair and...

Don't Fear the Chemtrail, and More Unfounded Worries

Ross Pomeroy takes a look

(Newser) - If you're part of the 99.3% of the population that does not have Celiac disease, and yet the idea of ingesting gluten still makes you quake, you might not like Ross Pomeroy's list. A zoologist and conservation biologist by training, he's now the chief editor of...

Coming Soon: Wheat Bread Those With Celiac Can Eat

It's not gluten-free, but scientists are working to eliminate the troublesome form of gluten

(Newser) - Those with celiac disease may soon be able to eat wheat bread. Wheat and related cereals contain proteins called gluten that hold breads and cakes together, and certain forms of gluten cause an immune reaction in some people, leaving them unable to eat wheat, barley, and rye, per IFL Science...

Catholics, Your Communion Wafers Must Have Gluten

So rules the Vatican

(Newser) - Catholics on a gluten-free diet may want to skip the line when receiving Holy Communion during Mass celebration. The Vatican has decreed that the small wafers, or hosts, used in the ceremony must contain gluten, reports the BBC . The directive went out to bishops worldwide in a letter posted by...

Gluten-Free Diet May Carry a Health Risk
Researchers See Drawback
to Gluten-Free Diet
new study

Researchers See Drawback to Gluten-Free Diet

They suggest a link to type 2 diabetes

(Newser) - Unless you suffer from Celiac disease, you might want to forego the gluten-free products—a new study suggests they may bring a greater risk of type 2 diabetes. Harvard researchers presented their findings at an American Heart Association forum, reports UPI . After studying data from a long-term observational study of...

Researchers Call Out Nutrition Fads as Shams
Researchers Call Out
Nutrition Fads as Shams
new study

Researchers Call Out Nutrition Fads as Shams

Researchers 'debunk nutrition myths'

(Newser) - Love a good juice detox? Getting into gluten-free baking? Taking antioxidant dietary supplements with your meals? Not so fast, says a large team of researchers who investigated peer-reviewed studies on a variety of recent nutrition fads. In fact, the American College of Cardiology reports that many of these diet trends...

Your Gluten Problem Might Really Be a Carb Problem

The bad guy could be FODMAPs

(Newser) - Americans and their sensitive bellies bought $10.5 billion worth of gluten-free food products in 2013, but a new study indicates that, with the exception of people with celiac disease, the real gastrointestinal culprit may be something else entirely. Instead of gluten—a protein found in cereal grains like wheat...

Eat These 7 'Unhealthy' Foods
 Eat These 7 
 'Unhealthy' Foods 

Eat These 7 'Unhealthy' Foods

They can actually be good for you: Katherine Tallmadge

(Newser) - If you religiously stay away from eggs (cholesterol!), wheat (gluten!), potatoes (carbs!), and the like, dietitian and author Katherine Tallmadge has good news for you. On LiveScience , she outlines seven foods typically seen as "bad" that, in her opinion, you should actually be eating:
  • Eggs: Consider

Study Discovers Real Cause of Gluten Sensitivity

Hint: It's not the gluten, findings suggest

(Newser) - If you're one of the millions cutting gluten out of your diet on the theory that it causes bloating, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal unpleasantness—even though you don't have the relatively rare celiac disease —you might be interested in a new study indicating that the gluten isn'...

Gluten-Free Diet Won't Help You Lose Weight

Believe it or not, g-free foods aren't also calorie-free

(Newser) - Thinking of going gluten-free to lose weight (just like Gwyneth Paltrow told you )? Think again. Gluten-free foods help the rising numbers of people with celiac disease , wheat allergies, or gluten sensitivities, but those who are just looking to slim down are misguided. “Many packaged gluten-free products are even...

Hottest Celeb Diet: Gluten-Free

Some are allergic; others just want to lose weight

(Newser) - Everyone in Hollywood seems to be allergic to gluten—or at least off it—these days. Celebrity practitioners like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Gwyneth Paltrow have helped propel the gluten-free lifestyle into the spotlight, with more of us mere mortals following suit in an effort to get thin. It's no wonder...

Celiac Disease Diagnoses Skyrocket
Celiac Disease Diagnoses Skyrocket

Celiac Disease Diagnoses Skyrocket

Many with gluten intolerance may not know of condition

(Newser) - The number of Americans diagnosed with celiac disease has quadrupled since the 1950s, and the condition "is emerging as a substantial public health concern," Mayo Clinic researchers warn. People who had the gluten-intolerance disease and didn’t know it were four times more likely to have died during...

Doctors Wary of Anti-Gluten Crusade

Wheat-free diet mostly hype, except for those with celiac disease

(Newser) - Gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, is shaping up to be America’s latest diet villain. For about 3 million Americans diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called celiac disease, avoiding gluten is essential. But that alone doesn’t account for the $2 billion a year Americans...

Whole Foods' Labels Tell Half the Story
 Whole Foods' Labels 
 Tell Half the Story 

Whole Foods' Labels Tell Half the Story

Food chain's labels don't provide enough information about allergens

(Newser) - Eat, drink, and be wary, chocolate lovers: Whole Foods may not be telling you the whole story about its premium chocolate bars, reports the Chicago Tribune. In an investigation into product labels that promised “good manufacturing practices.” the Trib found that the supermarket chain’s chocolate bars contained...

Vegan Diet May Help Arthritis
 Vegan Diet May Help Arthritis 

Vegan Diet May Help Arthritis

Small Swedish study offers hope for patients

(Newser) - Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis may be able to ease their painful symptoms and cut down on their risk of heart attacks by switching to a vegan, gluten-free diet. The new findings from a Swedish study offer hope for patients of the disease, which has no cure but can be...

Gluten-Free Diets Gain Converts
Gluten-Free Diets Gain Converts

Gluten-Free Diets Gain Converts

Celiac disease, autism forced some to change; others just feel better without it

(Newser) - The tide is turning against gluten as more people ditch the protein—found in bread and just about anything made with wheat, barley, or rye—from their diets, the Chicago Tribune reports. Adherents—and not just those suffering from celiac disease, who cannot tolerate the stuff—blame gluten for a...

Gluten-Free Sticks for Many Dieters

Mild-mannered wheat protein is the latest dietary scourge

(Newser) - Gluten-free diets, once the purview of those with life-threatening conditions like celiac disease, have hit the mainstream. Docs now estimate that gluten allergies strike one in 100 North Americans, and even those who aren't allergic are turning onto gluten-free, blaming the protein for ailments from infertility to anxiety.

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