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Kate Gosselin Upset With Girls After Awful Interview

Mady, Cara clam up on 'Today'

(Newser) - A Today show interview featuring Kate Gosselin and her two oldest kids got awkward very quickly yesterday when Cara and Mady, now 13, immediately clammed up. Mady answered the very first question with "Ummmm..." and a long silence, leading an apparently irritated Kate to interject, "Mady. Your...

Jon Gosselin Talks New Gig ... as Waiter

That's right, we said 'waiter'

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin had to pay the bills somehow after his marriage, and thus his reality show career, imploded ... so he's currently waiting tables at a Pennsylvania restaurant. "At first I was nervous because I was like, 'How are people going to react?'" Gosselin tells ETOnline . "...

Kate Gosselin Sues Jon: He Hacked Me

Alleges her ex stole a hard drive, too, all for 'defamatory' book

(Newser) - No, you're not having a nightmare: Kate Gosselin really is back in the news, and in quite a dramatic way. The former star of reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is suing ex-hubby Jon Gosselin for a laundry list of alleged misdeeds including identity theft, wiretapping, and invasion...

Take a Cruise With ... Kate Gosselin

(Newser) - If Jon & Kate Plus 8 left you queasy, imagine spending an entire cruise with Kate Gosselin. That dream vacation will be possible this August when Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas launches "Set Sail with Kate," a pleasure cruise with Kate as host costing between $1,...

Kate Gosselin's New Gig: Part-Time Coupon Blogger
 Kate Manages to Land New Job 

Kate Manages to Land New Job

Gosselin goes from reality TV to the Internet

(Newser) - What a relief: Kate Gosselin and her eight children will not go hungry, because the former reality TV star has found a new job as … a part-time blogger for a coupon website, the Los Angeles Times reports. Gosselin is “a longtime advocate of couponing,” according to the...

Jon Borrowed $88K From Galpal... to Pay Kate

 Jon Borrowed $88K 
 From Galpal... 
 to Pay Kate 
just plain sad

Jon Borrowed $88K From Galpal... to Pay Kate

Um, he should probably get a job or two

(Newser) - Yes, Jon Gosselin is back in the news—and, not surprisingly, it’s for a quite pathetic reason. Remember when he took all that money out of his joint bank account with ex-wife Kate? Well, turns out when the judge ordered him to pay it all back, a totally broke...

Jon and Kate May Return to TV—Together
 Jon and Kate May 
 Return to TV—Together 
be very afraid

Jon and Kate May Return to TV—Together

Gosselin saga takes weird, speculative turn

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin wouldn't say no to returning to TV with ex-wife Kate and their eight kids "under the right circumstances," his lawyer tells TMZ . Jon & Kate Plus 8 2.0 may be a tough sell, however, given that he and TLC have sued each other , and he's...

Kate Sucks at Dance 'Because of Kids'
 Kate Sucks at  Dance 
 'Because of Kids' 

Kate Sucks at Dance 'Because of Kids'

'I can't dance for 6 hours a day,' she explains

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin has admitted she's not the best hoofer on Dancing With the Stars, but it's just because she doesn't have enough time to rehearse or enough focus due to family commitments. "It's very difficult," she tells E! Online . "I can't put my life aside and dance...

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