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NYT Denies 'Gutting' Weinstein Story in 2004
Late-Night Hosts Weigh In
on Weinstein Scandal

Late-Night Hosts Weigh In on Weinstein Scandal

'NYT' denies 'gutting' Weinstein story in 2004

(Newser) - Harvey Weinstein may have no future in Hollywood—but his sexual misconduct scandal is causing a lot of people to delve into the past. Amid questions over whether the producer's predatory behavior could have been halted a lot sooner, New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet has denied Sharon...

Wolff to Waxman: 'Sue Us, Anytime'

Unrepentant founder insists Newser sources properly

(Newser) - Newser founder Michael Wolff and Sharon Waxman of The Wrap took their feud from cyberspace to the airwaves today, facing off on CNN's Reliable Sources over Newser's sourcing practices. She slammed Newser for "scant linkage" and said, "Just give us proper credit." "Bull," retorted Wolff....

The Wrap to Newser: Stop Summarizing Our Stuff

Lawyer's letter complains that source links are not 'prominent' enough

(Newser) - The Wrap ratcheted up its feud with Newser yesterday, firing off a "cease and desist" letter demanding that we stop using the Wrap as a source for Newser stories. In her blog , Sharon Waxman quotes from the letter, which charges Newser with "intentionally misleading consumers/users at the expense...

Sorry, Sharon: Newser Proves Shorter Can Be Better
Sorry, Sharon: Newser Proves Shorter Can Be Better
Jack Shafer

Sorry, Sharon: Newser Proves Shorter Can Be Better

It may be painful to long-form writers, but Newser is 'a smart idea'

(Newser) - Jack Shafer doesn't like Michael Wolff—he really, really doesn't like him—but he has to admit that in the battle of Wolff (for Newser) vs Sharon Waxman (for the Wrap), he's on Wolff's side. That's because Newser has something to teach Waxman and other news purists, he writes on...

The Wrap Attacks Newser
 The Wrap 
 Attacks Newser 

The Wrap Attacks Newser

Sharon Waxman thinks we're 'way over the line'

(Newser) - Sharon Waxman, editor in chief of the Wrap, has written a full-throated diatribe against Newser, which she complains is summarizing stories from her site without offering sufficient credit—despite the link that appears next to every story under the red SOURCE button—or traffic back to her. She considers our...

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