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Nick Carter: Accuser, Her Dad Are Coaching 2nd Accuser

Backstreet Boy countersues woman who alleges he raped her

(Newser) - Nick Carter is countersuing the woman who alleges he raped her when she was a teenage Backstreet Boys fan in 2001. Carter's countersuit claims that in a five-year-long scheme to "harass, defame, and extort" Carter, a previous Carter accuser and her father manipulated the latest accuser, Shannon Ruth,...

Sheriff's 'Wheel of Fugitive' Earns Him a Lawsuit

David Gay says he wasn't a fugitive in Brevard County when featured on video

(Newser) - In hundreds of videos shared on social media, Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff Wayne Ivey spins the "Wheel of Fugitive" decorated with 10 names and faces. The wheel chooses the "fugitive of the week," whose case Ivey highlights. The goal is to have the fugitive turn themselves in...

Donald Trump Sues Bob Woodward
Trump Sues
Bob Woodward
for $50M

Trump Sues Bob Woodward for $50M

Former president is miffed that Watergate journo used their interviews for an audiobook

(Newser) - Looks like we've got "audiogate." Bob Woodward, the famed Washington Post journalist who broke open the Nixon Watergate scandal with colleague Carl Bernstein, is being sued by former President Trump, who accuses the veteran reporter of using interviews he recorded of Trump in an audiobook released in...

Lawsuit: Woman, 97, Froze to Death in View of Facility's Security Cameras

Her body wasn't found until more than 5 hours after she wandered outside, lawsuit says

(Newser) - The family of Mary Jo Staub paid $1,500 extra for heightened care for the 97-year-old at an assisted living facility in Colorado, a lawsuit states. But despite a warning to staff from one of her daughters that she was confused and hallucinating, she froze to death in full view...

Fireball Cinnamon Maker Sued Over 'Misleading' Bottles

Lawsuit says it's too easy to mistake mini-bottles for Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, another product

(Newser) - The maker of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and Fireball Cinnamon is being sued over what an Illinois woman alleges is deliberately misleading packaging on the mini-bottles often seen near store checkouts. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is 33% alcohol by volume and contains actual whiskey, while Fireball Cinnamon is a whiskey-flavored malt beverage...

Students Threaten to Sue After DeSantis Blocks AP Course

3 honors high schoolers want African-American studies class taught in Florida

(Newser) - Earlier this month, Ron DeSantis' administration blocked an Advanced Placement African-American studies class from being taught in high schools around Florida, claiming the course managed by the College Board is "historically inaccurate" and "contrary" to state law. Now, a group of honors students is threatening to sue the...

After Boy, 6, Shoots Teacher, Superintendent Shown the Door

School board votes to remove him effective Feb. 1

(Newser) - Shortly after news broke that the Virginia teacher shot by a 6-year-old student would sue the school district, it was reported that the superintendent of that district will be replaced. The Newport News School Board on Wednesday voted 5-1 to remove George Parker III as superintendent effective Feb. 1, NBC...

Suit: She Fell Off Disney Ride as Workers Laughed. She Later Died

Family of disabled woman says she broke leg on Disneyland's Jungle Cruise, eventually died of infection

(Newser) - A lawsuit claims Disneyland employees snickered at a disabled woman struggling to get off a Jungle Cruise boat before she fell and broke a leg, leading to her death from an infection five months later, per the AP . The lawsuit was filed in federal court in November by the family...

Judge Warns Trump About 'Frivolous' Lawsuit
Trump Changes
Mind on Complaint
Against NY AG

Trump Changes Mind on Complaint Against NY AG

$900K sanction from judge on 'frivolous' lawsuits the day before may have spurred the move

(Newser) - A complaint filed by Donald Trump against New York Attorney General Letitia James deemed "vexatious" late last year by a federal judge has been withdrawn by the former president's legal team. The Hill reports that the lawsuit was pulled back Friday after Trump and his attorneys were hit...

Judge Orders Trump to Pay Hillary Clinton $172K

Trump is 'the mastermind of strategic abuse of the judicial process,' judge says

(Newser) - A federal judge did not hold back in a ruling Thursday ordering former President Trump and one of his lawyers to pay almost $1 million to Hillary Clinton and dozens of others named in what the judge called a "completely frivolous" lawsuit that "should never have been filed....

Artist Who Had to Prove He Didn't Paint Picture Awarded $2.5M

Gallery claimed Peter Doig painted picture signed by former inmate Peter Doige

(Newser) - Artist Peter Doig has been awarded a $2.5 million judgment by a federal judge in connection with a bizarre case that required him to prove a painting wasn't his work. In 2016, Doig was sued by a Chicago gallery after he disavowed a painting signed "P. Doige...

Herschel Walker Campaign Aide: Trump Adviser Groped Me

Campaign staffer files lawsuit against Matt Schlapp

(Newser) - A staffer who worked for Herschel Walker’s Republican Senate campaign filed a lawsuit against prominent conservative activist Matt Schlapp on Tuesday, accusing Schlapp of groping him during a car ride in Georgia before last year’s midterm election, the AP reports. Schlapp denies the allegation, and his lawyer says...

Landlord: Twitter Owes $136K in Rent
Latest Suit Against
Twitter Seeks $400K

Latest Suit Against Twitter Seeks $400K

Canary Marketing said its invoices haven't been paid since the takeover

(Newser) - Add this to the tally of recent Twitter woes: another lawsuit over alleged nonpayment of services. This one was filed Friday by marketing firm Canary Marketing, which SF Gate reports "designs merchandise for major brands, including LaCroix, Gatorade, Slack, and KFC." It has counted Twitter among those clients...

Romeo and Juliet Stars Sue Over Infamous 1968 Nude Scene
Romeo and Juliet Stars Sue
Over Infamous Nude Scene
in case you missed it

Romeo and Juliet Stars Sue Over Infamous Nude Scene

Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting say they've suffered emotional distress

(Newser) - Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting are infamously seen partially nude in the 1968 movie version of Romeo and Juliet, filmed when the actors were just 15 and 16, respectively. More than half a century later, Hussey and Whiting are suing Paramount for sexual exploitation and distributing naked images of adolescent...

New Suit Says Cosby Drugged, Assaulted Woman in 1986
Cosby, NBC Face New Lawsuit

Cosby, NBC Face New Lawsuit

Woman's filing says she was drugged, sexually assaulted in 1986

(Newser) - A woman who alleges Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1986 sued the comedian-actor, NBCUniversal, and other companies Friday in New York, where five other women filed a similar lawsuit earlier this month. Stacey Pinkerton says she was a 21-year-old flight attendant and model that year when she...

Judge: Lawsuit Over 'Deceptive' Movie Trailer Can Proceed

Ana de Armas fans sued because her scenes were cut from 'Yesterday'

(Newser) - Movie trailers don't count as "non-commercial" speech entitled to protection under the First Amendment, a federal judge ruled this week in a lawsuit filed over Universal Pictures' trailer for Yesterday. Two Ana de Armas fans filed the suit in January, arguing that they rented the movie because the...

Rust Litigation Gets Ever Messier
Rust Litigation
Just Got Messier

Rust Litigation Just Got Messier

Assistant director David Halls countersues, alleging negligence by Alec Baldwin, others

(Newser) - The finger-pointing over the fatal firing of a live round on the set of Rust continues, with the film's assistant director claiming he should not be held liable for harm alleged and deserves compensation from other parties involved if he is. David Halls on Friday filed a countersuit to...

Teacher Says She Was Forced to Resign Over Pronoun Policy

In lawsuit, Ohio middle school teacher says she was told to 'put her beliefs aside'

(Newser) - A conservative advocacy group has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a middle school English teacher in Ohio who says she was forced to resign after refusing to use her students' preferred pronouns. According to the lawsuit, officials at the Canton-area Jackson Memorial Middle School told Vivian Geraghty "...

Arizona Governor Builds Wall of Shipping Containers on Border
US Sues Arizona Over
Makeshift Border Wall

US Sues Arizona Over Makeshift Border Wall

Justice Department demands removal of shipping containers, compensation for damages

(Newser) - The federal government is suing the state of Arizona over the governor's decision to erect a border wall made of shipping containers. The Justice Department complaint accuses Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and state officials of trespassing on federal lands and asks a court to order the removal of the...

Vatican Cardinal Files Defamation Suit Against Accuser

Marc Ouellet says in countersuit that woman's sex assault claims 'tarnished' his global reputation

(Newser) - A Vatican cardinal sued a Canadian woman for defamation in a Canadian court on Tuesday after she accused him of sexual assault while he was archbishop of Quebec. Cardinal Marc Ouellet, head of the Vatican's bishops office, is seeking $74,000 in compensatory damages for "injury to his...

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