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NCAA Sees a Conflict in Referee's Assignment

Tommi Paris is removed from alma mater's game at halftime

(Newser) - The NCAA changed one of the officials at the half of the Chattanooga-NC State game Saturday because of a background conflict. Tommi Paris was removed from the NCAA Tournament first-round game and replaced by Angelica Suffren, who had worked the first contest at the site. A statement issued after an...

Punch Cancels All Professional Soccer in Turkey

Faruk Koca, president of Super Lig club MKE Ankaragucu, arrested for assault on referee

(Newser) - The Turkish Football Federation has suspended play across its five professional leagues after the president of a top-tier soccer club punched a referee in the face. Chaos erupted Monday as MKE Ankaragucu drew Caykur Rizespor in a Super Lig match in Ankara, with Rizespor evening the score in the seventh...

A Picky Call Becomes the Talk of the NFL

Offside penalty negates an epic play, costs the Chiefs a win against the Bills

(Newser) - It was, writes Rob Maaddi for the AP , "the play of the season." Or it would have been, had it not been negated by what Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post describes as "the fussiest, pettiest, most paltry and joy-curdling penalty you ever saw." With the...

Video of Youth Coach's Attack on Ref Goes Viral

California coach was fired the next day

(Newser) - A youth basketball coach has lost his job and could face charges after setting a terrible example for his 10-year-old players. Video of the coach lunging at the referee and putting his hands around his neck went viral after the Saturday incident at Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, Calif., KTLA...

Lawmaker Tries to Pants Referee at Son's Game

'I was bad wrong,' says Tennessee Rep. Jeremy Faison

(Newser) - One of Tennessee's most powerful Republican lawmakers has apologized for his "completely stupid" behavior at his son's high school basketball game earlier this week—which included trying to pull down a referee's pants. The attempted pantsing of ref Paul Pendleton happened near the end of the...

Soccer Player Arrested for Brutal Attack on Ref

William Ribeiro kicked ref in head after getting yellow card during match in Brazil

(Newser) - A soccer player in Brazil is going to be punished with a lot more than a red card for a brutal attack on a referee. Sport Club Sao Paolo player William Ribeiro is facing a charge of attempted murder over the incident in a Monday night game against Guarani-RS, CNN...

This Super Bowl Has an On-Field First

Sarah Thomas will be the first female referee in championship game

(Newser) - For the first time in Super Bowl history, a female referee will take to the field. Sarah Thomas, the NFL's first full-time female referee , will be one of eight officials overseeing Super Bowl LV this Sunday as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs, NPR reports....

He Was Reffing a Game. Then a Blast, and a Fall to the Ground

Cannon blast injures referee at college football game in Maine

(Newser) - At Maine Maritime Academy, enthusiastic fans at the school's college football games partake in a loud tradition: They shoot blank shells out of cannons whenever the home team scores a touchdown. That tradition went terribly awry, though, last weekend after an alumnus fired off his device and struck a...

He Came Ready to Win. Then, a Ref's 'Cruel' Demand

NJ athletic officials investigating why Alan Maloney made young athlete shave off his dreadlocks

(Newser) - In 2016, Alan Maloney was accused of using a racial slur against a colleague. Now the high school wrestling referee is in hot water again, this time for forcing a young athlete to have his dreadlocks shaved right before a match. NBC News reports the incident took place Wednesday night,...

Beverly Hills Youth Soccer Ref Slams 'Despicable' Parents

He denounces entitled attitudes in resignation letter

(Newser) - A referee administrator for youth soccer in Beverly Hills says he is resigning for a simple reason: He hates many of the parents and their entitled attitudes. In an emailed resignation letter obtained by the Ankler , Avery Krut of the Beverly Hills branch of the American Youth Soccer Organization tells...

Ref Sues Radio Station After Angry Fans Deluge Him

John Higgins blames Kentucky station for death threats and lost business

(Newser) - After North Carolina beat Kentucky on a buzzer-beater earlier this year in the NCAA tournament, Kentucky's coach and lots of fans blamed the refs. So, too, did the host of a call-in show on Kentucky Sports Radio, who directed most of his anger at referee John Higgins and read...

Soccer Player's Punch Leaves Ref With Brain Injury

Player was angry about getting ejected: cops

(Newser) - Police are searching for a soccer player who gave a referee a traumatic brain injury on Sunday morning in San Francisco. During an adult-league game, the 33-year-old referee gave a player a yellow card for a violation, which the player apparently argued, police tell the San Francisco Chronicle . The referee...

NFL Gets First Female Referee

Sarah Thomas is a full-time hire for the upcoming season

(Newser) - The NFL is getting its first full-time female referee in the upcoming season. The news of Sarah Palmer's hire first came via tweet from a Baltimore Sun reporter, and the Los Angeles Times has confirmed. The league itself hasn't made the news public, but the LAT reports that...

Prison for Soccer Player Who Killed Ref With Punch

Plea deal will have Bassel Saad serve to 8 to 15 years for John Bieniewicz's death

(Newser) - A recreational soccer player charged in the one-punch killing of a referee during a game has agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors in which he would serve eight to 15 years in prison, a defense lawyer says. Cyril Hall says his client Bassel Saad plans to offer a plea...

Short NBA Refs? Expect More Foul Calls
 Short NBA Refs? 
 Expect More 
 Foul Calls 

study says

Short NBA Refs? Expect More Foul Calls

Shortest crew calls an extra .147 fouls per game: study

(Newser) - NBA players be warned: If you've got a team of referees on the short side, you may want to keep your play extra clean. A study finds that shorter groups of refs are more likely to call fouls than are their taller counterparts, the Wall Street Journal reports. Researchers...

Soccer Referee Dies After Player's Punch

John Bieniewicz never saw the punch coming, say witnesses

(Newser) - Amid World Cup fever, a soccer-related tragedy out of Michigan, where a referee died this morning after being punched by a player on Sunday. The Detroit Free Press reports that responding authorities found John Bieniewicz, 44, on the ground and unconscious. Witnesses say Bieniewicz stopped the adult soccer game in...

Soccer Ref Dies After Punch From Player

Ricardo Portillo had slipped into a coma after Utah teen hit him

(Newser) - A 46-year-old soccer referee who was punched by a teenage player during a game and later slipped into a coma has died, police said. Ricardo Portillo of Salt Lake City passed away at the hospital, where he was being treated following the assault last weekend, a police spokesman said last...

US Open Ref, 70, Accused of Killing Hubby With a Mug

Lois Ann Goodman arrested in NYC

(Newser) - Drama at the US Open: Police arrested one of the tennis referees at her Manhattan hotel yesterday, charging her with the April murder of her husband at their California home. Lois Ann Goodman was in New York to work the tournament, and authorities say they would have arrested her at...

NFL Gets First Female Ref
 NFL Gets First 
 Female Ref 

NFL Gets First Female Ref

Shannon Eastin to officiate amid lockout

(Newser) - With NFL referees locked out since June amid a collective-bargaining dispute, a new batch of officials will be calling the shots in upcoming games—and for the first time, one of them is a woman. Shannon Eastin, who has refereed small-college and high school games, will officiate at a Green...

NBA Fines Kobe Bryant $100K for Gay Slur

NBA star has apologized after slamming referee

(Newser) - Kobe Bryant not only unleashed a gay slur against an NBA ref last night, he did so in view of TNT's cameras. After outrage mounted today, the league fined him $100,000 and called his actions "offensive and inexcusable." Bryant got ticked off at referee Bennie Adams when...

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