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Memoir: Kirk Douglas Assaulted Teen Natalie Wood

Wood's younger sister writes that an old Hollywood rumor is true

(Newser) - When Kirk Douglas died last year , the name Natalie Wood began trending on Twitter, notes the AP . The reason? An ugly Hollywood rumor. Now, however, a new memoir by Wood's younger sister asserts that the rumor was, in fact, true: Douglas sexually assaulted Wood when he was in his...

Natalie Wood's Daughter Speaks Out on Robert Wagner Rumors

No way her stepdad killed her mom, Natasha Gregson Wagner says

(Newser) - Natasha Gregson Wagner has long made it clear she doesn't believe her stepfather, Robert Wagner, had anything to do with her mother Natalie Wood's mysterious 1981 drowning death. In a new memoir, she reiterates that view. "I know that if my mom had been in any kind...

Dr. Phil Steps Into Fray of Natalie Wood Death

Wood's sister, yacht captain tell Phil McGraw they're sure husband Robert Wagner killed her

(Newser) - For nearly 40 years, the death of Natalie Wood has remained a mystery. First the 43-year-old actress was ruled to have died of accidental drowning after disappearing from a yacht she was on with husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken. Then, in 2012, that ruling shifted to drowning plus...

Why Natalie Wood's Death Is Once Again in the News
New Sequence of Events
in Natalie Wood's Death
the rundown

New Sequence of Events in Natalie Wood's Death

Investigators say new witnesses emerge, but case status isn't changed

(Newser) - It's back. The cold case involving the suspicious drowning of actress Natalie Wood in 1981 is once again making headlines . The impetus is a show airing Sunday on CBS' 48 Hours in which a Los Angeles County sheriff's investigator refers to widower Robert Wagner, now 87, as a...

New Look at Natalie Wood's Death Resurfaces Old Name

Robert Wagner seems to be a focus of '48 Hours' episode airing Saturday

(Newser) - At its face, the line sounds explosive: CBS News reports actor Robert Wagner "is now a person of interest" in wife Natalie Wood's 1981 drowning death, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators. But read on in CBS' report, and what Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department...

When an 11-Year-Old Loses Her Mom: Natalie Wood

Daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner is speaking out

(Newser) - Natasha Gregson Wagner recalls being 11 years old and sleeping over at a friend's house when the news broke: Her mom, actress Natalie Wood, had drowned off the coast of California. Gregson Wagner hasn't spoken publicly much about Wood's 1981 death, but in an interview with the...

For Sale: Yacht 'Haunted' by Natalie Wood

Owner says her spirit haunts the yacht

(Newser) - Ron Nelson is selling the boat where Natalie Wood spent her final hours before drowning in the waters off California's Catalina Island, and he says it's because the yacht is haunted by Wood's ghost. "I've been hurt twice on the boat mysteriously," he tells...

7 Bizarre Celebrity Deaths

From accidental drownings to fan club shootings

(Newser) - The rocker who may have been killed by a spider bite . The reality star who died while off-roading . The singer found dead and surrounded by rotting food and dog feces . Sometimes, the circumstances surrounding celebrity deaths are just plain strange, as in these seven examples, from a group of 17...

Robert Wagner Mute in New Natalie Wood Inquiry

Wagner only person on yacht who refuses to talk to investigators

(Newser) - A re-investigation into Natalie Wood's drowning 32 years ago has raised questions about what exactly happened on the yacht that night, but don't expect her husband to shed any light on the matter, reports the AP . Detectives have interviewed more than 100 people related to Wood's death...

Natalie Wood's Body Bruised Before She Drowned: Coroner

But new report leaves cause of death 'undetermined'

(Newser) - Natalie Wood's body had bruises and scratches that she likely suffered before drowning in the Pacific Ocean on a November night in 1981, according to a new coroner's report. "The location of the bruises, the multiplicity of the bruises, lack of head trauma, or facial bruising support...

Wagner Pushed Natalie Wood Off That Boat: Interview

Sister Lana Wood recalls story on old audio tape

(Newser) - Newly unearthed audiotapes indicate Robert Wagner may have pushed girlfriend Natalie Wood off a boat and dithered while she drowned, CBS News reports. In a taped interview, Natalie's sister Lana Wood said she once received a call from Dennis Davern, captain of the boat on that fateful night in...

Coroner Alters Natalie Wood's Death Certificate

To 'drowning, other undetermined factors'

(Newser) - Natalie Wood's death certificate now gives the cause of death as "drowning and other undetermined factors" instead of merely "drowning," according to a copy obtained by the AP . The amended document now also states that it is "not clearly established" how the actress ended up...

Natalie Wood Death Now 'Undetermined'

Certificate no longer reads 'accident'

(Newser) - Nearly 31 years after actress Natalie Wood drowned while on a boat cruise off Catalina, the LA County Coroner has changed her death certificate from "accident" to "undetermined," reports TMZ . The investigation was re-opened last November after the boat's captain made comments that raised doubts about...

Natalie Wood's Daughter Busted for Heroin, Cocaine

Arrest follows gunshot at Courtney Wagner's Malibu home: TMZ

(Newser) - Natalie Wood's 38-year-old daughter has been busted at her Malibu home on suspicion of felony possession of cocaine and heroin, sources tell TMZ . Police discovered the drugs when they responded to reports of a woman screaming and a gunshot, said the sources. An unidentified man at Courtney Wagner's...

Natalie Wood's Death Still an Accident

Re-opened investigation finds no evidence of foul play

(Newser) - After nearly two months of investigation , officials have come to the same conclusion they did decades ago: Natalie Wood's death was an accident. The LA County Sheriff's Department has found no new evidence to suggest otherwise since re-opening the case, the Los Angeles Times reports. "At this...

Natalie Wood and 27 More Suspicious Celebrity Deaths
 28 Suspicious Celeb Deaths 

28 Suspicious Celeb Deaths

Plus, the latest on the Natalie Wood case

(Newser) - More details from the captain of the boat Natalie Wood was on the night she died: Her husband Robert Wagner angrily accused fellow passenger Christopher Walken of wanting “to f*** my wife,” the captain told police investigators in a statement obtained by Radar . Wagner also argued with Wood,...

What's New in Natalie Wood Case? So Far, Nada

It's still not clear what, if any, evidence led to case being reopened

(Newser) - Trying to make sense of all the new information in the Natalie Wood case ? Good luck with that, because so far there hasn't been any. The Los Angeles Times assesses the hoopla: The boat captain gave no details to back up his assertion that Wood widower Robert Wagner...

Blame Husband in Natalie Wood Death: Captain

Robert Wagner was 'responsible' for tragedy

(Newser) - Robert Wagner is to blame for Natalie Wood’s death, says the captain of the boat off of which Wood reportedly drowned. Appearing on the Today show, Dennis Davern was asked whether Wagner was responsible. "Yes, I would say so. Yes," he replied. A number of details from...

Natalie Wood Investigation Reopened

Homicide cops taking fresh look at star's 1981 drowning

(Newser) - Los Angeles County homicide detectives have reopened an investigation into the 30-year-old mystery of actress Natalie Wood's death. The star's 1981 drowning was ruled an accident. But her last evening, which she spent on a yacht with husband Robert Wagner and movie co-star Christopher Walken, has long been...

Sister Wants Natalie Wood Case Reopened

Sister, yacht captain want 1981 case reopened

(Newser) - The official theory behind Natalie Wood’s untimely death is that the actress slipped while on her yacht—but Wood’s sister and the yacht captain want the investigation reopened, citing a fight Wood had with husband Robert Wagner prior to drowning. “I just want the truth to come...

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