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California Confirms First Known Fatal Black Bear Attack

Authorities confirm November death was caused by bear

(Newser) - Black bears, generally smaller and less aggressive than grizzly bears, aren't typically behind fatal bear maulings. But California wildlife officials have now confirmed the state's first known fatal black bear attack, NBC News reports. Patrice Miller, 71, was found dead in her home in a small Sierra Nevada...

In Pennsylvania, a Wild Wildlife Photo

Falling black bear was caught in a tarp in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

(Newser) - It's certainly a candidate for photo of the week: an image of a young black bear falling from a tree and into a giant tarp held aloft by a group of wildlife, public safety, and rescue officials. That was the scene on Tuesday after the bruin showed up around...

Boy, 15, Survives Bear Attack in Arizona

Family members ran to help when they heard his screams

(Newser) - "Not many kids can say they got in a fight with a bear and came out on top," says Arizona woman Carol Edington Hawkins, whose 15-year-old son survived an attack last week. In a Facebook post , Hawkins shared photos of her injured son, Brigham, the Arizona Republic reports....

Cops: After Crash, Bear Pulled Man's Body From Car

Animal fled Massachusetts scene when first responders arrived

(Newser) - State police in Massachusetts believe a 31-year-old motorist was killed by a car crash, not by a bear that dragged him out of the vehicle afterward. State police say Daniel Ducharme's body was found in woods near the crash site in western Massachusetts on Sunday, NBC Boston reports. A...

Mauled by Black Bear, Woman Says, 'I Thought I'd Die'

Pennsylvania's Lee Ann Galante barely escaped, along with her Pomeranian

(Newser) - "She was very, very powerful. And very, very angry." That's how Lee Ann Galante describes the black bear she battled in a fight to save herself and her 8-pound Pomeranian. The dental hygienist from Pennsylvania's Butler Township had put the dog, Smokie, outside around 8:30pm...

State Stumps Bigfoot Research
State Stumps Bigfoot Research
new study

State Stumps Bigfoot Research

Analysis ties sightings to bear population but can't explain Florida

(Newser) - The black bear has long been a potential suspect in Bigfoot sightings. The size fits, as a bear can go about 7 feet tall when standing on two legs. And researchers have pointed out before that sasquatch sightings have been heavy in areas with lots of black bears . This study...

Krispy Kreme Delivery Van Gets Some Surprise Raiders

Mama bear and cub bust into vehicle outside military base in Anchorage for some doughnuts

(Newser) - A mama bear and her cub went a little Cocaine Bear on some doughnuts in Anchorage last week. Candice Sergeant, the manager of a Krispy Kreme store in the Alaskan city's Muldoon neighborhood, tells CBS Chicago that she was working her shift last Tuesday when she got an "...

Bear Gets Kicked Out of Walt Disney World

Officials say animal spotted in tree at Magic Kingdom was safely relocated

(Newser) - Multiple attractions at Walt Disney World were closed on Monday while an unwelcome visitor was removed from the Florida theme park. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said a black bear spotted in a tree at the Magic Kingdom was "safely captured" Monday afternoon, the New York Times...

Bear Attacks Boy in His NY Yard, Doesn't Retreat

The black bear was shot dead

(Newser) - A New York boy was hospitalized following a black bear attack in his yard that ended with the bear being shot dead. The 7-year-old was in the backyard of his Bedford home some 40 miles north of New York City around 11am on Tuesday when the bear apparently grabbed him....

This Is What You Don't Want on the Golf Course

Canadian golfer suffers an ursine-related theft caught on video

(Newser) - Sometimes a guy just wants to play a relaxing round of golf with his buddies. And sometimes a bear just wants to get his mitts on some of said guy's golf clubs. The two worlds collided in what Golf Digest somewhat dramatically calls the "wildest, scariest horror film...

Authorities Bust 4 Furry Suspects in Tahoe Mayhem

'Hank the Tank' and her youngsters have been captured in California after string of break-ins

(Newser) - California authorities have captured four suspects in multiple break-ins at homes around South Lake Tahoe, and they're not who you might think: a mama bear and three of her cubs. DNA has confirmed the large female black bear and her three little accomplices were responsible for at least 21...

Rare Attack by Black Bear Kills Man in Arizona

66-year-old Steven Jackson was having coffee at site where he was building a home

(Newser) - When fatal bear attacks make the news, it's usually a grizzly that's involved. However, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona says a black bear fatally mauled a 66-year-old man on Friday morning, reports NBC News . Even more unusual, it appears that the bear was unprovoked. “...

Bear Busts Into Bakery, Scarfs Down 60 Cupcakes

Bakery owner heard worker 'screaming bloody murder,' then walked in to quite a scene

(Newser) - A hungry black bear barged into the garage of a Connecticut bakery, scared several employees, and helped itself to 60 cupcakes before ambling away. Workers at Taste by Spellbound in the town of Avon were loading cakes into a van for delivery on Wednesday when the bear showed up, per...

Hunter Could Get Jail Time Over Alleged IDing Error

Wyoming's Patrick Gogerty claims he mistook the protected grizzly for a black bear, shot it dead

(Newser) - A Wyoming man is facing up to a year in jail after allegedly killing a protected grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park. Patrick Gogerty of Cody claims he mistook the 530-pound male grizzly for a black bear, the largest of which generally weigh up to 700 pounds, per the AP...

This Is How We Know Bears Don't Like Diet Soda

At least this black bear in BC, who downed 69 cans of regular from woman's car but not the diet version

(Newser) - Diet soda isn't for everyone, and now we can add bears to that list—or at least this particular one in Canada, who broke into a resident's vehicle and quaffed 69 cans of regular pop before calling it a night. Per the CBC , Sharon Rosel of Earls Cove,...

Research Won't Please Believers in Bigfoot
'If Bigfoot
Is There, It
May Be
Many Bears'
new study

'If Bigfoot Is There, It May Be Many Bears'

Study sees a correlation in sightings with black bear populations

(Newser) - Either Bigfoot likes hanging around black bears or lots of people tend to mistake the latter for the former. A new study picks its side, suggesting that sightings of the legendary creature are almost surely cases of mistaken identity. In a paper published at the preprint stie bioRxiv , data scientist...

Man Finds Surprise Guest Hibernating Under His Deck

Connecticut family is letting black bear 'Marty Bearnard' stay until his monthslong rest is over

(Newser) - Looking for a comfy place to hunker down for the winter is the prime goal for many creatures as the temperatures start to dip. For one black bear on the East Coast, the perfect spot emerged in Connecticut—under Vinny Dashukewich's deck. The Plainville man tells the New York ...

Black or Brown Bears, Sure. But What About Cinnamon?

Study identifies genetic variant that makes black bears look like grizzlies

(Newser) - Those who traipse around the woods may be familiar with an old saying about what to do if they encounter a bear: “If it’s black, fight back; if it’s brown, lie down; if it’s white, say good night.” Nowhere, however, does the word "cinnamon"...

The Bear Attacked, So She 'Popped It Right in the Nose'

Woman survives ambush by black bear in Washington state while walking dog

(Newser) - A woman in Washington state is lucky to be alive after a routine morning task ended up with her fighting an unexpected visitor. Per the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, the resident in the mountainous town of Leavenworth brought her dog outside for a walk around 7am Saturday, when...

Connecticut Boy, 10, Mauled by Bear in Backyard

Grandfather rolled wheelchair over, threw metal bar at animal

(Newser) - A 10-year-old boy in Connecticut is recovering from injuries sustained in a terrifying bear attack Sunday morning. The boy was playing in his grandparents' backyard in Morris, about 45 miles southwest of Hartford, when the black bear attacked him and tried to drag him away, CBS reports. Grandfather James Butler,...

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