Chile earthquake

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Chile Quake Shifted Earth's Axis, Shortened Day

Moving masses of rock by several meters affects rotation

(Newser) - The magnitude 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile may have actually shifted the Earth's axis, shortening the length of a day, a NASA scientist says. Moving hundreds of kilometers of rock changes the earth's distribution of mass, and, in turn, changes the planet's rate of rotation. In this case, the...

Tsunami Swept Away Fleeing Bus of Retirees
 Tsunami Swept Away 
 Fleeing Bus of Retirees 

Tsunami Swept Away Fleeing Bus of Retirees

Waves ravaged communities along Chilean coast

(Newser) - The 40 retirees enjoying summer vacation at a seaside campground knew they had to move fast after Chile's powerful earthquake struck. They didn't make it. The tsunami came in three waves, surging 200 yards into the resort town of Pelluhue and dragging away the bus they'd piled into to get...

Chaos, Looting Spread in Chile
 Chaos, Looting Spread in Chile 

curfew extended

Chaos, Looting Spread in Chile

Quake survivors lack food, water, electricity

(Newser) - Chile extended a nighttime curfew to noon today as looting and crime intensified in earthquake-damaged cities. Troops struggling to gain control in Concepción fired teargas and shot at least one person dead; a supermarket collapsed in the city last night after looters set fire to it. Authorities warn that...

In One Chilean City, Quake Causes Flashbacks

Valdivia suffered strongest quake in history in 1960

(Newser) - For some Chileans, the massive earthquake that struck Saturday was terrifyingly familiar. Almost 50 years ago, Valdivia was rocked by a 9.5-magnitude quake, the biggest in recorded history. “We were sleeping, and then the house began to rise up,” says one Valdivia resident, recalling how the quake...

Chile Sends Troops to Stop Looters

Clinton to visit Santiago tomorrow morning

(Newser) - The Chilean government has sent in 10,000 troops to control looting earthquake survivors scrambling for food and water. Reports of looting are widespread despite government efforts to distribute food. "People have gone days without eating," a thief in the city of Concepcion tells Reuters . "The only...

Chile President : Quake Toll at 708

More than doubles the known dead

(Newser) - President Michelle Bachelet says that Chile's earthquake killed at least 708 people—sharply increasing the known death toll from about 300. The president tells a news conference that the country faces "a catastrophe of such unthinkable magnitude that it will require a giant effort" for Chile to recover. The...

Chile Assesses Quake Toll
 Chile Assesses Quake Toll 

Chile Assesses Quake Toll

214 dead, but officials expect number to grow

(Newser) - A weeping man strokes the hand of a dead woman in a collapsed cafe. Survivors huddle around bonfires in the rubble of their homes. Smashed cars lie beneath bridges torn asunder by one of history's strongest earthquakes. Authorities in Chile put the official death toll from yesterday's 8.8-magnitude quake...

Rick Sanchez Doesn't Know What 9 Meters Is

In tsunami report, testy CNN host asks what that is 'in English'

(Newser) - While reporting on the earthquake-induced tsunami yesterday, CNN talking head Rick Sanchez testily asked an expert what a 9-meter drop in ocean levels was "in English." The blogosphere erupted in response, with Newsbusters incredulously noting his need for translation, while Gawker labeled his comment "exponentially more assy...

Tsunami Glances Off Japan, Russia
 Tsunami Glances Off 
 Japan, Russia  

Tsunami Glances Off Japan, Russia

Warnings lifted as waves smaller than feared; no damage reported

(Newser) - The tsunami from Chile's deadly earthquake hit Japan's main islands and the shores of Russia today, but the smaller-than-expected waves prompted the lifting of a Pacific-wide alert. Hawaii and other Pacific islands were also spared. In Japan, where hundreds of thousands were evacuated , the biggest wave following the magnitude-8.8...

Google Launches Chile Quake 'Person Finder'

Database allows people to seek or provide information

(Newser) - Google has launched a Person Finder for people seeking information about Chileans in the wake of today's earthquake. The tool allows people to choose between two options—"I'm looking for someone" or "I have information about someone," notes Mashable . The database is growing by the minute. Mashable...

Hawaii 'Dodged a Bullet' on Tsunami
 Hawaii 'Dodged 
 a Bullet' on Tsunami 

Hawaii 'Dodged a Bullet' on Tsunami

Waves reach islands, but little damage is reported

(Newser) - A tsunami triggered by the Chilean earthquake sent a surge of water ashore in Hawaii, California, and islands in the South Pacific today as the waves continued onto Alaska and parts of Asia. There were no immediate reports of widespread damage, injuries, or deaths in the US or in the...

Chile Quake Among Biggest In a Century

Only four have been bigger since 1900

(Newser) - Chile's 8.8-magnitude earthquake is one of the biggest recorded anywhere in the world in the last century. This one ties for fifth since 1900, notes CNN :
  1. Chile, 9.5, 1960.
  2. Prince William Sound, 9.2, 1964.
  3. Sumatra, 9.4, 2004.
  4. Kamchatka, 9.0, 1952.
  5. Ecuador, 8.8, 1906.

Tsunami Advisory Extends to Oregon, Washington

Cities on alert after earthquake in Chile

(Newser) - A tsunami advisory has been extended to include the states of Oregon and Washington and parts of Alaska, as well as coastal British Colombia. An earlier advisory covered the California coast. An advisory is the lowest level alert, meaning there is a possibility of strong localized currents but no significant...

Pacific Braces for Tsunami
 Pacific Braces for Tsunami 

Pacific Braces for Tsunami

Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska all on alert

(Newser) - Wide swaths of the south Pacific, Asia, and Australia braced for a tsunami after a devastating earthquake hit the coast of Chile this morning. Officials in Japan and Australia warned a tsunami from the earthquake was likely to hit Asian shorelines within 24 hours. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in...

8.8 Quake Rocks Central Chile
 8.8 Quake Rocks Central Chile 

8.8 Quake Rocks Central Chile

At least 214 dead; Pacific Rim braces for tsunami

(Newser) - One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Chile early today, toppling homes, collapsing bridges, and plunging trucks into the fractured earth. A tsunami set off by the magnitude-8.8 quake threatened every nation around the Pacific Ocean—roughly a quarter of the globe. At least 214 people were killed,...

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