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Groom Hits on Pregnant Server, Brawl Ensues

Jailed newlywed tried to make waitress drink liquor, she says

(Newser) - A wedding bash on a Pittsburgh boat over the weekend went terribly wrong, ending with the arrests of an off-duty state trooper, a local school board member, and the groom himself, with the bride standing forlornly on the curb as they were taken away. The reported reason for the chaos:...

Congressman Rejects Tea Party Endorsement

Idaho's Walt Minnick cites racist blog post

(Newser) - Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick would rather do without the distinction of being the only Democrat ever endorsed by the Tea Party Express. In the wake of the flap over a racist blog post by group spokesman Mark Williams, Minnick is rejecting the Tea Party Express endorsement he grudgingly accepted in...

Tea Party Boots Tea Party Express Over Racist Letter

Racism dispute divides tea party movement

(Newser) - The recent dispute between the NAACP and the Tea Party has opened a major rift within the Tea Party movement: This weekend the National Tea Party Federation booted the Tea Party Express from its ranks after group spokesman Mark Williams posted a satirical letter to Abraham Lincoln from "colored...

Tea Party Boss: We're Not Racist, the NAACP Is

Mark Williams says they're 'trying to make a buck off skin color'

(Newser) - Looks like the tea party is going with the old "I'm rubber and you're glue" defense to the NAACP's accusation that it harbors racists . Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams got into a heated back-in-forth on CNN yesterday, in which anchor Roland Martin challenged him to tell racists they...

Right Goes Nuts Over Ground Zero Mosque
 Right Goes Nuts Over 
 Ground Zero Mosque 

Right Goes Nuts Over Ground Zero Mosque

Even though the Imam is a moderate who works with FBI

(Newser) - Remember Tea Party honcho Mark Williams' “ monkey god ” outburst? Well he's not the only right-winger spewing flames over the proposed Muslim community center being built a few blocks from Ground Zero. The imam behind the center says it's designed to “bridge and heal a divide” and says...

Tea Party Head Apologizes for 'Monkey God' Comment...

...To Hindus who do worship a monkey god

(Newser) - Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams today apologized profusely for saying that Muslims worship a “ monkey god .” But not to Muslims. “I owe an apology,” he wrote on his blog , “to millions of Hindus who worship Lord Hanuman, an actual Monkey God. Hanuman is worshiped...

Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'

(Newser) - A prominent Tea Party leader has lashed out at the proposed construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, calling Allah a "monkey-god." On his blog, Mark Williams, chairman of the Tea Party Express, called the planned mosque and cultural center a monument to 9/11 terrorists "for the...

Tea Party Boss: Obama's a Half-White Racist

Mark Williams: 'I'll defend my race record to no one'

(Newser) - Leading Tea Partier Martin Williams labeled President Obama a "half-white" racist in an email to other Tea Party Express leaders unearthed by TPM . Williams appears to be responding to accusations of racism himself in the email, which refers to a CNN interview in which Anderson Cooper made "false...

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