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Runaway Zebras Captured Near Seattle
Runaway Zebra Sighted
in National Forest

Runaway Zebra Sighted in National Forest

It escaped near Seattle-area highway exit on Sunday

(Newser) - Three runaway zebras were quickly recaptured near Seattle on Sunday with the help of a rodeo clown who happened to be passing, but a fourth is still roaming the area. KUOW reports that North Bend residents have nicknamed the zebra Z and they've been searching high and low for...

Troopers Wrangle Bull Found on Freeway

'He seemed like he wanted to take me on'

(Newser) - Arizona state troopers say nobody was injured when a runaway bull was found wandering around a Phoenix freeway early Friday. Video footage from a traffic camera shows the dark, long-horned bull mulling around the highway as troopers try to herd it from the safety of their vehicles, the AP reports....

Amid NYC Flooding, Sea Lion Makes a Break for It

Creature was able to swim out of her enclosure as pool overflowed at Central Park Zoo

(Newser) - The governor of New York and mayor of New York City urged everyone to stay home Friday amid chaotic flooding caused by heavy rains, but one party didn't get the message, or chose to ignore it. ABC News reports that a sea lion at the Central Park Zoo made...

'Like Living in a Horror Film' After Minks Escape From Farm
'Like Living in a Horror Film'
After Minks Escape From Farm
in case you missed it

'Like Living in a Horror Film' After Minks Escape From Farm

As many as 8K were released Sunday morning in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - A week after an escaped murderer was finally captured in Pennsylvania comes a different kind of jailbreak and warning to residents in the state. "Unknown actor(s)" cut holes in a mink farm's fence early Sunday, providing a point of escape for between 6,000 and 8,000 minks...

That's Probably Not a Lion After All, Say German Police

Animal roaming near Berlin is probably a boar, say authorities

(Newser) - It appears that a roaming "lion" in neighborhoods near Berlin isn't a lion after all. Authorities now think the animal spotted by witnesses is actually a much less sensational wild boar, reports the BBC . Boars are common in the area, and authorities have found zero physical evidence of...

This Bear Keeps Busting Out of the Zoo
This Bear
Really Wants
Out of
the Zoo

This Bear Really Wants Out of the Zoo

Ben recaptured after 2nd escape from St. Louis Zoo this month

(Newser) - St. Louis Zoo officials say they're working to find a way to keep an Andean bear named Ben inside his enclosure after he escaped Thursday for the second time this month. The bear was outside for less than an hour and was found only about 100 feet away from...

Missing Zoo Leopard Found. Now, Mystery of 2 Cut Fences

Officials at Dallas Zoo say cut was found in fence to leopard enclosure, as well as at monkey habitat

(Newser) - First, the good news: Nova, the clouded leopard who vanished from her enclosure at the Dallas Zoo, has been found . The 4-year-old big cat was found to be missing on Friday morning from the habitat she shares with her sister, Luna, leading the zoo to temporarily shut down "due...

Bear Shot Dead After Attacking Zookeeper
Bear Shot Dead
at Jacksonville Zoo

Bear Shot Dead at Jacksonville Zoo

Lethal weapons team was called in after it attacked zookeeper

(Newser) - A black bear at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens was shot dead by the Florida zoo's lethal weapons team after it escaped its enclosure Wednesday and attacked a staff member in an area off-limits to the public, authorities say. "An emergency radio call was initiated and our lethal...

This 'Bovine Revolution' Has Lasted for Months

Cows who escaped from Quebec dairy farm in July keep evading capture, wreaking havoc on fields

(Newser) - In late July, a herd of 20 or so cows escaped from their dairy farm in St.-Severe, Quebec, after a thunderstorm spooked them, causing them to bust out of their pen. They've been on the lam ever since—annoying some by tearing up local farms, and earning the...

3 Chimpanzees Shot Dead After Zoo Escape

Swedish zoo warned area residents to stay inside with doors, windows locked

(Newser) - Five chimpanzees escaped from a zoo enclosure in Sweden and it did not end well for four of them. Authorities say four of the animals were shot, three of them fatally, while the fifth made its own way back to the enclosure, joining three other chimpanzees that didn't leave,...

There's a Deadly King Cobra Loose at a Swedish Zoo

'Houdini' is venomous but not aggressive, terrarium director says

(Newser) - Anyone planning a visit to Stockholm's Skansen Aquarium will be out of luck, at least until the staff is able to wrangle an eight-foot king cobra that escaped on Saturday, according to the Local. The zoo's director, Jonas Wahlstrom, told reporters the snake has been dubbed "Houdini"...

17 Years After Fleeing Zoo, Flamingo Still Out There

No. 492 again sighted in Texas after escaping Kansas zoo in 2005

(Newser) - One of two flamingos that escaped from a Kansas zoo during a storm 17 years ago has been spotted on the coast of Texas, wildlife officials said. The Coastal Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife confirmed Tuesday to the AP that the African flamingo—known as No. 492 because...

No One Can Catch Those Zebras on the Loose in Maryland

Group of 5 escaped from farm in Prince George's County in late August

(Newser) - Update: Five fugitive zebras that made headlines after escaping from a Maryland farm in late August are "still out there, roaming free." That's the latest from the Washington Post , which notes multiple sightings over the past few weeks in Prince George's County. The Baltimore Sun reports...

If You See This Snake in NC, Don't Go Near It—Call 911

Police are on the lookout in Raleigh for an escaped zebra cobra

(Newser) - If you're out for a jog or walking your dog in Raleigh today, you might want to steer clear of the Brittany Woods neighborhood. WRAL reports that residents there "are waking up to another day of anxiety" after police reported that a highly toxic zebra cobra is on...

There's Apparently a Tiger on the Loose in Tennessee

Authorities in Knoxville are chasing down sightings

(Newser) - A strange one out of Tennessee: Wildlife authorities in Knoxville are on the hunt for a tiger—yes, a tiger—after multiple sightings, reports WVLT . The first one came from a sheriff's deputy on Wednesday night near an industrial park, and multiple residents have since called in their own....

Italian Official: 'Escape Genius' Bear 'Must Live Free'

He says 'Papillon' shouldn't be treated like a criminal

(Newser) - An "escape genius" bear in Italy is back in a wildlife enclosure after being recaptured for a third time—but friends in high places might help "Papillon" win his freedom permanently. Sergio Costa, Italy's environment minister, said Wednesday that it "hurts to know Papillon is in...

'Escape Genius' Bear Recaptured After 42 Days

Wildlife groups say they will fight for Papillon's freedom

(Newser) - One of Italy's most famous escape artists is back behind bars, 42 days after he busted out of maximum security. M49, described by the Guardian as "Europe's most wanted bear," was captured by rangers in Trento province with a "tube trap" device Monday. The bear...

'Friendly' Kangaroo Leads Florida Cops on 30-Minute Chase
Florida Cops
Have a Really
Strange Chase

Florida Cops Have a Really Strange Chase

They capture a runaway kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale

(Newser) - Police in Fort Lauderdale had quite the day Thursday after getting a call about an unlikely escapee. WPLG reports that for 30 minutes or so, cops were in hot pursuit of a kangaroo that escaped from a local home. "I'm trying to catch a kangaroo!" one cop...

Texas Has a Problem Primate —and a Giant Mystery

Unconfirmed run-ins with an ornery chimp, monkey, or other creature reported in Texas

(Newser) - No one knows where it came from, how it got out, or even for sure what it is (or if it is)—but an animal said to be on the loose in Texas is causing a ruckus. The New York Times perfectly explains the current confusion in the Lone Star...

Escaped Yaks Charge Massachusetts Hiker

Cops manage to corral the 3 animals

(Newser) - A hiker in western Massachusetts encountered a hazard more commonly associated with the Himalayas: aggressive yaks. Police say the three animals, who had escaped from a private owner a few days earlier, charged and chased the hiker Wednesday in the Bear Hole Reservoir hiking area near West Springfield, the New ...

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