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Spitzer Deserves 2nd Chance: NY Gov
Spitzer Deserves
2nd Chance: NY Gov

Spitzer Deserves 2nd Chance: NY Gov

He's got 'tremendous talent,' says Paterson

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer deserves another chance at political office even though he spent taxpayer money on trysts with a hooker, said embattled New York Governor David Paterson. The man who once served as Spitzer's lieutenant governor boasted that he personally has made a point of hiring talented individuals with mistakes in...

Paterson Took Yankees Tickets, Broke Ethics Law

Violations carry a fine of $90K, referred to AG Andrew Cuomo

(Newser) - Members of the New York government’s executive branch are barred from accepting gifts from lobbyists that could sway them, which is exactly what the state’s Commission on Public Integrity says embattled Gov. David Paterson did when he secured free World Series tickets from the Yankees for his son....

David Paterson: I'm Not Quitting

And NY governor says he's still got the power to run state

(Newser) - OK, OK: David Paterson won't run for a new term, but he's still running the decaying Empire State, and he's certainly not quitting. Resigning is "off the table," the embattled New York gov said today. "In terms of authority of power, I have the power." As...

David Paterson Might Be Finished

 Might Be 
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David Paterson Might Be Finished

He may not be able to overcome the latest Times salvo

(Newser) - The latest New York Times story on David Paterson, alleging that he tried to cover up an aide's assault charges, looks to be the real deal:
  • Ben Smith, Politico : It "appears likely to end the governor's tottering political career."
  • Allahpundit, Hot Air : Actually, "Paterson became political roadkill

NYT Questions Paterson's Handling of Assault Case

Governor suspends aide, calls in AG

(Newser) - The New York Times weighs in with the David Paterson "bombshell," take three. The new installment about New York's governor is the most serious of the bunch, laying out how he may have improperly used the full weight of his office to get a woman to drop assault...

NYT's Paterson 'Bombshell': Top Aide Is an Ex-Con
NYT's Paterson 'Bombshell': 
Top Aide Is an Ex-Con

NYT's Paterson 'Bombshell': Top Aide Is an Ex-Con

Adviser David Johnson busted for drugs as teen

(Newser) - The New York Times has finally dropped its long-rumored "bombshell" report on Gov. David Paterson and it's not quite as explosive or sexy as many expected. The story profiles the governor's driver-turned-aide David W. Johnson, noting that he was arrested twice on felony drug charges as a teenager and...

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