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Down Syndrome Family Guy Actress Rips Palin for 'Using' Trig

'She carries son like loaf of bread, looking for sympathy'

(Newser) - The actress with Down syndrome at the center of a Family Guy-Sarah Palin feud has slammed the one-time VP candidate for carrying around her son "like a loaf of French bread, looking for sympathy and votes." Andrea Fay Friedman was the voice of Chris Griffin's date on a...

Palin Rips Fox's Family Guy on Fox

Talks to Bill O'Reilly about 'cruel, cold-hearted people'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin continued to chide Fox's Family Guy...on Fox. Speaking to Bill O'Reilly last night, she acknowledged "this world is full of cruel, cold-hearted people." Trig, on the other hand, has a "heart of gold," and while when "I look at Trig and I...

You're Right, Palins: Family Guy Writers Are Jerks

Williams reluctantly agrees that Trig gag was just tasteless

(Newser) - Mary Elizabeth Williams would like Family Guy to tone down its shtick a bit, because she agrees with Sarah and Bristol Palin that the show poked unnecessary fun at son Trig...and “I don’t want to have to find myself agreeing with Sarah Palin again for a long...

Sarah, Bristol to Family Guy: 'Heartless Jerks'

Palins use Facebook to air grievances toward Fox

(Newser) - In a moment of restraint, Sarah Palin responded to the Family Guy controversy with a Facebook rant—except it wasn’t a rant, and it wasn't hers. In a post titled “Fox Hollywood—What a Disappointment,” Palin calls the episode that “mocked” son Trig “another kick...

4 Stories