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Professor-Turned-Killer Finally Apologizes

But one of Amy Bishop's victims doubts she's being genuine

(Newser) - Five years after she killed three colleagues at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, former professor Amy Bishop says she's sorry for the "terrible crime." In her first apology, Bishop adds she is "terribly sorry for the victims and their families, and my family." Denied...

Prof Accused in Rampage Attempts Suicide

Amy Bishop also charged with murder in brother's 1986 death

(Newser) - Amy Bishop attempted suicide early today, less than 2 days after learning she's been charged with first-degree murder in the 1986 death of her brother , reports WHNT of Huntsville , Ala. Bishop already faces three charges of capital murder in the February shooting rampage that took the lives of three of...

Professor Charged in Brother's 1986 Slaying

Case reopened after Alabama shootings

(Newser) - A biology professor charged with killing three of her colleagues at an Alabama university has been indicted in the 1986 shooting death of her brother in Massachusetts. Authorities had originally ruled that the shooting of Amy Bishop's brother was an accident, but they reopened the case after Bishop was charged...

Amy Bishop Denied Bail; Case Goes to Grand Jury

Accused University of Alabama shooter will be held without bail

(Newser) - Accused University of Alabama shooter Amy Bishop will remain held without bail while a grand jury determines whether she will face the death penalty, a judge ruled today. It could take 6 months for a grand jury to take up the case, the DA told the Huntsville Times after a...

Accused Ala. Shooter Bishop Likely Insane: Lawyer

Being denied tenure contributed to fatal shooting spree

(Newser) - The lawyer for an Alabama college professor accused of killing three colleagues during a faculty meeting said today he believes the teacher is insane, and that she says she can't remember the shooting. Amy Bishop, who has taught at the University of Alabama in Huntsville since 2003, has severe mental...

Amy Bishop Could Have Been Charged in '86 Shooting

DA looks at newly surfaced police files

(Newser) - Massachusetts police had probable cause to charge Amy Bishop after she shot her brother to death in 1986, the local DA says. Missing police files from the case finally turned up, and the DA says cops could have arrested Bishop on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and lesser...

Huntsville Survivor Describes 'Methodical' Shooting

Joseph Ng says Amy Bishop shot each victim in head until gun jammed

(Newser) - A survivor of the University of Alabama-Huntsville shooting said the professor charged in the attack methodically shot the victims in the head until her gun apparently jammed and she was pushed out of the room. Associate professor Joseph Ng described the scene, saying that a half an hour into a...

Husband: Ala. Prof Went to Range Before Shooting

... but doesn't know where she got gun

(Newser) - The husband of an Alabama professor accused of fatally shooting three colleagues said today that the couple went to a shooting range near the Huntsville campus recently, but that he didn't know where she got the gun she used for practice. James Anderson's description of Amy Bishop's "normal" demeanor...

Ala. Prof Shoved 'Shotgun in My Chest' in 1986
Ala. Prof Shoved 'Shotgun in My Chest' in 1986

Ala. Prof Shoved 'Shotgun in My Chest' in 1986

After killing her brother, Amy Bishop tried to carjack auto dealership

(Newser) - After killing her brother in 1986, alleged University of Alabama shooter Amy Bishop stormed a Massachusetts car dealership with a shotgun and demanded a getaway car. That’s the story of Tom Pettigrew, who was one of the employees. “I’m thinking it’s a BB gun,” he...

Ala. Prof Was Suspect in 1993 Bomb Attempt

Amy Bishop questioned over mail bomb sent to Harvard professor

(Newser) - Amy Bishop's background continues to get murkier: The shooting suspect was also a suspect in the attempted mail bombing of a Harvard professor in 1993, a law enforcement official said today. Bishop and husband James Anderson were questioned after Dr. Paul Rosenberg received a package containing two 6-inch pipe bombs....

Ala. Prof's Family, Friends: No Hint of Violence

Even Amy Bishop's students say she seemed normal

(Newser) - An Alabama professor accused of shooting six colleagues was vocal in her resentment over being denied tenure and the looming loss of her teaching post, though relatives and students said she had never suggested she might become violent. Everyone from family and friends to Amy Bishop's students at the University...

Alabama Suspect Fatally Shot Brother 24 Years Ago

Current police chief hints at 'coverup'

(Newser) - The Alabama professor charged with killing three fellow professors fatally shot her younger brother 24 years ago. Amy Bishop faced no charges, however, because the police chief in Braintree, Massachusetts, deemed the 1986 shooting accidental. In a bizarre twist, the current chief said today the shooting appeared to be deliberate...

Professor Charged With Murder in Shooting Spree

Alabama biologist may have been upset over tenure hearing

(Newser) - The 42-year-old biology professor accused of shooting to death three fellow professors at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has been charged with capital murder, reports the Huntsville Times . Amy Bishop could face the death penalty if convicted. The husband of one of the victims tells the AP that Bishop...

Ala. Shooting Suspect Is Harvard- Trained Doctor

Amy Bishop held after 3 die on campus

(Newser) - The suspect in today’s fatal shootings on the Huntsville campus of the University of Alabama is a Harvard-trained neuroscientist, the Huntsville Times reports, adding that Amy Bishop and her husband are in custody. Authorities released the names of the three killed, all faculty members: Gopi Podila, biology department chair;...

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