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Daredevil's Latest Flight Does Not End Well

Franky Zapata says he's fine after he and jetpack plunge into lake in France

(Newser) - French daredevil and inventor Franky Zapata became world-famous in 2019 when he flew across the English Channel on a self-designed jetpack he calls a flyboard. His most recent flight ended with a scary, unplanned plunge into a French lake, though the BBC reports that he is "recovering well."...

A New 'Jet Pack Man' Theory Emerges

Cops spotted human-shaped inflatable weeks after 2nd reported sighting

(Newser) - Authorities investigating sightings of apparent jet packs over Los Angeles County, Calif., say pilots may have actually witnessed a flying human-shaped inflatable. "One working theory is that pilots might have seen balloons," the FBI and FAA say in statements to KNBC after the outlet obtained police photo and...

Once Again, a Possible Jetpack Sighting 3K Feet Up

That's the third of so-called 'Jetpack Guy' since August

(Newser) - For the third time since late August, Los Angeles has had an apparent jetpack sighting. This time, the witnesses were aboard an instructional flight out of Torrance's airport Monday when they saw what appeared to be an object flying off Palos Verdes Peninsula, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sling...

Pilot Reports Man in Jetpack More Than 1 Mile Above LA

'We just saw a flying object like a flying suit that’s passing by us'

(Newser) - Something strange has been happening in the skies over Los Angeles. For the second time in six weeks, commercial pilots have reported seeing a person in a jetpack high above the city. In the latest incident, air traffic controllers warned Wednesday that a pilot preparing to land had seen somebody...

Jet Pack Sighted 3K Feet Over LA
Jet Pack Sighted
3K Feet Over LA

Jet Pack Sighted 3K Feet Over LA

2 pilots reported seeing man flying one

(Newser) - "We just passed a guy in a jet pack." Those were the words from an American Airlines pilot approaching Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday night, and they have prompted an investigation. Another pilot also reported seeing a man in a jet pack at 3,000 feet; the...

Man Flies Off 45-Story Hotel—With Jetpack

Daredevil Nick Macomber goes on a short jetpack jaunt

(Newser) - Nick Macomber climbed 45 stories to the roof of Denver's Four Seasons Hotel at sunrise yesterday and jumped—with a jetpack. The jetpack pilot, who carried the Olympic torch in flight for London's 2012 Olympic Games, flew around for almost 30 seconds before touching back down on the...

Get Ready for Jetpacks —and Soon
 Get Ready 
 for Jetpacks 
 —and Soon 
in case you missed it

Get Ready for Jetpacks —and Soon

But you'll need to have $150K to spare next year

(Newser) - At last, that staple of air travel from cheesy sci-fi movies and, of course, the Jetsons, looks to be reality soon: The Wall Street Journal reports that a New Zealand company plans to have its jetpacks up for sale next year, and at least 10 already have been reserved for...

The Ability to Fly: Yours for $100K
 The Ability to Fly: 
 Yours for $100K 

in case you missed it

The Ability to Fly: Yours for $100K

JetLev R200 can fly as high as 30 feet above water

(Newser) - Traveling by boat is just so ... pedestrian. For those looking for a more luxurious—and unusual—way to travel by sea, Florida's JetLev Technologies has just the thing: a $99,500 water-powered jet pack (pay another $3,500 for a premium color). The company tells the South Florida Sun-Sentinel...

NASA Develops 1-Person 'Flying Suit'

If Puffin aircraft works, welcome to the jetpack era

(Newser) - It exists only on paper at the moment, but NASA's Puffin aircraft just might bring the jetpack age into reality. Engineers "have combined every one of our geeky transportation dreams into a single little vehicle," writes Jason Paur. "It takes off like a helicopter and flies like...

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