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Hemingway Letter: 'I Am More Valuable to Them Alive Than Dead'

Author's note to his lawyer after 2 plane crashes talks about injuries, beef with Abercrombie & Fitch

(Newser) - A letter that author Ernest Hemingway wrote to his attorney soon after he'd endured back-to-back plane crashes just sold for big bucks on the auction block. NPR reports the that four-page note, scrawled on stationery from a hotel in Venice, Italy, went for $237,055 via Nate D. Sanders...

Marines Aircraft That Went Down in Australia Has Crash History

8 US troops remain in Aussie hospital after weekend accident that killed 3 of their colleagues

(Newser) - Eight US Marines remained in a hospital in the Australian north coast city of Darwin on Monday after they were injured in a fiery crash of a tilt-rotor aircraft that killed three of their colleagues on an island. All 20 survivors were flown from Melville Island, 50 miles south, to...

Soviet Fighter Jet Crashes in Michigan

Pilot survived air show accident

(Newser) - The pilot of a Cold War-era jet noticed it was losing power and decided to eject himself and a crew member before the Soviet fighter plane crashed during a weekend air show in suburban Detroit, an official said Monday. The pilot, who also owns the plane, had serious injuries but...

Southern California Plane Crash Kills All Six People Aboard

Airport has had two fatal crashes this week

(Newser) - A business jet crashed near a Southern California airport early Saturday, killing all six people aboard. The FAA said the Cessna C550 went down in a field and burst into flames, KTLA reports. Trying to land in a heavy fog, the plane missed the runway by several hundred yards. An...

Mom Briefly Survived Crash That Stranded 4 Kids in Amazon

Children apparently reported their mother was alive for the first 4 days or so

(Newser) - More details of the 40 days that four indigenous children survived in the Amazon jungle are coming out, and one is particularly heartbreaking. After their single-engine propeller plane plane crashed in Colombia on May 1, the children's mother survived for about four days. That's according to the father...

Keys to This Jungle Miracle: Flour, Seeds, a Savvy Girl

Details emerge on how 4 siblings survived 40 days in the Amazon jungle

(Newser) - "Miracle, miracle, miracle" is how a Colombian general involved in the search for four missing siblings described their survival over 40 days in the Amazon jungle. The Indigenous children, ages 1 to 13, were found Friday by searchers hunting for them ever since their small plane crashed on May...

40 Days After Crash, a Stunning Find: 'The Jungle Saved Them'

4 Indigenous children, one a baby, survived in the Amazon on their own after plane went down

(Newser) - Four Indigenous children survived an Amazon plane crash that killed three adults and then wandered on their own in the jungle for 40 days before being found alive by Colombian soldiers. The announcement of their rescue on Friday brought a happy ending to a saga that had captivated many Colombians,...

F-16's Pilot Saw Cessna's Slumped Over

Military jets were sent up after private plane that flew over DC, then crashed

(Newser) - The cause of the crash of a small plane in a mountainous area of Virginia on Sunday after it caused alarm while crossing over Washington, DC, remains unknown—but a military pilot has provided a clue. An F-16 pilot sent to intercept the Cessna saw the plane's pilot slumped...

Military Scrambles F-16s as Plane Flies Over DC, Unresponsive
Wreckage Located
After Plane
Crash in Virginia

Wreckage Located After Plane Crash in Virginia

Authorities say no survivors found after plane spurred military to scramble F-16 fighter jets

(Newser) - The wreckage of a private Cessna plane that crashed in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley on Sunday was located later that evening, and authorities say no survivors have been found, per CNN . The Virginia State Police say the identity of those on the plane, which prompted the military to scramble fighter...

YouTuber Crashed Plane for the Clicks: FAA
YouTuber Admits
Crashing Plane for Clicks

YouTuber Admits Crashing Plane for Clicks

Former Olympian Trevor Jacob agrees to plead guilty to federal charge

(Newser) - Former Olympian snowboarder Trevor Jacob has admitted that he crashed his light aircraft in California's Los Padres National Forest to get views on YouTube. In a plea deal announced Thursday, the 29-year-old said the video was part of a product sponsorship deal, the BBC reports. In a press release...

Airline, Jet Maker Cleared of Criminal Charges in Big Trial

Air France, Airbus were accused of manslaughter in 2009 crash of passenger jet

(Newser) - A French court on Monday acquitted Airbus and Air France of manslaughter charges over the 2009 crash of Flight 447 from Rio to Paris, which killed 228 people and led to lasting changes in aircraft safety measures. Sobs broke out in the courtroom as the presiding judge read out the...

NTSB Decides Cause of Crash That Killed Dieting Guru

Gwen Shamblin Lara, proponent of 'faith-based dieting,' founded Remnant Fellowship Church

(Newser) - The National Transportation Safety Board has reached a conclusion in its investigation of the plane crash that killed Gwen Shamblin Lara and six other people nearly two years ago. The report says the plane's pilot probably became disoriented while flying in heavy clouds just after takeoff from an airport...

Doomed Medical Transport Flight Broke Apart in the Air

Care Flight plane crashed Friday in Nevada, killing all 5 on board

(Newser) - The medical transport flight that crashed Friday in Nevada, killing everyone on board, appears to have broken apart in the air before it hit the ground in a mountainous area. "How do we know if the airplane broke up in flight? We found parts of the airplane one-half to...

No Survivors Found After Plane Carrying 5 Crashes

Twin-engine plane had just taken off in Little Rock

(Newser) - No survivors were found after a twin-engine plane carrying five people crashed Wednesday following takeoff from Clinton National Airport in Little Rock. Search teams were looking for bodies in a recovery operation, KARK reports. The Beech BE20 went down within a mile of the airport, Sheriff's Lt. Cody Burk...

'Miraculous': 737 Pilots Walk Away From Crash

Jet converted to fight fires went down in Australia

(Newser) - It's not the result you'd expect from the scene: smoke billowing from a crashed Boeing 737 jet—and not a single serious injury. In this case, the 737 that went down in Western Australia state crashed with only two pilots aboard, reports the ABC News of Australia. The...

2 Confirmed Dead in NY Plane Crash
2 Confirmed Dead
in NY Plane Crash

2 Confirmed Dead in NY Plane Crash

Wreckage of single-engine plane found in woods near Westchester County Airport

(Newser) - Two men were killed Thursday when a single-engine plane bound for Ohio crashed north of New York City. The Beechcraft A36 took off from JFK Airport at 4:58pm and crashed near Westchester County Airport, around 40 miles away, soon after the pilot contacted the airport to report low oil...

A Grim Repetition of History for Co-Pilot in Nepal Crash

Anju Khatiwada's husband died in a crash 16 years prior

(Newser) - The co-pilot who died Sunday in the crash of Yeti Airlines Flight 691 in Nepal became a pilot after her own husband died in an identical manner 16 years prior, reports the BBC . Anju Khatiwada's husband reportedly died when the Yeti Airlines flight he was co-piloting crashed in June...

No One Expected to Have Survived Nepal Plane Crash

The search continued Monday as an investigation began

(Newser) - Police are warning that there are unlikely to be any survivors of Sunday's devastating plane crash in Nepal . At least 68 of the 72 people aboard the passenger plane, which crashed in a popular Himalayan tourist area as it attempted to land, were confirmed to have been killed soon...

Plane Crashes in Popular Himalayan Vacation Town

At least 68 dead as aircraft crashes into gorge in Pokhara, Nepal, popular site for hikers

(Newser) - A regional passenger plane with 72 people on board crashed into a gorge while landing at a newly opened airport in the resort town of Pokhara in central Nepal on Sunday, killing at least 68, per the AP . Rescuers scoured the crash site near the Seti River, which is about...

Kayakers Make 'Pretty Comical' Rescue of Pilot in Icy Creek

Maryland officials, however, say they saved life of man who crashed into Maryland waters

(Newser) - A pilot has a number of shovel-wielding kayakers to thank following his rescue from an icy creek in Maryland after his plane plunged into it. Per a release from the Maryland State Police, 71-year-old Steve Couchman of Frederick took off Monday morning in his single-engine Piper Cherokee aircraft from Lee...

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