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The Rain in California Is Mind-Boggling
The Rain in California
Is Mind-Boggling

The Rain in California Is Mind-Boggling

Southern California might get a year's worth in a single day

(Newser) - To say that it's pouring rain in California is a vast understatement. The state is dealing with a weather phenomenon known as an atmospheric river for the second straight day—on the heels of an earlier one last week. Which might explain why the National Weather Service in Los...

Ineffective Snowplows Leave Mountain Residents Stranded

California officials concede storms overwhelmed them

(Newser) - With residents stranded by snowstorms for more than a week pleading for help and trying to dig themselves out—while dealing with gas leaks and running out of food—officials in San Bernardino County conceded they weren't prepared for this. Neither were residents. "We're just all so...

California Landslides Defy Easy Solutions

Residents, agencies have tried to learn from Montecito devastation in 2018

(Newser) - Relentless storms from a series of atmospheric rivers have saturated the steep mountains and bald hillsides scarred from wildfires along much of California's long coastline, causing hundreds of landslides this month. So far, the debris has mostly blocked roads and has not harmed communities, as in 2018 when mudslides...

Californians Are Asked to Be Careful During More Storms

26M already are under a flood watch

(Newser) - California—which already has almost 26 million residents under a flood watch, the National Weather Service says—endured still more storms on Saturday. Forecasts call for another 6 inches of rain through Sunday in much of the state, an amount not so worrisome if the ground weren't already saturated,...

Sinkhole Swallows Cars in LA County
Sinkhole Swallows Cars
in LA County

Sinkhole Swallows Cars in LA County

Mother, daughter rescued in Chatsworth during California storms

(Newser) - Amid California's wild weather , a sinkhole opened up during one of the downpours in Los Angeles County, swallowing two cars. The sinkhole opened up around 7:30pm Monday in Chatsworth, and by the time firefighters arrived, it was already 15 feet deep, with heavy rainfall causing it to grow...

California's Volatile Weather Isn't Over Yet

Governor warns deadly rain and winds may be worse this week

(Newser) - Californians steeled Monday for the latest of a series of powerful storms that have shuttered schools, toppled trees, flooded roads, and left tens of thousands without power. The National Weather Service warned of a "relentless parade of atmospheric rivers"—storms that are long plumes of moisture stretching out...

California Storms Inflict More Damage

Thousands lose power ahead of another wave of rain, snow, high winds

(Newser) - California endured more turbulent weather Sunday as thunderstorms, snow, and damaging winds swept into the northern part of the state, preceding another series of incoming storms and raising the potential for road flooding, rising rivers, and mudslides on soils already saturated after days of rain. The National Weather Service warned...

California Declares Emergency as 'Truly Brutal' Storm Arrives

Governor already declares an emergency while forecasters warn of dangers

(Newser) - With an atmospheric river delivering a third major storm to California in less than two weeks, the National Weather Service is warning residents to prepare, and the governor already has declared a state of emergency. "We anticipate this may be the most challenging and impactful series of storms to...

An End to California's 5-Year Drought? It's on Mother Nature

If storms keep raining precipitation down, Cali could be sitting pretty

(Newser) - Sorry, Lena Horne, but stormy weather may be just what California's been looking for. The Golden State has been getting bombarded with precipitation—rain, snow, hail, sleet—making even Los Angeles feel "more like London than Southern California," the Los Angeles Times notes. But for a parched...

LA Residents Evacuated as New Storm Bears Down

Another pummeling for southern California

(Newser) - Evacuations have been ordered in mudslide-prone Los Angeles neighborhoods as the third storm in as many days bears down on the city. Heavy storms early this week resulted in flooding and a tornado warning. Police officers have been going door-to-door in vulnerable neighborhoods telling hundreds of residents to be out...

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