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Woman Denied Swiss Passport for Being 'Annoying'

Nancy Holten meets all legal requirements

(Newser) - A vocal vegan in Switzerland seems to have voiced her discontent with certain Swiss traditions too many times. Nancy Holten was born in the Netherlands but has lived in Switzerland since she was 8; she'd like to gain Swiss citizenship, which her children have, but despite meeting all legal...

Cows Really Don't Like Cowbells, Study Finds

At 113 decibels, the 12-pound bells can be as loud as chainsaws

(Newser) - Cowbell-clad cows are an iconic part of Swiss culture, but that doesn't mean the cows are happy about it. A new study out of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich studied 100-plus cows over a three-day period at 25 farms. Those who wore cowbells—some of which rang, some...

No More Cowbell: Austria Court Bans Noisy Clangers

Judge sympathizes with neighbors losing sleep

(Newser) - More cowbell is no longer an option in a small Austrian town. A judge has ordered a farmer near the small town of Stallhofen to remove the noisy apparatuses from his cattle because neighbors were losing sleep, reports Der Spiegel . The farmer had refused their pleas, claiming the bells...

Stop Mocking 'Sad Cowbell Girl': She's Blind
 Stop Mocking 
 'Sad Cowbell 
 Girl': She's Blind 

squelch those mashups

Stop Mocking 'Sad Cowbell Girl': She's Blind

Miraculously, Web tones down response after revelation

(Newser) - Perhaps it was because it occurred at the Fiesta Bowl that web memesters got so much mileage from a video of a Boise State band member whacking on a cowbell with nary a hint of fiesta to be found on her face. Cut the mockery and stifle the spinoffs, Brenna...

4 Stories