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American Airlines Reverses Unpopular Carry-On Bag Policy

Basic economy fares will now include a free carry-on bag

(Newser) - American Airlines last year introduced basic economy tickets that did not allow fliers to bring carry-on luggage, but the airline has now announced a reversal of that decision. Starting in September, customers who purchase basic economy fares will be allowed to bring a free carry-on bag, Dallas News reports; as...

New TSA Record: 73 Guns in Carry-Ons in One Week

68 of those firearms were loaded

(Newser) - The week of April 15-21 was a record-breaking one for the TSA, though not a record it likely wanted to break. During that one-week span, the federal agency found 73 guns stashed in carry-on bags at airports nationwide, breaking the previous weekly record of 68 set just last October, the...

Odd Airline Dispute Involves Taser, Man Purse

Irate passenger arrested this morning in London: police

(Newser) - Instead of in Belfast, a passenger aboard an EasyJet flight on the tarmac at London's Gatwick Airport landed in jail today after an argument over his "man purse" left him stunned—literally, police say. NBC News reports the budget carrier allows just one carry-on bag per flight and...

Relax, Carry-On Bags Won't Shrink After All

Global airline group's proposal to shrink carry-ons met resistance from N. America

(Newser) - A global airline association said yesterday that it was scrapping its recommendation to reduce the size of carry-on bags for air travelers after an "intense" response. The International Air Transport Association, a Montreal-headquartered trade group whose members represent nearly 85% of total air traffic, said it's canceling its...

Why You Might Have to Buy a New, Smaller Carry-On

IATA guidelines could shrink bags by 40% from previous rules

(Newser) - Your carry-on bag might be getting downsized. In an effort to regulate carry-on sizes internationally, the world’s largest airline group, the International Air Transport Association, has proposed a standard carry-on size of 21.5 inches long by 13.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep, report the Los ...

Delta Apologizes After Breast-Pump Kerfuffle

The airline made a mother check her breast pump

(Newser) - When nursing mother Lauren Modeen tried to board a Delta flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis on a business trip last week, she was told she'd first have to consolidate her luggage—a purse, a cooler to carry breast milk, and a standard carry-on that included her pump. Modeen protested...

Man Bashed by Falling Bag Sues Southwest for $49K

Claims he suffered compressed disc on 2013 incident

(Newser) - An airline passenger who says he was injured when a suitcase fell on him as a passenger was trying to cram another bag into the bin over his head is suing Southwest Airlines. According to Jeffrey Reinhardt's $49,000 lawsuit, he suffered a compressed disc and tears to his...

TSA Found 6 Guns Per Day Last Year

Most travelers said they forgot they were armed

(Newser) - "Oops, I forgot I packed that loaded gun." That's the excuse TSA agents heard more than a few times upon discovering 2,212 firearms in people's carry-on luggage at airports last year. That's 22% more than were found in 2013; just 660 firearms turned up...

Changed Tune: Guitars Now OK as Carry-Ons

Small instruments to be treated as any suitcase aboard US airlines

(Newser) - In technical terms, Section 403 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2012 is now in full effect. What that means for travelers: As of Dec. 30, 2014, small musical instruments now qualify as a "carry-on" on any US airline. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch shares the American Federation of Musicians'...

Airline to Charge $35 for Carry-Ons

Allegiant follows lead of Spirit Airlines

(Newser) - Uh oh, travelers, this might be turning into a trend. Starting tomorrow, Allegiant Air will begin charging passengers up to $35 for their carry-on bags, MSNBC reports. Passengers can bring one carry-on aboard for free, but only if it can fit under the seat in front of them, the president...

All Those Carry-ons Actually Costing Taxpayers Millions

Congress asks whether airlines should help cover the expense

(Newser) - In dodging baggage-check fees by squeezing everything into a carry-on, fliers are still ending up with a big bill: The increased workload for airport security is costing the Transportation Security Administration, and therefore taxpayers, $260 million a year, reports the AP . "When you have to pay to check a...

5 Airlines Agree Not to Charge Fee for Carry-On Bags

American, Delta, United, US Airways, JetBlue make a deal

(Newser) - Five major carriers agreed today not to follow the lead of a small Florida airline that plans to charge for carry-on bags. Their commitment comes just in time to keep travelers from running for the exits during the peak summer flying season, but it is doubtful that it marks a...

Airline Fees None of Schumer's Business
Airline Fees None of Schumer's Business

Airline Fees None of Schumer's Business

It's a free market, so politicians should butt out

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines imposes a fee for carry-on bags, and suddenly it's Public Enemy No. 1 on Capitol Hill. Amid the outrage, Jeff Jacoby would like to remind the government (and he's looking at you Chuck Schumer and Ray LaHood) that Spirit is a private company fighting for its life in...

Schumer Vows to Battle Carry-On Fee
Schumer Vows to Battle Carry-On Fee

Schumer Vows to Battle Carry-On Fee

Senator calls airline's new bag charge 'slap in the face to travelers'

(Newser) - Charles Schumer said today he's trying to get the federal government to prohibit airlines from charging a fee for carry-on baggage, calling it a "slap in the face to travelers." The Democratic senator from New York is making a personal plea to the Treasury Department to rule that...

Discount Airline Close to Charging Pee Fee

Skip to the loo may soon cost $1.50

(Newser) - In the latest move to squeeze every possible penny from travelers, a discount airline is close to charging flyers a fee to use the bathroom. Europe's Ryanair is preparing to dun travelers $1.50 for each trip to the loo. The airline is working with Boeing to develop a coin-operated...

Spirit Airlines Is First to Charge for Carry-Ons

It can cost up to $45 each way to store a bag overhead

(Newser) - Another first in airline fees: Spirit Airlines is going to charge for most carry-on bags. If it's bigger than 16” by 14” by 12”, prepare to pay $45 each way. USA Today surmises that the airline is the first in the US and perhaps the world to charge for carry-ons,...

TSA Backs Off Some New In-Flight Restrictions

Go ahead—throw a blanket over your lap and watch some TV

(Newser) - Two days after implementing stiff restrictions on carry-on items and in-flight entertainment, the TSA relaxed the new rules today, airline sources tell MSNBC . Passengers will be allowed to have blankets on their laps and leave their seats during the final hour of a flight, use electronic devices, and watch TV...

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