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Woman's 'Death by Stoning' Sentence Rattles Activists

It's the first such sentence in Sudan in nearly a decade

(Newser) - An October military coup in Sudan may have shifted the movement on women's rights there, and not in a good way. A 20-year-old woman arrested in White Nile state last month and charged with adultery has now heard her fate: death by stoning, the first known sentence like it...

Brunei Semantics on Brutal New Law: It's Not 'Punishment'

Stoning to death those who cheat, have gay sex is 'prevention' meant to 'nurture': foreign minister

(Newser) - A controversial Sharia law recently put into effect in Brunei, in which it's mandated that people who cheat on their spouses or men who have gay sex are stoned to death, isn't meant as punishment, the Muslim-majority nation's foreign minister is now saying—it's simply a...

A Tiny Nation's New Laws Are Jolting the World
A Tiny Nation's New Laws
Are Jolting the World
the rundown

A Tiny Nation's New Laws Are Jolting the World

Adultery, gay sex punishable by death in Brunei under laws set to come into force Wednesday

(Newser) - The official name of the tiny nation of Brunei is Negara Brunei Darussalam , with Negara meaning country and Darussalam translating to "abode of peace." Outraged people around the world might find that latter part a misnomer. Brunei was on Wednesday set to introduce the most drastic elements of...

Militant Group Stones Woman to Death

Al-Shabab militants in Somalia execute her because she had multiple husbands

(Newser) - A militant group in Somalia on Wednesday enacted a brutal sentence on a woman accused of having multiple husbands. Militants with al-Shabab buried the woman up to her neck, then pelted her to death with stones, while residents in the town of Sablale looked on. The death sentence came after...

Good News, Bad News for Adulterer Sentenced to Die

Saudi court reduces sentence to 3 years in prison

(Newser) - An appeal has spared the life of a Sri Lankan maid sentenced to death by stoning for adultery in Saudi Arabia. A court announced the unidentified woman's sentence would be reduced to a three-year prison term on Wednesday, about four months after she was convicted of adultery with a...

Ex-Bob Jones Prez: Sorry I Said Gays Should Be Stoned

Bob Jones III says comments feel like they were made by a 'stranger'

(Newser) - Bob Jones III, a former president and current chancellor of Bob Jones University, is apologizing for comments he made 35 years ago, NBC News reports. In a push against Civil Rights Act measures for gay people, Jones called at the time for "the swift justice … that was brought...

Islamic State Stones 2 Women to Death for Adultery

Locals refuse to throw rocks

(Newser) - Two women were stoned to death by Islamic State militants within a 24-hour period last month, the AP reports. Their alleged crime: adultery. "People were shocked and couldn't understand what was going on," says an activist witness to one of the stonings in northern Syria. Militants called...

Cops Arrest Uncle, Cousins in Stoning Death

Pakistani police trying to round up more than a dozen more

(Newser) - Funny how near-universal condemnation from around the globe can speed up a police investigation. Authorities in Lahore, Pakistan, arrested four more people yesterday in the stoning death of 25-year-old Farzana Parveen, reports the Indian Express . The four include an uncle and two cousins of the pregnant woman, who earned her...

Man: I Killed Wife to Marry Woman Who Was Stoned

Mohammad Iqbal says he strangled her 6 years ago

(Newser) - The macabre story of the pregnant woman who was stoned to death by her own family on Tuesday in Pakistan just got far more twisted: Mohammad Iqbal has revealed to CNN that he murdered his first wife so he could wed Farzana Parveen. Officials confirm that his first wife was...

Husband: Man Who Stoned Daughter OKed Marriage

Mohammad Iqbal says family got into money trouble

(Newser) - The husband of a Pakistani woman stoned to death by her own family says police ignored pleas for help and stood by as his pregnant wife was murdered outside a courthouse in broad daylight. "We were shouting for help, but nobody listened," Mohammad Iqbal tells the BBC , describing...

Father Helps Stone to Death Pregnant Daughter

'Honor killing' takes place outside courthouse in Pakistan

(Newser) - "Stoned to death" doesn't quite capture it. Those who murdered a 25-year-old pregnant Pakistani woman outside a court in Lahore used bricks from a nearby construction site to kill her, reports AP . And it somehow gets worse: The 20 or so attackers included her father, brothers, and other...

Future Fate of Afghan Adulterers: Public Stoning?

Human Rights Watch up in arms over proposed provision

(Newser) - Human Rights Watch is up in arms over what it says is an Afghan government proposal to publicly stone married adulterers. It got a look at the draft revision of Afghanistan's penal code, which states that if a court determines a couple engaged in adultery, both shall be...

Islamists Stone Mali Lovers to Death

Militants in north exact extreme punishment for sex

(Newser) - Two young, unmarried lovers, apparently with children, were buried up to their necks then stoned to death in a Mali town taken over by Islamist extremists. Bearded men, armed with Kalashnikov rifles, dragged the couple from the countryside into the center of the town of Aguelhok, reports the New York ...

14 Iraqi Youths Killed for Wearing Emo Clothes

Shiite militants promise more will die unless they change

(Newser) - At least 14 youths in Baghdad have been stoned or beaten to death in the past month for the crime of dressing like teenagers, reports Reuters . Specifically, they favored emo-syle black clothes and haircuts, which the nation's interior ministry branded as "Satanism" just before the killings began. Apparently,...

Iran: We Might Still Stone Adulteress

Tehran apparently still itching to execute Ashtiani

(Newser) - The dizzying saga of Sakineh Mahammadi Ashtiani took another turn today, with Iran saying that it was going forward with plans to execute the convicted adulteress by stoning—unless, of course, it decides to just hang her instead, reports the AP . "There is no haste," said Malek Ajdar...

Muslim Woman Stoned for Beauty Pageant Participation

Girl 'violated the laws of Sharia,' said one suspect

(Newser) - A 19-year-old Muslim woman in Ukraine was stoned to death and buried in the woods for participating in a beauty pageant, reports the Daily Mail . The woman reportedly liked clothes and fashion, and had recently placed seventh in a pageant. Local police think that three young men beat and killed...

Iran Frees Woman Sentenced to Stoning: Rights Group

But there's still no official confirmation

(Newser) - A little mercy in Iran? A German human rights group says Tehran has freed the woman whose death sentence for adultery—by stoning, no less—sparked world outrage. "We have got news from Iran that they are free," a spokeswoman for the Anti-Stoning Committee tells AFP , referring to...

Condemned Iranian Woman: 'I'm a Sinner'

Facing death, Ashtiani allegedly confesses on television

(Newser) - Iranian state-run television has broadcast what it says is a statement from Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the woman whose on-again, off-again death sentence has sparked an international outcry. (For details click here .) “I’m a sinner,” Ashtiani said—or at least, allegedly said. The woman’s face was...

Mexican Mayor Stoned to Death
 Mexican Mayor Stoned to Death 

Mexican Mayor Stoned to Death

Latest casualty in violence-plagued town

(Newser) - Mexico's drug violence grows seemingly more brutal with each headline: This time, two small-town politicians were found stoned to death in Michoacan, a western state mired in the country's drug war. Mayor Gustavo Sanchez and city adviser Rafael Equihua, who served in 26,000-strong city of Tancitaro, were found in...

Iran: We Won't Stone Ashtiani
 Iran: We Won't Stone Ashtiani 

Iran: We Won't Stone Ashtiani

But hanging is still on the table

(Newser) - Ever-benevolent Iran has decided that it doesn't absolutely have to stone Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to death— again? —but it still might hang her. The Iranian foreign minister announced the suspension of the stoning sentence today, Reuters reports, saying the verdict is "being reviewed" and that a final verdict...

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