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SiriusXM Is Buying Pandora Media
SiriusXM Is Buying Pandora

SiriusXM Is Buying Pandora

In an all-stock $3.5B deal

(Newser) - Subscription radio company SiriusXM says it's buying music streaming service Pandora Media Inc. in a stock deal valued at about $3.5 billion that'll allow it to expand its service beyond cars and into homes and other mobile areas. Pandora stockholders will receive 1.44 newly issued SiriusXM...

Jenny McCarthy: My Kid Called Cops on Me

12-year-old didn't like her texting and driving, is a 'rule follower'

(Newser) - It hasn’t been the best of summers for Jenny McCarthy: First the vocal anti-vaxxer was unceremoniously dumped from The View, then she was accused of slamming cousin Melissa McCarthy’s weight—a rumor that the blonder McCarthy denied to People . Now Jenny says her own 12-year-old son called the...

Robin Quivers Hints at Leaving Howard Stern Show

She tells Radar she's pitching her own TV show

(Newser) - Robin Quivers is considering a media career without her tall sidekick of the past 30 years. The Howard Stern cohort tells Radar : “I love to do radio and television and I’ve always wanted my own television show, so I’ve been putting out feelers for those kinds of...

Fox, Howard Stern Talking Idol
 Fox, Howard Stern Talking Idol 

Fox, Howard Stern Talking Idol

Shock jock open to slot on 'karaoke contest'

(Newser) - Howard Stern is indeed in talks with Fox over a slot on American Idol, the shock jock confirmed today on his Sirius satellite show. “There’s not a better job on the planet than judging that f---ing karaoke contest,” said Stern, 56, whose 5-year, $500 million deal with...

Stern Gives His SAG Votes Only to Pals of the Show

Acting chops? Who cares, host contends

(Newser) - Howard Stern is making waves today for filling out his Screen Actors Guild nominations during his morning radio show—and explaining that his votes are going almost exclusively to actors who appeared on his show. “I'm going to take this seriously and reward our friends. I don’t give...

Right-Wing Radio Host Calls Maddow 'Little Boy'

Andrew Wilkow also attacks Perez Hilton

(Newser) - A right-wing radio host's rant on Tuesday got nasty—even for talk radio. Andrew Wilkow of Sirius/XM, filling in on the syndicated "Mark Levin Show," called MSNBC's Rachel Maddow a "nice little boy" and Perez Hilton a "vile sodomite," Salon reports. "It just sounds...

Liberty Media Nears Sirius Rescue Deal

Company to get stake in Sirius in return for fending off Echostar

(Newser) - Sirius XM may have found its white knight just in time, the Financial Times reports. The deadline for the satellite radio firm to restructure its debt or file for bankruptcy protection is today, and Liberty Media is believed to be readying a last-minute rescue deal that would give it a...

Sirius Seeks White Knight
 Sirius Seeks White Knight 

Sirius Seeks White Knight

Facing massive debt and under siege by a rival, company turns to Liberty Media for help

(Newser) - With $175 million in debt due Tuesday and an unwanted takeover in the offing, Sirius XM Radio is hoping for help from Liberty Media, reports the Wall Street Journal. The satellite radio company is more than $3.25 billion in debt and nearly cashless, yet remains steadfast in its efforts...

Satellite Radio Is Doomed
 Satellite Radio Is Doomed 

Satellite Radio Is Doomed

Auto downturn looks likely to kill Sirius and the satellite radio biz

(Newser) - The country’s only satellite radio company is close to filing for bankruptcy, and columnist Mike Elgan is having an “I told you so” moment. Before Christmas Elgan predicted in ComputerWorld that Sirius XM wouldn’t survive the recession, given its shaky financial status—and the downturn now looks...

Under Pressure, Sirius XM Tries to Look Ahead

Merged company works to develop subscribers, refinance debt

(Newser) - Satellite radio’s fortunes—thought to be peaking after Sirius and XM merged in July—are falling as the united company’s stock continues to tumble and management scrambles to refinance debt, reports the Wall Street Journal. Still, CEO Mel Karmazin says, the company is “heading toward making a...

FCC Approves Satellite Radio Merger
FCC Approves Satellite Radio Merger

FCC Approves Satellite Radio Merger

3-2 vote OKs $3.3B Sirius buyout of XM, ends 16-month drama

(Newser) - Federal regulators formally approved the merger of the United States' only two satellite radio operators today, ending a 16-month-long drama closely watched by Washington and Wall Street. Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.'s $3.3 billion buyout of rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. will mean 18 million-plus subscribers will be...

FCC Staff Blesses Satellite Radio Merger

Sirius-XM deal could go to commission within 3 weeks

(Newser) - After languishing nearly a year and a half in regulatory limbo, the merger between XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio may finally get the green light to proceed. The FCC staff has signed off on the $5 billion deal, reports the Wall Street Journal, with some conditions devised by...

Raunchy Stern Prank Enrages Dolly

Shock jock's audio tricks have Dolly spewing hate

(Newser) - Dolly Parton has become the latest victim of a Howard Stern audio mashup and the country legend is livid, reports E! Online. The shock jock and his henchmen chopped up and remixed Parton quotes to make it sound as if she was spewing out raunchy and racist remarks. The fuming...

Forget Video: Radio Killed the Radio Star

Industry scrambles to keep listeners in post-Howard Stern era

(Newser) - With Howard Stern gone and Don Imus chastened, today's commercial radio is fighting to be heard, the Wall Street Journal reports. What's more, consolidation is depriving stations of a local touch and squelching chances for would-be stars. Plus there aren’t as many “heirs apparent,” said one analyst,...

XM and Sirius Delay Meetings as FCC Weighs Merger

State officials oppose satellite giants' plans despite Justice approval

(Newser) - XM and Sirius both postponed annual shareholder meetings as they awaited final FCC approval of their planned merger, the Washington Post reports. The nation’s only satellite-radio operators are expected to win approval, but their plans have faced new criticism from lawmakers and state attorneys, and there may yet be...

Satellite Merger Clears Hurdle
 Satellite Merger Clears Hurdle 

Satellite Merger Clears Hurdle

Justice Dept. doesn't see threat to competition; FCC must still weigh in

(Newser) - The Justice Department today approved the proposed merger between satellite radio firms Sirius and XM, the Wall Street Journal reports. The FCC must still sign off, but the pair appears to have allayed antitrust concerns about the merger of the industry's two largest companies by arguing that they face competition...

Sirius, XM Stocks Rise as Merger Looms

Analyst predicts Justice Department won't block Sirius from buying XM

(Newser) - XM Satellite Radio and Sirius stock prices got a boost Friday when an analyst predicted the Justice Department won't block Sirius from buying out the larger XM. Morning trade saw XM shares jump 9.4% and Sirius shares 4.6%, reports CNN. The analyst said that shares could hit $20...

Stern Extols the Pleasures of Satellite

Funny man finds the troubles at CBS Radio the best joke of all

(Newser) - It's been almost two years since Howard Stern switched to satellite radio, and the never-modest shock jock is reveling in his success on Sirius—and the woes of his former network, CBS, and rival, Don Imus, back in terrestrial radio. In a sit-down with the AP, Stern crows that his...

Your Heart Won't Go On
Your Heart Won't Go On

Your Heart Won't Go On

Tunes like Dion's Titanic ballad not having time of their life as directors opt for old hits

(Newser) - Anyone heard Hollywood's radio silence lately? Movie tunes like "My Heart Will Go On," "Up Where We Belong," and "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" aren't ruling the airwaves like before. And star directors like Cameron Crowe and Wes Anderson are opting for known...

Sirius, XM Union May Have Listeners Singing the Blues

Deal would lower options, raise prices, Post writer says

(Newser) - For anyone doubting that a merger between Sirius and XM would harm the satellite radio industry by forcing listeners to go through a single provider, the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher has two words: cable TV. Fisher argues that for all of the advantages any union may produce, ultimately it...

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