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Rielle Hunter: Edwards Had Other Affairs

Reveals Edwards' former mistresses in memoir

(Newser) - More tidbits from Rielle Hunter's memoir are dribbling out, and ABC News has one particularly juicy revelation: Hunter claims she was not John Edwards' first mistress. The two-time presidential candidate actually had at least two other affairs dating back two decades, Hunter writes in What Really Happened, out a...

Inside Rielle Hunter's Tell-All
 Inside Rielle Hunter's Tell-All 

Inside Rielle Hunter's Tell-All

John Edwards 'a great dad' ... when he's around, mistress writes

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter still has feelings for John Edwards, she reveals in her soon-to-be-released memoir , and if his campaign finance trial ended with him in prison, she planned to move to be near him. "So if you went to jail, what kind of jail would it be? One of those...

Edwards Moves to Dismiss Case

Lawyers argue case is 'about politics,' not the law

(Newser) - The case against John Edwards is political, not criminal, and should be dismissed, lawyers for the onetime presidential candidate said yesterday in a hefty court filing. “While much can be said in questioning how Mr. Edwards conducted himself throughout this saga, the allegations… that he violated campaign finance laws...

Edwards Scorned Plea Because of Prison

Rolls dice on jury trial once again

(Newser) - The near-certainty of six months behind bars led John Edwards to scotch a plea bargain and take his very significant chances on a jury, reports the News & Observer in a look at the last-minute wrangling that took place behind the scenes. Prosecutors put on the table a deal in...

Feds to Indict John Edwards in Mistress Cover-Up

Illegal contributions used to hide affair, officials charge

(Newser) - Former presidential contender John Edwards will be charged with accepting illegal campaign contributions that he used to cover up an affair with his mistress, Justice Department sources have revealed. Federal prosecutors will aim to prove that the intent of over $1 million in donations from a pair of wealthy backers...

Elizabeth Edwards Plots to Keep 'Stepmom Rielle' From Her Kids

She worries lover will take over after her death

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards is doing everything in her power now to keep her estranged husband's mistress from becoming her children' stepmom, friends reports. Edwards hopes her eldest daughter will become the guardian of her younger children if she succumbs to her late-stage breast cancer, reports the New York Daily News. "...

Elizabeth 'Didn't Know the Truth': Rielle
 'Didn't Know 
 the Truth': Rielle 
on oprah tomorrow

Elizabeth 'Didn't Know the Truth': Rielle

He shouldn't have lied to Bob Woodruff, she tells Oprah

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter’s highly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey airs tomorrow, and ABC News has a preview. Hunter says she—and “everyone who knew all the facts and knew the truth”—begged John Edwards not to do the interview with ABC’s Bob Woodruff in which he admitted...

Snobs Doomed Enquirer's Pulitzer Bid

Edwards exposé a shoo-in for glory—but not for tabloid

(Newser) - By any sane measure, the unmasking of John Edwards as a philanderer who knocked up his mistress while his wife battled cancer was one of the all-time great scoops—except in determining the winners of yesterday's Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. "The media elite circled the wagons to exclude the...

Oprah Lands Rielle Hunter Interview

John Edwards' baby mama schedules first TV interview

(Newser) - In scheduling her first TV interview, Rielle Hunter has gone right to the top: Oprah Winfrey. The Queen of All Media beat out Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer in the competition to debrief John Edwards' mistress and baby mama, RadarOnline reports. When she wanted to distance herself from photos that...

'Repulsed' Rielle Hunter Knew What She Was Doing: GQ

Edwards mistress got a look at photos that later 'repulsed' her

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter says she was blindsided by the sexy photos accompanying her GQ interview, but video evidence suggests otherwise. The photographer who captured the pants-free portraits even offered John Edwards' mistress a look at the images, as shown in a video released by the magazine. "Rielle is a smart...

Rielle Hunter: GQ Photos 'Repulsive'

Edwards mistress tells Barbara Walters she 'went with the flow'

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards probably isn't too thrilled with Rielle Hunter's GQ spread —but neither is Hunter. Barbara Walters said on The View today Hunter told her that when she saw the pictures, she found them "repulsive." When Walters asked her why she posed the way she did, Hunter...

Rielle Hunter: I Still Love 'Johnny'

The mistress talks—a lot

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter finally speaks out—a lot—in a 10,000-word GQ interview covering, among other things, her first sexual encounter with one “Johnny” Edwards (on the day they met). More from the unpaid interview:
  • On her feelings for Edwards: “I love Johnny and I love my daughter

5 Celebrity Love Children
 5 Celebrity 
 Love Children 

5 Celebrity Love Children

Jude Law, Eric Clapton, and other scandalous parents

(Newser) - Now that Jude Law has finally, after five months, met his daughter with former fling Samantha Burke, The Frisky rounds up a few other—rumored!—famous love children:
  • The Clapton kids: Conor, the son whose death prompted Eric Clapton to write “Tears In Heaven,” was born to

Pulitzer Will Consider National Enquirer Stories

Tabloid is in the running for breaking John Edwards scandal

(Newser) - The National Enquirer is officially in the running for a Pulitzer. Despite earlier reports to the contrary, the prize board has accepted the tabloid's submission for breaking news of John Edwards’ affair. The staff is entered in two categories: investigative reporting and national news reporting, reports Emily Miller in the...

Rielle Hunter Had Affair With ... Jeff Goldblum?

Gossip magazine says she was cheating on John Edwards

(Newser) - This is getting a little confusing. At the same time John Edwards was cheating on his wife by sleeping with Rielle Hunter, Rielle Hunter was cheating on John Edwards by sleeping with actor Jeff Goldblum. So says Star Magazine , which adds that the smitten Goldblum mistakenly assumed he was the...

John Edwards Cut 'I Lied' From Confession

His former speechwriter reflects on her 'sorrow' and 'disgust'

(Newser) - John Edwards watered down the self-criticism in his recent admission of paternity , says the disillusioned former speechwriter who helped him write his confession. "It was very different compared to the one he and I had worked on over the summer," writes Wendy Button. "Gone were the words...

John Edwards Proposes to Mistress: Enquirer

John and Elizabeth plan a formal divorce by year's end

(Newser) - John Edwards has asked Rielle Hunter to marry him, and he plans to formally divorce estranged wife Elizabeth to do so, the National Enquirer reports. Edwards allegedly proposed to Hunter, the mother of his daughter Frances Quinn, the same day he told her he would publicly admit paternity after years...

John Edwards Confirms Split
 John Edwards 
 Confirms Split 

John Edwards Confirms Split

He 'still cares deeply' about wife Elizabeth

(Newser) - John Edwards confirmed his separation from wife Elizabeth yesterday, calling it “an extraordinarily sad moment.” Elizabeth has had divorce papers ready for a year, but an insider says trust issues finally pushed the couple over the edge. “John feels like, 'I can't live with you checking my...

Rumors True: John, Elizabeth Edwards Split

Her friend and sister confirm reports they've separated

(Newser) - The rumors are confirmed: John and Elizabeth Edwards have legally separated. A friend of Elizabeth's, speaking on her behalf, tells the AP that she wants to move on with her life. And in an interview with People , Elizabeth's sister says she made the decision after meeting the love child of...

Elizabeth Edwards Leaving John: Tab

After Rielle Hunter, love child, Edwards is at 'breaking point'

(Newser) - After months of rumors, denials, and eventual confessions, Elizabeth Edwards may have finally had enough of hubby John’s dalliances. In its new issue, People’s cover story claims that Elizabeth told her sister “I’ve had it” and is kicking John out of her life. The magazine has...

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