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'Sheer Coincidence' Body of Missing Climber Was Found

William Stampfl died in a 2002 avalanche on Huascaran in the Andes

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the world learned that the body of a long-missing American climber had been found on the highest mountain in Peru. William Stampfl's children learned the body of their father, who was caught in an avalanche on Huascaran in 2002 at age 58, in late June. "It...

Everest Climber, Guide Go Missing on Descent

Daniel Paul Paterson and Pas Tenji Sherpa may be victims of an ice collapse

(Newser) - Everest may have claimed two victims on Tuesday. A 40-year-old British climber and his 23-year-old Sherpa guide are missing after an ice collapse near the summit, reports the Daily Beast . Daniel Paul Paterson and Pas Tenji Sherpa were descending after reaching the summit when a "cornice broke off and...

French Daredevil Falls to Death in Hong Kong

Remi Lucidi, 30, had knocked on 68th-floor window for help

(Newser) - A French climber was killed last week, apparently in a fall from the 68th floor of a skyscraper in Hong Kong, according to police and local media reports. Remi Lucidi, who used the name Remi Enigma in chronicling his daredevil exploits on Instagram , was last seen knocking on the window...

Boy Shows Why 'Adventure' Really Is His Middle Name
Story of Boy, 8, 'Climbing'
El Capitan Raises Eyebrows

Story of Boy, 8, 'Climbing' El Capitan Raises Eyebrows

Experts say Sam Baker didn't technically 'climb' California rock formation

(Newser) - Update: Some veteran rock climbers are speaking out after Sam Adventure Baker's ascent of El Capitan made headlines last week, the Daily Beast reports. Experts tell the San Francisco Chronicle that the 8-year-old and his father used a technique known as "jugging," in which they used ascenders—...

Climber Breaks Nearly Every Major Bone in Fall, Survives

New Zealand's Anna Parsons is recuperating after terrifying 80-foot plunge on Half Dome

(Newser) - Anna Parsons and her climbing partner, Jack Evans, had exciting plans before they headed from their native New Zealand to foreign exchange programs in Canada: The pair, who'd met as marine science students at the University of Otago, were going to fly to the US, then scale some rocks...

Too Many People Are Getting Stranded on Mount Hood
A Mount Hood 
Rescuer Is Worried

A Mount Hood Rescuer Is Worried

Veteran doctor lays out the problems, including too many unprepared climbers

(Newser) - Christopher Van Tilburg is a mountain rescue doctor who heads out with other volunteers when climbers, skiers, and snowboarders get into trouble on Oregon's Mount Hood. In an essay for Outside , Van Tilburg sounds a little exhausted. The crews typically handle a "few" cases per year, but they'...

Your Kid Finished the Appalachian Trail? Be Quiet, Maybe

In 'Outside' essay, Krista Langlois explains why she doesn't like stories of young record-breakers

(Newser) - We've all seen the occasional headlines about kids who set mountain-climbing records or hike the entire Appalachian Trail , but Krista Langlois doesn't want to hear about such feats anymore. In her latest piece for Outside , she explains it's not that she's unimpressed by the youngsters' abilities,...

His Climb of El Capitan Is Legendary. Now His Mom's Is Too

Alex Honnold's mother, Dierdre Wolownick, is the oldest woman to ascend Yosemite peak

(Newser) - "Alex didn't think I could do it." That was Dierdre Wolownick yesterday, in a blog post describing her latest feat—climbing El Capitan at the age of 70. As for Alex, who is he, and why does Wolownick care what he thinks? He's professional rock-climber Alex...

Fulfilling Everest Dream Could Get 2 Climbers a 10-Year Ban

Willie Benegas, Matt Moniz skied Lhotse Face without ski permit, which may get them kicked off

(Newser) - More than 100 Sherpas are rallying behind two mountain climbers who face being banned from Mount Everest for the next decade due to an obscure mountaineering rule they apparently broke. Per Outside , it started with a May 5 Facebook post by Willie Benegas, 49, of Argentina, in which he announced...

It's Deemed 'Necessary Evil.' 2 Women Just Crushed It

Michaela Kiersch and Paige Claassen join just 12 or so male rock-climbers to ascend rock face

(Newser) - In Arizona lurks Necessary Evil, an imposing rock face that has presented a "heinous" climb for the only dozen or so male athletes who have ascended it. One climber who attempted it says it's an incredibly challenging task for anyone under 5 foot 10, but this week, two...

2nd Massive Rockfall in 2 Days Closes Yosemite Exit Route

Person killed Wednesday was British tourist

(Newser) - A massive new rockfall hit Yosemite National Park on Thursday, cracking with a thundering roar off the El Capitan rock formation, injuring one person and sending huge plumes of white dust surging through the valley floor below. The slide came a day after a giant slab of granite plunged from...

Mummified Climbers Found on Mexico's Tallest Peak

Bodies on Pico de Orizaba could be those lost in avalanche half-century ago

(Newser) - A team of climbers trekked some 17,000 feet up Mexico's Pico de Orizaba in search of one set of frozen, mummified remains only to stumble upon a second set some 400 feet away, reports the Telegraph . "It was impossible to conduct the rescue this time," says...

6 Missing on Mount Rainier Feared Dead

Helicopter crews spot gear at bottom of 3K-foot drop

(Newser) - Four climbers and two guides who went missing last week almost 13,000 feet up Mount Rainier are now presumed dead after rescuers found their gear at the bottom of a 3,000-foot drop in an area prone to avalanches, reports NBC . "There is every indication there is not...

Coming to Everest: Police
 Coming to Everest: Police 

Coming to Everest: Police

Government security team will be installed at base camp this spring

(Newser) - Come spring, Everest's base camp will be home to a security team designed to prevent brawls like this one . It will be made up of three officers each from Nepal's army, police, and armed police force, assisted by tourism officials, the BBC has learned. The idea of a...

Nepal Cracking Down on Bizarre Everest Attempts

Nepalese officials will be installed at base camp beginning spring 2014

(Newser) - Beginning next spring, climbers hoping to scale Everest will encounter a new group at base camp: government babysitters. Nepal will install a government team at the camp to watch over expedition teams; the move follows that infamous Sherpa-climber brawl earlier this year, the BBC reports. Those at the new post...

The World's 10 Deadliest Peaks

Eiger tops the list, with the appropriate nickname "murder wall"

(Newser) - Would you be willing to climb a mountain charmingly nicknamed "murder wall"? If the moniker doesn't give you pause, its ranking as the most dangerous mountain in the world might do it. But hey, there are still nine other, slightly-less-dangerous peaks to tackle, in ranges from Pakistan...

Man Climbs Sandy-Hit Coaster, Plants Flag

38-year-old arrested for trespassing

(Newser) - Daring and patriotic, or reckless and stupid? You be the judge: A 38-year-old man was arrested today after climbing a roller coaster that had been swept out to sea by Hurricane Sandy and planting an American flag on it, NBC 4 New York reports. Christopher Angulo reached the coaster via...

Ranger Dies Saving Injured Mt. Rainier Climbers

He slid to his death while helping stranded party of 4

(Newser) - A ranger has died during a mission to rescue four injured climbers stranded on Mount Rainier. The 34-year-old ranger slid more than 3,000 feet to his death as he helped prepare the climbers to be taken from the 14,400-foot Washington mountain, reports AP . The four climbers from Texas...

Rescuer Describes Horror on Everest 'Death Zone'

Deadly congestion claimed at least four lives

(Newser) - Mount Everest climbers, "disoriented, frostbitten, sick, and totally exhausted," struggled against 80mph winds on congested trails last weekend , writes friend Chris Tomer on the blog of American adventurer Jon Kedrowski, who helped to rescue four climbers in the mountain's "death zone." "A two-hour wait...

Toll in Everest 'Traffic Jam' Hits 4

One of the deadliest days in mountain's history

(Newser) - A fourth climber died on Mount Everest on Saturday, his body spotted not far from where three other climbers perished on one of the mountain's deadliest days. The Chinese climber and the three other victims are believed to have suffered altitude sickness and exhaustion, the AP reports; all four...

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