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After WWII, US Welcomed a 'Greek Baby Trade'
After WWII, a
'Greek Baby Trade' Was Born

After WWII, a 'Greek Baby Trade' Was Born

'Politico Magazine' looks at how 'politically motivated adoptions' found its model

(Newser) - Much has been written about the dark side of anti-communist fervor in America after World War II, but Jessica Bateman explores a little-known aspect at Politico Magazine —the ethically dubious adoption of thousands of Greek babies by American families. The phenomenon sprang up in the aftermath of the 1949...

Baby Pig Tossed Around at Mardi Gras Has a New Home

Louisiana Rep. Lauren Ventrella was 'moved' by story of Earl 'Piglet' Long after incident at parade

(Newser) - A baby pig has found his forever home after being saved by a Good Samaritan who saw it being tossed around at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. WBRZ reports that Earl "Piglet" Long is now set to "live his best porking life" with Louisiana state Rep....

'True Miracle' Arrives at Animal Shelter for the Holidays

Pennsylvania-based SPCA announces it has no more dogs at facility, for first time in 47 years

(Newser) - In what staff is calling a "true miracle," a Pennsylvania animal shelter has some good news for Christmas: Before the long holiday weekend, it had a grand total of zero dogs housed within its walls. CNN reports on the impressive accomplishment of the Adams County SPCA, which noted...

Hermes Heir, 80, Wants to Adopt 51-Year-Old Ex-Gardener

Laws in Switzerland may stymie Nicolas Puech's new plans for his $11B fortune

(Newser) - Nicolas Puech may be 80, but he has apparently decided that's not too old to adopt a son. The problem is, the "boy" that the Hermes heir would like to welcome into the family fold is his 51-year-old "former gardener and handyman," per Swiss newspaper Tribune ...

Ecologists Want People to 'Adopt' These 'Water Monsters'

Mexican researchers launch fundraiser to bolster conservation for endangered axolotl

(Newser) - Ecologists from Mexico's National Autonomous University last week relaunched a fundraising campaign to bolster conservation efforts for axolotls, an iconic, endangered fishlike type of salamander. The campaign, called "Adoptaxolotl," asks people for as little as 600 pesos (about $35) to virtually adopt one of the tiny "...

More Foster Parents Fight to Keep the Babies
New Shift in Fostering:
A Fight to Keep the Babies

New Shift in Fostering: A Fight to Keep the Babies

ProPublica examines the issue, one that forces birth parents to wage long legal battles

(Newser) - What happens when foster parents don't want to give up the child in their care? ProPublica goes inside the personal struggles that families with children or grandchildren in foster care have had trying to get their loved ones back. While foster care has traditionally aimed to unite children back...

Supreme Court Hands Big Win to Native American Tribes

Justices uphold law stipulating Native American kids up for adoption go to Native American families

(Newser) - The Supreme Court delivered a big win to American Indians on Thursday, upholding a law that stipulates Native American children up for adoption should go to Native American families. NPR reports that the 7-2 ruling defied predictions, with Amy Coney Barrett writing the majority opinion and only Clarence Thomas and...

Court Undoes Marine's Adoption of Afghan War Orphan, 3

Rare move means US couple will again have to try to win permanent custody

(Newser) - In a highly unusual ruling, a state court judge on Thursday voided a Marine's adoption of an Afghan war orphan, more than a year after he took the little girl away from the Afghan couple raising her. But her future remains uncertain. For now, the child will stay with...

Puppy Ditched by Owner at Airport Gets His Happy Ending

United Airlines employees took care of puppy left in San Francisco until pilot could adopt him

(Newser) - United Airlines has used "Fly the Friendly Skies" and "Good Leads the Way" as recent slogans, and both apply in a case out of California that has found a puppy his forever home. CNN reports on the plight of Polaris, a dog of unknown breed who was abandoned...

Afghan Couple Sues: US Marine Stole Our Baby

US court granted Joshua Mast custody of a foreign citizen, whose relatives allege fraud

(Newser) - US Marine Corps attorney Joshua Mast and his wife, Stephanie, say they "acted admirably" in adopting a young war orphan from Afghanistan. But an Afghan couple tells a very different story, saying Mast stole the child—a relative they gained custody of after her parents and siblings were killed...

DNA Tests Often Give Up Family Secrets. Not Like This One

Jaclyn Peiser reveals what the children born to Anne Bryntwick discovered

(Newser) - Mike Mitchell, who died in 1991, raised eight children with his wife. One of them, David, was born in Montreal on March 15, 1954. More than 60 years later, David learned a girl born in the same city on the very same day was also Mike Mitchell's child. In...

'Abandoned Twice' Teen Kills Self After Reunion With Parents

China's Liu Xuezhou dies of suicide after reunion with birth parents goes sour

(Newser) - A Chinese teen who'd recently tracked down his biological parents using the power of social media has died, apparently of suicide, after that reunion went sour—a case now shining a spotlight on everything from cyberbullying to the sale of children in China. Per the Washington Post , Liu Xuezhou,...

Jewish Couple Sue Over Thwarted Adoption: 'Punched in the Gut'

Tenn. husband and wife say Christian-based agency wouldn't help them due to their religion

(Newser) - Two years ago, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a law giving religious adoption agencies the OK to refuse to place a child if doing so would buck its "written religious or moral convictions or policies," per the Knoxville News Sentinel . Now, the state is seeing its first lawsuit...

Mom Makes Drastic Move After Learning of Sperm Donor's Lies

Japanese mother gives up baby upon finding out donor fibbed about education, ethnicity

(Newser) - A woman in Japan who thought the man she commissioned as a sperm donor was also from Japan, and educated at an elite university, was distressed to find out that wasn't the case—facts she found out when she was already pregnant and it was too late to have...

Detective Adopts Boy Whose Father Tried to Kill Him
Cop Who Responded to 
Murder Scene Adopts Survivor
in case you missed it

Cop Who Responded to Murder Scene Adopts Survivor

Detective Mike Blair bonded with injured boy in the hospital

(Newser) - A Florida boy who was stabbed and set on fire by his own father now has a new dad—one of the officers who responded to the scene. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Detective Mike Blair says that when he arrived at the scene in March 2018, he was told...

Supreme Court Unanimously Backs Catholic Group

Ruling says foster care organization has the right not to work with same-sex couples

(Newser) - The Supreme Court issued a ruling in a case involving same-sex couples Thursday, but the votes didn't fall into a liberal-conservative split. This was one 9-0. The court ruled in favor of a Catholic foster care agency in Philadelphia that will not in principle work with LGBTQ couples, reports...

America's 'Worst Dog' Has Found His Forever Home

Prancer, described in viral ad as a 'demonic' Chihuahua, has found his 'perfect match'

(Newser) - Is Prancer really the "worst dog in America" ? Not according to Ariel Davis, the 2-year-old Chihuahua's new owner, who answered a viral adoption ad that didn't exactly make Prancer sound like a great catch. NPR notes that while ads trying to adopt out rescue dogs usually...

They Kept a Vow Not to Talk for 51 Years. Then They Married

Biological daughter who was put up for adoption played a role

(Newser) - It's not often a person can say they introduced their parents, but that's sort of true for Arkansas' Laura Mabry. Mabry, who was adopted as an infant in 1968, took a DNA test in 2019 that connected her with her birth mother, Donna Horn. During text and email...

Poland Bars Gay People From Adopting

Nation is closing a loophole

(Newser) - Poland is doubling down on its anti-gay policies despite pushback from the European Union. The government said Thursday that it would close a loophole and ensure that no gay people will be allowed to adopt a child, reports Reuters . Current Polish law prohibits gay couples from adopting, but some homosexuals...

Friends of Almost a Decade Find Out They're Sisters
BFFs Make Startling Discovery
After Taking DNA Tests
in case you missed it

BFFs Make Startling Discovery After Taking DNA Tests

Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti of Connecticut find out they're actually sisters

(Newser) - There are scatterings of stories about long-lost siblings meeting after completing DNA testing kits. But one such story is especially amazing because, as the Washington Post reports, the two women who discovered they were sisters were already great friends. Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti developed a close relationship while working...

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