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Here Are the Perks to Best Buy's $200 Annual Membership

Including installation services, unlimited tech support, free shipping

(Newser) - Love your devices, but hate dealing with issues? Best Buy is testing a new annual membership program to rival Amazon Prime. For $199.99 per year (or $179.99 per year with the Best Buy credit card), customers can enjoy unlimited tech support from the Geek Squad, free installations of...

Sorry, but There's No Such Thing as 'Free Shipping'

Retailers just hide the costs, and we consumers fall for it

(Newser) - Pay for shipping? It's become a huge pet peeve for online shoppers, and big retailers have become expert at hiding the true costs, writes Amanda Mull at the Atlantic . Small retailers—think individual artisans on Etsy, for example, who have to schlep their own boxes to the post office—...

Amazon 'Evolving' From Free 2-Day Shipping

Prime members will soon get packages within 24 hours, for free

(Newser) - If waiting two whole days for your Amazon order is agony, good news: A major expansion of free 1-day shipping for Amazon Prime members is in the works. Amazon is investing $800 million to make that its new standard for Prime members, and it will be available "in the...

Amazon Offers a New Perk on Shipping

All customers can get it free for a while, with no minimum purchase

(Newser) - Amazon made another aggressive move against rivals Monday in the quest for online shoppers. The company is temporarily offering free shipping to all customers—Prime or no—on all purchases, reports USA Today . It's the first time Amazon has made such an offer without a minimum order requirement. In...

Testing the Limits of Amazon Prime

Free shipping for a massive safe? Check

(Newser) - Subscribers to Amazon Prime shell out $79 to enroll and then enjoy the perk of free shipping. Eating the shipping costs isn't a big deal for the company if someone's buying a book or a pair of slippers, but what about a 1,600-pound safe? MarketWatch tracks down...

Walmart Rolls Out Free Shipping

No minimum purchase. Online retailers gulp.

(Newser) - Walmart just got cheaper: The retail giant today rolls out free shipping on its website with no minimum purchase, reports the New York Times. With cost-conscious consumers 55% somewhat likely to back out of a purchase if they have to pay for shipping, the move puts a ton of pressure...

As Cobblers Vanish, Shoe Repair Steps Online
 As Cobblers Vanish, 
 Shoe Repair Steps Online 

Plus, Free Shipping!

As Cobblers Vanish, Shoe Repair Steps Online

As shoe repair industry shrinks, shops go online for remote customers

(Newser) - The shoe repair industry has shrunk drastically in the past decades, and what cobblers remain have taken to the Internet for customers. More than a million pairs are sold in the US each year, but there are only 7,000 repair businesses left, down from 120,000 80 years ago....

Attention Procrastinators: It's Free Shipping Day

E-tailers try to lure the laziest of last-minute shoppers

(Newser) - Too lazy to physically go to a store, and such a procrastinator that you haven’t ordered your holiday gifts online already? Then today is a very important day for you, my friend. A group of almost 700 online retailers (complete list here ) have declared today “Free Shipping...

Wal-Mart Fights Amazon With Free Pickup at Stores

40% of online shoppers avoid shipping costs

(Newser) - Wal-Mart’s finally putting a dent in Amazon’s e-tailing dominance, thanks, ironically, to its ubiquitous brick-and-mortar outlets. Wal-Mart now allows online shoppers to pick up their goods at the physical store of their choice, avoiding paying shipping. It’s an old concept, but Wal-Mart’s got the stores to...

Mint Unwittingly Finances Tahiti Trip, and More

Frequent fliers buy dollar coins—at cost—with credit cards

(Newser) - Crafty frequent fliers have racked up thousands of free miles by buying coins from the US Mint on their credit cards, and then taking them right back to the bank. The Mint, which ships free of charge in order to get more in circulation, finally got wise to “large...

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