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'Spectacular' Pink Diamond Is Largest Found in 300 Years

185-carat Lulo Rose was unearthed in Angola

(Newser) - A pink diamond unearthed in Angola is the biggest gem of its kind found in centuries, according to an Australian mining company. The Lucapa Diamond Company says the 170-carat "Lulo Rose," named after the mine in northeast Angola where it was found, is one of the largest pink...

With Quick Swap, She Allegedly Made Off With $6M in Diamonds

Lulu Lakatos on trial in London for 2016 theft

(Newser) - A woman stole nearly $6 million worth of diamonds from a jeweller by swapping them out with tiny, worthless stones, according to UK prosecutors. Lulu Lakatos of France was posing as a gem expert, who was to inspect the diamonds on behalf of a presumed client, when she visited a...

This Diamond Just Smashed Auction Records

'Pink Star' sells for $71.2M in Hong Kong

(Newser) - A stunning 59.6 carat diamond known as the "Pink Star" sold for $71.2 million at a Sotheby's auction Tuesday in Hong Kong, setting a new world record for any diamond or jewel, according to the auction house. The oval mixed-cut diamond smashed the $60 million pre-sale...

Pink Diamond Sells for $39.3M
 Pink Diamond Sells for $39.3M 

Pink Diamond Sells for $39.3M

Rare gem goes for second-highest price ever for a jewel

(Newser) - A rare pink diamond once owned by Indian royalty has sold for $39.3 million at auction in New York City. The price for the 34.65-carat diamond that sold at Christie's yesterday was the second-highest ever for a jewel sold at auction. The seller and buyer were anonymous....

Australian Miners Find 12.76-Carat Pink Diamond
Australian Miners Find
12.76-Carat Pink Diamond
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Australian Miners Find 12.76-Carat Pink Diamond

It's the largest the country has ever found

(Newser) - A mining company has unearthed and yesterday began cutting the largest pink diamond ever found in Australia. It should take about 10 days to cut the 12.76-carat diamond, which has been dubbed the Argyle Pink Jubilee, the BBC reports. Once that's done, the bauble will go on a...

Rare Pink Diamond Fetches Record $46M

London dealer snaps up most expensive stone ever sold at auction

(Newser) - An extremely rare pink diamond has cut its way through world records at a Sotheby's auction. The 24.78 carat stone, graded "fancy intense pink," was sold to London jeweler Laurence Graff for $46,158,674, almost double the highest price ever previously paid for a gemstone at...

Rare Pink Diamond Scores Dazzling $2.2M a Carat

$10.8M sale is miles above previous record for 'vivid pink' stone

(Newser) - A pricey pink diamond smashed records today in Hong Kong when it sold for a glittery $2.2 million a carat—and $10.8 million overall. The 5-carat “vivid pink” wonder, which is near-perfect but not flawless, trumps the sale 15 years ago of a 19.66 carat specimen...

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